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Water Pump Repair

Simple steps to help you diagnose overheating and water pump problems and possible need to replace water pump parts.
All air cooled outboards built by Eska have water cooled exhaust systems to prevent engine overheating.

3 to 7.5 HP Motors

A correctly working W. P. on 3 to 7.5 HP Motors will have water spiriting out of the holes just under the engine on the back upper leg of the motor. Your hand should get wet if you hold it behind those holes when engine is running. If no water is present your water pump is not functioning properly and should be looked at, or replaced. NOTE: Some very early 3 to 5 HP motors do not have water pumps but rather a forced water pick-up tube under the cavitations plate facing forward. Water is forced in this tube as boat goes through the water cooling the outboard engine and exhaust.

9 to 15 HP Motors

This motor has a small stream of water that should be discharging from under the engine pan on the lower side of the outboard. If water is not present check to make sure the port is not plugged. If the hole is not plugged then check water pump for wear, or replacement of parts. Also be aware that a thermostat is located on the top backside of the engine. This can cause overheating if not working properly.

Question: Can I just replace the impeller or do I need a water pump repair kit.

Examine Water Pump

1. Remove water pump housing and examine for cracks, scoring or pitting of walls in the housing. If pitted, scored, or cracked you need a W. P. Repair Kit. If not pitted or scored set W.P. housing aside.

2. Check water pump impeller for broken impeller veins or badly worn tips on impeller. Also check for stiffness or badly formed veins that are holding a bent shape. Replace impeller if any of those conditions are found. Also check the pin that holds the impeller to the drive shaft. If missing or broken replace impeller.

3. Check base plate for cracking, pitting, or scoring. If any of those conditions are present you need to replace the base plate, or best replace the water pump with a kit. The base plate has to be ordered separately if you motor requires W. P. Kit ES26117.

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