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Alan Bishop, former JFA bassist and world-renowned Sun City Girl

ALAN BISHOP (AKA during his JFA days "Abdul" or "Jackie O.")
Bass for JFA from Spring 1984 through the Fall of 1986
Co-founder of the band Sun City Girls (1981)
Owner of Abduction Records (
co-owner of Sublime Frequencies Records (

Alan Bishop talks about the JFA/Sun City Girls 1984 Tour in German Magazine Hayfever (1996) from the unedited text.

HAYFEVER: What was that 1984 tour like and how did it develop?

AB: Tony Victor, owner of Placebo records and basically the behind the scenes architect of the Phoenix Punk scene
asked me to join JFA in the spring of 1984. Michael Cornelius had just left the band and they were without a bass player and they had an upcoming 2-month tour booked for the summer and needed someone to fill-in…At first I was hesitant but when Tony offered to let my band Sun City Girls open all the shows I couldn't refuse. It was a crazy situation for me going up on stage to perform in SCG to a hostile crowd and then playing immediately afterwards in JFA to a very accepting and excited crowd. The Girl's sets would really piss people off and we turned it back onto them as well taunting them into a frenzy . One night in St Louis, at the Mississippi Nights Club, SCG came out dressed in costume and we were separated from the under 21 crowd by a chain-link fence. Our noise attack for fifteen minutes got those kids so riled-up that they started chanting "YOU SUCK, YOU SUCK" over and over for 5 minutes….then we brought in Brian and Bam from JFA (Don was filming it), Tony Victor, Greg Hynes, and Wayno from Placebo Records…all onstage with us also disguised in costume and we went off for 20 more minutes in anarchistic fashion blazing away as loud as possible with guitars, 2 drum kits, keyboards, screaming vocals and prepared tapes run through the board and by the time it was over, those punks wanted to kill us. When JFA took the stage 30 minutes later, we were dressed normally so they had no idea 3 of us were just onstage baiting them to violent reaction. It was business as usual at that point and we carried on for an hour set that everyone was digging! There were a few shows like that….