Bargyla Rateaver
1916 - 2006 

Dr. Bargyla Rateaver

Dr. Bargyla Rateaver was a writer, educator and world authority on the subject of the organic method for growing plants. She held degrees from the University of California, Berkeley and the University of Michigan. She was granted an Eminence Credential by the California State Department of Education in 1969, a rare, and unique-to-California credential requiring the holder to be nationally and internationally known for expertise in the subject, and allows the holder to teach that subject anywhere, at any class in California..

She pioneered the teaching of the organic method of plant culturing for university and transfer degree credit. Her textbook, "The Organic Method Primer" was the world's first formal textbook on the subject.

She taught in more than a dozen institutions. The author of three books, columns and articles in more than a dozen periodicals, she was also the founder and principal in "The Rateavers", a small publishing company dealing in low volume, specialty books.

Her interests included the flora of Madagascar and the worldwide promotion of the organic method for plant culture. She passed away in September, 2006.

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