Reading for ME7365 Manufacturing Strategy

TEXT: Operations, Strategy, and Technology – Pursuing the Competitive Edge Robert by Hayes, Gary Pisano, David Upton, Steven Wheelwright

Monday, Session 1: Course Introduction and Strategic Concepts Operations Management Confronts a New Millennium (Chapter 1)

Saturday, Session 2: Operations Strategy – Origins and New Directions (Chapter 2)
Capacity Strategy (Chapter 3)
Apple Case Study

Monday, Session 3: Determining Organizational Boundaries (Chapter 4)

Saturday, Session 4: Designing and Managing Operating Networks (Chapter 5)
Copeland Case Study

Monday, Session 5: Information Technology and Operations (Chapter 6)

Saturday, Session 6: MID TERM EXAM

Monday, Session 7: Creating an Edge through New Process Development (Chapter 7)

Saturday, Session 8: Creating an Edge through Superior Project Management (Chapter 8)
Evaluating and Justifying Capital Investments (Chapter 9)
Dell Case Study

Monday, Session 9: Sharpening the Edge – Driving Operations Improvement (Chapter 10)
Guiding the Pursuit of an Operations Edge (Chapter 11)

Saturday, Session 10: FINAL EXAM