Welcome to the home of my '83GS turbo RX-7

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- 13B street-port (old style four port) (standard n/a compression rotors)

- Garrett T04B turbo (12-psi on pump gas)

- HKS wastegate / HKS sequential BOV / HKS EVC-III / HKS FMIC

- HKS turbo exhaust manifold / custom 3" downpipe / hi-flow cat / OEM air-pump

- Borla custom cat back  3" exhaust with Racing Beat FC-turbo mid-silencer

- Electromotive (TEC II) ECU - ignition and fuel control (tuned by Mariah Motorsports)

- Four Staged Injectors - Turbo-II primaries: 550cc / GSL-SE secondaries: 680cc
  Cleaned, balanced and blueprinted by RC Engineering

- Bosch F.I. fuel pump (external)

- Custom Intake Manifold - FC n/a upper / custom fab'd to mate with Racing Beat
  Dellorto lower.  FC OEM air-control valve retained

- Mazda Competition Aluminum Radiator / Mariah elec. fan & custom shroud

- Mazda FC oil cooler / Earl's Stainless Steel custom oil lines

- Mariah Custom Cold Airbox / K&N large oval air-filter

- Optima Battery (relocated to passenger compartment) / Mariah-Moroso battery box

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transmission & driveline

- '85 GSL-SE tranny (rebuilt & blueprinted)

- Racing Beat flywheel - light steel

- Centerforce II dual-friction clutch

- C's short shifter

- Mazda LSD differential  (3.90 gears)

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suspension and ride

- Ground Control coil-overs - Eibach springs (front-300lb)
  Ground Control Eibach race springs (rear-175lb)

- Racing Beat front adjustable camber lower control arms

- Urethane bushings (all around - up front)

- Mariah/Cusco strut-tower brace with engine torque brace

- SpeedSource - Spherical rod end Watts links

- Racing Beat roll bar (front) / Racing Beat adjustable roll bar (rear)

- Tokico lluminas 5-way adjustable shocks (all 4-corners)

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wheels, tires & brakes

- HRE custom offset wheels (4x110-bolt pattern)
  15x7 front / 205-50-15 Toyo RA-1
  15x8 rear / 225-50-15 Toyo RA-1
  (rolled fender lips)

- Mazda OEM custom slotted 4-wheel discs
  (upgrade coming soon!)

- Racing Beat stainless steel braided brake lines

paint and body

- Mariah Mode 4 front air-dam

- PIAA driving lights / H-4 halogen headlights

- Mariah custom Turbo II scoop hood

- Mariah NACA duct headlight cover / flowing directly into custom air-box

- Mariah custom touring style rear spoiler

- Paint - 1999 Honda-white silver

- All new weather-stripping and rubber

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- AutoPower roll-bar (custom Mariah rear shock cross tower brace)

- Sparco Super-Sport Seats (custom Mariah seat brackets) / Schroth 4-point belts

- Momo steering wheel & shift knob

- Custom gauge panels / VDO gauges

- Carbon Fiber interior panels (looking for a vendor to do this)

- Custom door panels (Sparco alcantera suede and black leather)

This site is just a quick overview of my FB turbo's specs. There are a few other details, which aren't listed here. If you have any questions or would like further  information on this project or Mariah Motorsports, which put this car together, please feel free to e-mail:

  berny herrera  or  mariah motorsports

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