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Our Program Offers:



9 weekly class sessions per semester

Original CD's, Songbook, and
Parent Education Materials for Home Use
including Special Online access to 
the "Family Music Zone" for downloads and more!

A different Music Collection
each semester!

A Research-based
and Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum

Mixed-age classes, so the entire
family can be involved

Instrument play in every class

Movement & Dance Activities

A highly supportive environment
for all parents and caregivers,
regardless of musical abilities

A registered teacher with music and
early childhood skills,
trained to help enlighten parents of
their child's musical development

Plus: Lots of smiles!

Behind the scenes...

The Music Together® Way...

Creating a Rich Musical Atmosphere and Learning through Play:
Children p
articipate according to their own developmental level. The class experience, reinforced by CD listening and active parent involvement, stimulates learning at home through play.

Mixed-Age classes (birth to five):

Educators have long considered mixed-age groupings to be beneficial, and the MT program is designed with this in mind. Activities focus on adult/child interaction, rather than just child/child interaction, so children of different ages (siblings for example) can enjoy classes together. Music selections are appropriate for children of all ages,
and activities are varied to meet each child's abilities.

Starting Early ... Babies:

Research points to the far-reaching educational value of early musical exposure for infants.
Our classes provide the additional benefit of an enriched social environment where infants freely associate with older children and siblings,
and older children gain confidence-building experience.
In our Regular Mixed- age classes, infants 10 months and under attend free when accompanying a registered older sibling.

Plus: we also offer a Babies Class for Parents with infants
as a way of starting the Musical journey -Together!
Check out our "Schedule" page for class times and days.


Tuition and Fees for Music Together of Newport County

All classes are 45 Minutes,
with 9 Week Semesters
plus extra makeup opportunities.


Includes CD's, Songbook,
Parent Education materials,
and special online access to the "Family Music Zone"!
Also included: special workshops for Parents!
All included: $160 

New Song Collection to take home
each semester

$85: for each additional sibling.
Babies under 10 months free
with a registered sibling

$10 Start-up Fee for New Families
(See Registration page for details to register EARLY 
and receive an EARLY REG. Discount by Waiving the Start-up Fee!)

Free demonstration classes
during our Open House days!



Click here to visit a FREE OPEN HOUSE class


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