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What Cloud of Dust? Who's Bob?
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What Cloud of Dust? Who's Bob?
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The Cloud of Dust Theater is Bob Aiken, his two hands, and his cast of puppet/mask characters. The Cloud of Dust was left over from Four Hands in a Cloud of Dust, the company Bob and wife Kerry formed in 1980 while living in Iowa. Until 1994 they performed and taught together. At that time(they were now living in Colorado) Kerry took a position at Estes Park Public Library and Bob became a solo.


He has been performing for children and their families since 1971. It was then that either by accident or Divine intervention, he discovered he had the ability to breathe life into a puppet. What better way would there be for a dreamer to live his life, since the key to working a puppet is pretending. Bob is an experienced pretender. In the early days it was the hedge in his parents yard that became the Alamo wall and Davy Crockett defended it to the death. Now it's his ragdog Bruiser, who evokes comments from the audience like, "How did he get the dog inside that suit?" The characters in his shows have many shapes and sizes, but the common trait is, they live!!!