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A Revolution in Kindness
The new book by Anita Roddick, for which I was an editor
The website for Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop and international activist and shit-disturber. I am her editor.

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Profile of Pat Califia

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A biweekly column about the news you didn't get from the Times. (also from MoJo).

Selected writings:

Fighting Word
It's time for the left to reclaim the term 'anarchy.'
Mother Jones, July 2001

Viral Load
Should science -- and the media -- take a second look at the argument of HIV revisionists?
Mother Jones, May 2001

Riot of Color
When is a protest not a protest? When the demonstrators are black.
Mother Jones, May 2001

Amy Ray Does It her Way
Girlfriends (via AlterNet), May 2001

Hard to Swallow
Genetically modified 'golden rice' may be the killer app of biotech: a technology that shuts liberals up.
Mother Jones, March 2001

Indigo Girls speak out
Girlfriends (via, March 2000

The Struggle for East Timor
A project I'm hugely proud of producing, Mother Jones, August 1999

Masters of our own Domain?
Why the process which brought us ICANN sets a bad precedent for democratic Net governance
Harvard Law, Berkman Center for Internet & Society's The Filter, November 1998

Wired Straits
A highly controversial column which was watered down by a spineless editor after threats by Wired
(although I now admit someone else should have written it, not me -- it looked too much like sour grapes)
San Francisco Bay Guardian, January 1998

Way-New Solipsism
San Francisco Bay Guardian, January 1998

Microsoft PR: The Best Press Money Can Buy?
From CMP's now-defunct TechWeb, April 1998

Reinventing Credibility
TechWeb, May 1998

Who wants to be normal?
Why gays shouldn't assimilate (in which I *gasp* agree with David Horowitz, but only to be perverse), June 1997

You're Not The Boss of Me!
The Net's neolibertarianism is just self-serving, immature hypocrisy
HotWired, July 1997

When News Breaks
HotWired, August 1997

Who's Behind the Curtain?
Why web news is not necessarily cheap and easy
HotWired, August 1997

Aren't We Precious?
Elitism will kill online media
HotWired, March 1997

Ancient History:

San Francisco Bay Guardian

Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law:
     The Filter
    Internet Public Media Project


Archived media columns from Wired

American Journalism Review interview

Business 2.0
Helped launch the debut issue.
Discovered I hate magazines about rich, shallow white people.

Netscape community
(Ouch, bad photo)
A brief foray into corporate journalism of the worst kind
(at least the photo's better)