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MIL-W-46374C Specification

Plastic Comes Back in a BIG Way

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SandY 184 MIL-W-46374C

The revision, MIL-W-46374C, published 15 April 1983, was mostly a maintenance specification. The most significant changes in the new spec were a tightening of the standards for magnetism, vibration, and water resistance and some refinements to the "Dark Viewing" requirement.

The MIL-W-46374C spec coincided with the addition of Stocker & Yale into the mix of qualified watch makers supplying military watches to the government. SandY became, over the next several years a major innovator and supplied some of the most rugged and collectable examples of the MIL-W-46374 specification in its two-decade history. The heavy duty plastic-cased watches that SandY made for this specification and subsequent specifications through W46374F, have proven to hold up very well and they are among the most common collectable mil watches - especially for collectors who like to wear their watches.


The caseback markings on the MIL-W-46374C watches followed the specified eight line pattern shown below. In the info page for the W46374B revision, we described what most of these inscriptions mean in detail. The only significant change is the use of a day along with the month and year in the date, rather than just the month and year as in previous revisions.

Caseback Markings US-Issue MIL-W-46374C SandY 184

Line 1 & 2: Description
Line 3: Specification MIL-W-46374C
Line 3: NSN 6645-00-952-3767
Line 4: Model SANDY 184
Line 5: Order No. DLA400-85-C-5228
Line 6: Date 08 MAR 85


The SandY 184, I believe is the only MIL-W-46374C watch issued. SandY 184's were issued in the mid-1980's. This venerable watch is one of the most common you will find at auction and examples in very good or better condition can be purchased for $50 to $90. This makes it one of the best values in the military watch market. I estimate that over 50 are offered on eBay each year. It is one of my favorites. The dark olive case and strap are attractive, and the larger case size (39mm x 39mm) makes it more contemporary than some of the older and smaller-cased MIL-W-46374 issues. In a sense the SandY 184 is a bridge between the old school look of the 60's, 70's and early 80's military watches and the larger more contemporary look of watches issued since then. This could be the ultimate "beater" watch for a mil watch aficionado.

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