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Offering Reiki Energy Sessions & Trainings
for healing, creativity and transformation.


Reiki is the universal life force energy
used for healing.

The word 'Reiki'
comes from the japanese language,
Rei = Universal and
Ki = Life Force Energy

Brief Description
REIKI Energy Sessions: 

By placing their hands gently on or near the body with the intention of healing, the Reiki practitioner activates a healing energy flow. This healing energy often feels like heat or light sensations coming through the hands and radiating throughout the recipient's body bringing with it a sense of relaxation, deep peace, serenity and well being. 

Reiki energy has a wisdom of its own and once activated it will flow wherever healing is needed. Healing is a process that transforms and helps bring us into wholeness.


Reiki can be used in with other treatment modalities to assist recovery, promote healing and relieve side effects.. 

Reiki energy heals on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. 

Reiki Healing is a process of transformation which brings the body, mind and spirit into balance and harmony.
REIKI Energy  

Trainings & Certifications
Offering REIKI Level 1 and Level 2 Certifications
In the Reiki I Workshop discover ways to:
Bring Reiki Healing Energy to Yourself and Others
Relieve stress & the symptoms of stress
Live in balance and harmony

In the Reiki II workshop discover ways to:
Increase your capacity to channel Reiki energy
Learn Reiki symbols and their applications
Practice Reiki Distance Healing methods
Utilize Sound Healing practices with the Reiki


Contact us for upcoming dates

To register: please send payment: checks written to “Present Moment Arts Center”

PO Box 3714, Newport, RI 02840 Trainings are held in Newport, RI

also: you may now register online,

scroll down to payment section.

What is 
Energy Healing? 

We are more than our physical bodies. 

Each one of us has a network of energy patterns within and around our bodies that reflects our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states. These aspects of subtle energy fields are sometimes called chakras, auras, meridians, prana or chi . 

As experienced healers we bring awareness and compassionate attention to these subtle energy patterns and guide the energy toward a state of balance. These shifts on the subtle plane positively effect the body, mind, emotions and spirit. 

Each session will vary from person to person and time to time depending on what your needs are at that particular moment. Trusting the process, what is right for you in the moment will arise. And when needed we blend Reiki with other intuitive, psychic or sound healing methods to increase the healing power. 

With meditation and deep relaxation we tap into the abundant healing power of the universe and help you re-discover your own inner healer. Through energy healing you can reclaim the balance and joy that are your birthright! 


Contact us directly to schedule an appointment 
or to register for one our training programs. 

Online Registration
Present Moment Reiki 

REIKI Training and Certification

Level 2 Certification 
SUNDAY October 25th
9:30 - 5:30pm

$130 by OCTOBER 3rd
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on "Add to Cart"

Online Payment
Present Moment Reiki 

Healing Sessions

REIKI Healing Sessions

For REIKI Energy Healing
Private Session & Consultation One-on-One Session
$85 for individualized session
- Please click below on "Add to Cart"

Package of 4 Private Sessions & Consultations
$300 for 4 individualized sessions
(Save $40)
- Please click below on "Add to Cart"