The Writers Studio: New York City

The Peripatetic Writing Workshop:  New York City & Woodstock NY

Authentic Writing with Fred Poole:  New York City & Woodstock NY

The Flash Fiction Workshop:  Online

An Endless Harvest  (anendlessharvest.com)  Manorville Publishing, Saugerties, NY
An Endless Harvest by Betty Levine. Learn how to freeze, can, dry and store food for living a sustainable lifestyle on locally grown produce.
This book is a complete how- to guide for caring for seasonal vegetables, fruits and herbs. Includes 250 delicious recipes.
Illustrations by Emanuel Schongut.
The High Priest of Prickly Bog  (greatgodbongo.com)  BongoVista Publishing, Hackensack, NJ
The High Priest of Prickly Bog by Hiram Blunt.  Read my review on Amazon.