Here's the full text of Blair Ewing's letter to two colleagues following the Sept. 10th primary:

September 13, 2002

To Michael Subin/Steve Silverman

I ran an honest, issues-oriented campaign. You did not. The Duncan-dominated "endgridlock" team ran a smear campaign targeted at me, a campaign composed of distortions, half-truths and outright lies. This contemptible campaign worked, as campaigns like it often have done in America. In my 26 years in public office, I have not seen anything like this. What this means is that the future of Montgomery County politics is ugly, because others will conclude that they, too can run smear campaigns and win. You have demeaned the political process, and I know you have pride, not shame in that.

Your team has had vast sums of developer money and that, together with a total lack of regard for the truth, brought about your victory. You are dominated by Duncan and bought and paid for by the developers.

I have lost all respect for you, as have thousands of others.

I shall not congratulate you, nor do I ever wish to shake your hand. I do not greet people who behave as you have done.

During the remainder of my term, I will greet you civilly at meetings of committees and council meetings.

Blair Ewing
County Politicos Abuzz As Councilman Blair Ewing Sends Colleagues "Poison Pen" Letter Following Defeat In Heated Primary
The letter sent by Councilman Blair Ewing to soon-to-be-former colleagues Mike Subin and Steve Silverman following hard-fought primary during which proposed Inter-County Connector was a big issue.
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