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photo: STaN FRieDMaN

m    e    a    n    i    n    g    f    u    l     ~    c   o   n   n   e   c   t   i   o   n   z

Stan Friedman * [Nearly All of the Photo credits within 'breezemuse' belong to the kindness & wizardry of Stan]*
fine arts photography
       mega Art site/Copenhagen, Denmark
       Baba Jubal Harris
       story teller/drummer/soulful spirit
       New Music TBD
       experimental&exploratory music in L.A.
       Stan Smith
       guitarist - composer - my brother
       The ArtGlo Company
         grand - design/manufacturing - recycling
        Paul Neale
        painter - amazing colorist 
        Chas Ray Krider
        fine arts photography
        Senga Nengudi
        unique visual artist
        MKZDK cosmos de gaia
        interactive site/visuals&physics/leaveNoImageUnturned
        Wooden Soul [w/Larry Marotta & Avant Collective]
        very inventive/artistic musicians
        'Noisy Toys'~Bill Talbot & Sharon (several photo credits to Sharon)
        best find~unique percussion
        Stephen Wright's
        ceramic percussion
        Peter Kowald-Peter Kowald
        bass-extraordinary improviso'[my late, great friend]
        David Ornette Cherry 
        [projects~Organic Groove]

if you've travelled this far, you're loved+
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