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The History of Tanaka Outboard Motors
Tanaka air cooled 2-stroke outboard motors were manufactured by Tanaka Kogyo Ltd. Co. in Japan from the mid-1970's until 2002. They were produced under four different brand names Tanaka, Eska, Sears Gamefisher and Aquabug. There were different colors and labeling configurations but within each horsepower rating (1.2HP, 1.75HP, 3HP and 5.5HP) the motors were identical except for the shroud / decals.

Note Tanaka did not make the 5HP (and larger) Gamefisher outboard motors for Sears. The model number on Sears outboards begins with a 3 digit prefix, which indicates the manufacturer of the motor. Some Tanaka outboards where sold under the Eska Label and Sears (Ted Williams) Label in a 1.2 HP, and 2 HP;

Prefix Numbers used by Sears.

Tanaka = 298.xxxxxx
Eska = 217.xxxxxx

Chrysler = 225.xxxxxx
Johnson = 488.xxxxxx

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