Bud Hobbs and his Trail Herders
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Bud Hobbs and his Trail HerdersMGM Recording Artist, Radio and Television Personality.

Cecil, Mary (my mother), Bud Hobbs circa 1927

Bud was born Henry Roland Hobbs October 16, 1919, in Kern County, Calif.   He was the second son born to his parents Henry L.Hobbs and Ella Pearl Scott Hobbs. Bud's sister, Mary Alberta was my mother born in 1923. Cecil Hobbs the oldest son was born 1916; Jack the youngest son and also a musician was born June 1927. 
Bud's career began in the early 1940's and ended sadly July 18, 1958 from a heart attack at the age of 38, while he was living in Bakersfield, CA.  Although Bud's career was short, he recorded at least 30 songs for MGM. Three of Bud's recordings made the charts: "Candy Kisses" 5/21/1949 #12; "Lazy Mazy" 9/25/1948 #13; and "I heard About You" 1/29/1949 #12.
From the info we can gather, Bud's career began in the early 40's in San Francisco where he played music and sang vocals with Dude Martin's Band. Bud later branched out and started his own dance band, the Trail Herders. Bud became a DJ for Dude Martin in the late 40's in the Bay area, and later had his own radio program in Stockton, CA. Bud also had a weekly television program. Later in his career he appeared on television with the Cousin Herb Henson Trading Post gang in Bakersfield, CA. Some of Bud's recording session players were regulars on the show, Oscar Whittington, Jelly Sanders, and Bill Woods.
Wayne Powers, Lloyd Jones. Bill Woods, Jack Trent, Buck Owens, Oscar Whittington, Terry Preston (Ferlon Huskey), Tom Collins and Ray Heath were part of Bud's band during a recording session in June 1953 for Hill and Range Songs, Inc. indicated by a letter from the studio. 
Buck Owens played guitar on at least 4 of Bud's songs including "You're Just What the Dr. Ordered", "Gooserock", "Louisiana Swing and "Mean, Mean, Mean." At least 3 of Bud's songs were written by Sheb Wooley (Purple People Eater fame song of the 60's and western film star). 
Bill Woods was also a session regular with Bud, according to an article on the internet, www.tollbooth.org/2004/features: "Another one of Bill's favorites was a song called "Louisiana Swing" featuring Bud Hobbs on lead vocals, Bill Woods on piano, Buck Owens on lead guitar and the amazing dual fiddles of Oscar Whittington and Jelly Sanders.
According to Wayne Powers, Bud and Herman Rotert started Jackpot Music Co. in Stockton and purchased Joe's Corral - renaming it Bud Hobb's Corral. Wayne Powers played steel guitar with Bud's band in 1948, and they became best friends. Wayne met his wife at Bud's Corral and Bud was the best man at their wedding. Sadly, I received an email this year from Wayne's daughter that Wayne had recently passed away in 2008, he lived in Lodi, CA.
Through email and phone correspondence with the Western Swing Society, I was contacted by Smokey Silver and his wife Phyllis. Smokey had compiled a cd with all 30 of Bud Hobb's recordings with MGM. Finally after almost 50 years we can hear his music again. Also another contact, Keith Titterington from Alberta Canada has sent me 2 cassettes of Air Force radio broadcast programs of Dude Martin's Roundup Gang. Included on the programs are several songs by Bud Hobbs. Some of the songs Bud sings on the cassettes are "Rodeo Rose," "Somebody's Rose", Home in San Antoine, Have I told you lately that I loved you and Remember me when the candlelights are gleaming."  
Bud and his younger brother Jack Hobbs were both inducted October 7, 1984 in the Sacramento Western Swing Society Hall of Fame.  Merle Haggard was also inducted the same day as my Uncle.
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Bud Hobbs - DJ at KSTN Radio Stockton, CA



Bud recorded 30 songs for MGM between 1947 and 1954:
  • Goose Rock and Rightfully Mine - Sept. 1953 - MGM K11579
  • Mean, Mean, Mean - Last Dance Tonight June-1956-MGM K12285 
  • Honey There Ain't No Pleasin' You - Enough is Enough - MGM 10163
  • Lazy Mazy - (Sheb Wooley, Composer);You're Mine Tonight (Tommy Dilbeck composer) - Dec. 10, 1947 MGM 10206
  • Oklahoma Sweetheart - I Heard About You - MGM 10305; (Composer Dude Martin)
  • Alabama Moon - For the Sake of an Old Memory - MGM 10571
  • Tears from a Silver Haired Lady - Try Being True - MGM 10848
  • Brimstone Beauty - First, Last and Always - MGM 11032
  • You're Just What the Doctor Ordered - I Found You Out -MGM 11851
  • Candy Kisses - Tennessee Border - 1949 -MGM 10366 (1949) 
  • Louisiana Swing - I'm Gonna Set You Free - MGM K11964 (Sheb Wooley - Composer) recorded 1954
  • Matrimony Mama - Right on Down the Line -MGM 10484
  • Headin' Down the Wrong Highway - I Never Knew I Loved You Til The Day You Said Goodbye - MGM 10656 (1949)

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