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Real Name: Brian Rosenberger
Identity: Publicly known
Legal Status: Citizen of the United States with no known criminal record
Home Town: Parts Unkown
Base of Operations: Marietta, GA
Abilities: Capable of making a bag of Doritos disappear at an astonishing rate. Can sit through the world's worst movies. Capable of outrunning most Dachshunds.
Influences: Wrestling, comics, cartoons, most things chocolate, horror, obsessions, music, film, and poetry.
Known Weaknesses: Doritos, doughnuts, most things chocolate.
Opponents: Birds, onions, unexpected visitors.
History: Banned from the indie wrestling circuit where he terrorized both fans and opponents as the King Kong Kid, the world's tallest midget wrestler, Brian now scares the literate. Hailing from Parts Unknown, he now perfects submission holds in Marietta, GA. The choke's on you.

He is also active in the Adopt-A-Bigfoot program, a volunteer organization concerned with the care and rescue of this unrecognized endangered species and continues to be a strong advocate for undead rights.

He was last seen in the company of Sushi, a featured dancer at Innsmouth's infamous Thrills and Gills Gentleman's Club. If you have any news of Mr. Rosenberger's current whereabouts, please contact your local authorities.


"Better than the best 'splatter' films, Rosenberger's poetry will make you laugh and hurl...and think. "Poems That Go SPLAT" is far more than just a poetry book -- it's a brutal frag grenade, packed heavy with the horror of a thousand b-movies, noir thrillers and sick psychodramas, all precariously compressed into tiny razorshards of ingenious wit that will leave you with scars you'll never forget. So pick up this book and pull the pin out with your teeth -- because you're going splat, too!" Stoker award winner Michael Arnzen, author of Gorelets: Unpleasant Poems and Grave Markings.

"Through his poetry, Brian Rosenberger offers readers twisted visions of everyday life. He leads you through tidal waves of desperation and the unexpected--through strange, yet familiar, territory--as he explores things like the deterioration of humankind and our world." Cathy Buburuz, Editor of Champagne Shivers ,the Potter's Field anthologies, and the Side Show: Tales of the Big Top and the Bizarre anthologies.

"Brian Rosenberger has learned how to use his short lines like the edge of a knife, to pare away your sanity and shred any hope you had of living in a rational world. Nothing and no one are safe in his universe: junk mail, ants, and clowns, to name just a few subjects, rise above the level of background pests to threaten, if not the world, at least your little corner of it. His nightmarish incantations are leavened with a Robert-Bloch-ghoulish humor that will have you giggling despite yourself. At his best, Brian creates lyricism out of paranoia: poems like Tears of a Clown and Prayer to the Saint of Broken Dreams contain turns of phrase that catch at your soul as well as your imagination ("the calligraphy of tombstones," "confetti composed of nail clippings from infants"). Brian's years of hosting the Internet's best out-and-out horror poetry website, Decompositions, have served him well: this is a collection in which you will find something that will startle, surprise, amuse, or shock you -- often all at the same time." Scott H. Urban is a freelance writer living, appropriately enough, in the Cape Fear region of the east coast. His work has appeared in numerous anthologies, both in print and on-line. His dark verse has been collected as Sporting on Graves, Skull Job, and Night's Voice. With Martin Greenberg, he co-edited the DAW anthologyThe Conspiracy Files.

"Brian Rosenberger tells an erotic-comedy-paranormal story like no one else can." Fallen Angel Reviews

"Clever and darkly humorous." Stoker award winner Elizabeth Massie, author of Wire Mesh Mothers, Sineater, Shadow Dreams, and more.

"...spiked with poisoned puns and acid alliteration... Rosenberger's blamk verse wriggles with imagery as witty as it is disreputable." World Fantasy and Stoker award winner Ramsey Campbell, author of Alone with the Horrors, The Parasite, Cold Print , The Nameless, and more.

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