Bud Hobbs and his Trail Herders
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Hi - My name is Brenda Wattenbarger and I am Bud Hobbs niece. My mother Mary, was his sister.  I started out doing genealogy research a couple of years ago for both sides of my family and found some wonderful people through one of my internet postings for the Hobb's side. Tom Lee and his sister Ginger, knew my Uncle when he played music near Stockton, CA in the 50's.  Bud was good friends with their parents during that time and spent many hours at their house in Novato, CA. Our emails and phone calls sparked an interest for me to do some more research about my uncle and then to make a website for him. Tom Lee also sent me a cassette of 22 songs from the records he had of Bud's music. Tom has since then given me the records he had in his collection of my uncle's music. (Thank you Tom).  I hadn't heard my Uncle's music since I was fourteen, I couldn't believe my luck. I can still remember the words to "Gooserock" and "Louisiana Swing".  Later I contacted the Western Swing Society in Washington regarding an article on their site about Lloyd Jones playing in the band with my Uncle in the Sacramento area. This contact led me to Smokey Silver and his wife Phyllis who had all 30 of Bud's songs and some information about his music. I also spoke with Lloyd Jones on the phone and Wayne Powers (Wayne passed away in 2008 and I am so grateful I was able to speak with him). These gentlemen gave me some wonderful information about my Uncle and his music that I've included on my website.
 (June 2008) I've noticed a few more sites now cropping up with info on my Uncle, that's great because when I started this there was only one site with info on him and I think it was the Hillbilly Music site with a picture of Bud singing on stage. If you are one of the fortunate people to have heard his music at a live performance, I know you haven't forgotten his music as so many others have told me through their emails.

Me, Buck Owens and friend Betty- Kern County Fair


Uncle Bud's signature in my autograph book in the '50's.

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Email Excerpts from Bud's fans:
6/24/05 - My parents were very good friends with Bud all through the 50's. We lived in Novato, CA at the time. My parents met Bud while he was playing at a dance hall in Stockton. I remember Bud coming over to our house many, many times.  We lost contact with Bud after he moved to Bakersfield, CA and we would love to know more about what happened in his life. We've talked about, thought about him so much through the years, and have wondered whatever happened to him. We all loved him and as children we thought he was better than Roy Rogers or any other on-the-screen-cowboy  he was real and he was "our" cowboy! What a thrill it was for us when he came to our house to visit. Thanks so much, -Ginger in Arizona (this is the email that got it all started, Brenda)
11/5/05 - After years of searching I finally found some good information about Bud. Hooray! I have been searching for any trace of this fabulous singer for about 6 yrs now with very few results.  I was just a 17 year old kid when my friends and I used to play his music on local jukeboxes, dance a little, and pretend the guys were Bud Hobbs! I have deep feelings for this man's music and treasure the memories. This man was blessed with a wonderfully unique voice and styling.  His voice was uniquely masculine; no contemporary country-western artist is in the same league with him.  He was the best of the best, and in my book, BUD HOBBS WAS KING OF WESTERN SWING!!! - Lois in Oklahoma
11/23/05 - I'm a long time fan of your uncle and I am very impressed by your website. You have filled a gap. Al
11/26/05 - When I was a youngster, I was a great fan of Bud Hobbs. One of the great thrills of my childhood was meeting him at an event when he appeared at the music/record store in Walnut Creek in the late 1940's.  I have always wondered what became of him.  Rich
5/17/2006 - From Jukka Joutsi from Finland -who has a non-commercial website of country artists for Finland: Bud Hobbs and Dude Martin (great stuff)! "As I was surfin in net I found your website of your uncle Bud Hobbs, who was playing and singing with Dude's Roundup Gang, before starting his own band. Now I ask your permission to use those two great pictures of Bud Hobbs later in my page (with credits) which I'll make for Bud Hobbs right after this Dude Martin page is ready.

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