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Quotes from our families from 
Music Together of Newport County, Rhode Island (RI)

"My son & I have been involved with Music Together since he was 2 months old. It is amazing to see his appreciation for music! I love to watch how excited he gets when his music is playing! Thanks so much! " - Stephanie G.

"Christopher is caring, fun and great with the kids. The kids have a blast wiggling and giggling and all the while learning about music!" - Maureen U.

"On Music Together days, I start singing the Hello Song at home, and my grandson runs to the door, anxious to get to the session ... He really enjoys the sessions and I enjoy spending the time with him." - Paul S. 

"Our child Nathan now always asks for music and loves to sing and dance. The fact that he asks for Music- not TV - makes me extremely happy!" - Debbie H. 

"I love the mixed ages in class and of couse Christopher's energy is fantastic!!!! The flexibility and format are great!" - Heidi T.

"[My daughter]Taytum is CONSTANTLY singing- music from your classes as well as other songs we've taught her. Everyone thinks she is unbelievable and can't believe how much she sings- at least 30+ songs in her repertoire that she can sing all the words to; we love to sing and dance, sing while washing up and cleaning up. I love it!... I also think [baby brother] Cooper is enjoying classes at 3 1/2 months! He seems to enjoy the music/sounds and stimulation." - Courtney H.

" We so appreciate the Hello Song -- it has a very calming effect, especially for our baby Nora (5 months) anywhere. If she's upset, we sing the Hello song and she immediately becomes quiet. [Big sister] Marin helps us sing to Nora so all are happy and singing! " - Marion B.

"Our son is even more actively involved than ever, and I find the chemistry in our particular class to be GREAT... He must think about music class a lot at the dinner table because we all have to take deep breaths and sing at some point. He plays his instruments all the time lately. He carries his drum everywhere and clearly has a song in his head even while doing other activities. He bops to the beat of a song no one else can hear. He has also become obsessed w/ the guitar! That has been a good way for him to have music time w/ his dad! They play the bass and the guitar each day.

I also think he has learned to enjoy the quieter aspects of the music now too: He especially likes to sway to "Simple Gifts". He will come find me to sit w/ him when that song comes on ...

I must thank you for bringing music into Alex's life in such an amazing way. You have truly tapped into a passion for him. We will continue to nurture it!" - Eileen B.

"Whenever I say the word 'music' when I buckle our child into the carseat he lights up, giggles, and points to the CD player in anticipation of hearing the Music Together CD" - Catherine W.

"Both my daughter Maya and I have thoroughly enjoyed the program.
Each class brings excitement as I notice something new in the way Maya interacts with the music, the others in the class, Mr. Christopher and myself. The class has become a much anticipated part of our weekly routine...The length of the class was perfect, the music was fun and catchy, the activities were stimulating, but not overwhelming, Mr. Christopher was great, as were the other moms and children, we couldn't have asked for more!...
I found the program to be truly enriching for both myself and my daughter." - Jennifer D.

"As I sit here listening to my child make-up song after song based on 'Frere Jacques' (and completely in tune, no less), I feel compelled to write and thank you for the amazing experience the three of us have had with you and the Music Together program over the last 2+ years..As I've said to you many times before, Christian may have hung-back in class, but he has definitely taken every bit of the experience in, as he knows and sings (and acts out, as the case may be) just about every song, and uses scarves, instruments, cooking utensils, etc., to replicate the classroom experience at home. It's something I love to watch." - Elizabeth B.

"We love it! [Our daughter] Sophia smiles anytime she hears music from class! Thank you for your enthusiasm, you clearly love your job!" - Laura B.

" I just wanted to let you know that we love the class. The kids both will break out with different songs & tones at any given point during the day. They also both will tap items together and say -'Mom, I am making music!' They are very pleased with themselves and their musical talents!

I appreciate the variety, amount, and quality of the instruments and other props that you have...the kids get to experience so many different sounds and musical instruments.
I'm also amazed at your ability to recall names and stay positive and energetic throughout the class. It takes a tremendous amount of patience and energy to do what you do.
We appreciate you very much!" - Casey M.

"This semester he's definitely even more comfortable - and confident - and I've really enjoyed watching him interact with the other kids, you, and participate more actively in the experience. It's fun to watch him becoming a more independent person - and you and your class play an important role in his feeling confident to do that...

I like that there are small class sizes (I feel like I'm with a group of friends, not "taking a class"). I love the environment that you create...that it is so accepting and open and enables us to just be who we are within the context of music and sharing in such a fun experience. I love that there is no pressure to be a great singer or to have the perfectly behaved child or whatever... just being true to ourselves and respecting who that is for us, our children, and the others in the class.
That is so empowering and such a great message for our children (and ourselves). " - Suzanne N

"As usual Mr. Christopher, you incorporate such a wide variety of instruments and other material that I feel [my daughter] Micah and I are learning and exploring every second of the class!" - Kristen S.

Music Together of Newport County
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