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Offering experiences in SOUND & MUSIC
for healing, creativity and transformation.


Brief Description
Sound & Healing
Meeting at this point, on special occasions
Open to all interested in the use of sound and music for the purposes of personal, group and planetary healing.

Using a variety of modalities, including Tibetan Singing Bowls, Drumming & Rhythm, Vocal toning, Chant and song.
World Chants & Songs for Peace
Chants drawn from Sanskrit and other sacred traditions.

Held as Special events at various Holistic and Yoga Centers around the region, with the intention of peace and healing.
Music, Movement, Chant, Song and Prayer

Dancers join the circle together with simple movements and the singing of sacred chants and songs from the many faith traditions from around the world. The Dances of Universal Peace are joyful, uplifting & unifying.

For dates for Sound Healing events,
including Sound Circles, Kirtans, Satsangs, and more,
please check on the "Special Events" page,
and pleae contact us if you have any questions.

• Exploring the Transformative Power of Sound
• Joining in the Joyful Meditative Groove

“Come and feel how these uplifting practices help connect us
to Inner Strength, Peace, Guidance & a Higher State of Being.”

Christopher KAVI Carbone , leading these Sound experiences,
is a Musician, Yoga Instructor, and Sound Healing Artist,
dedicated to sharing the creative and healing arts as gifts for all.

Christopher has worked professionally as a performing artist for many years,
including creating Sound Healing and Kirtan events and workshops in New York City and New England.
He also serves on the faculty of Salve Regina University's Programs in the Expressive Arts.

Please contact us for more info about events, locations, etc.

These sound healing programs are primarily for adults, though in some cases children are welcome to participate.
Child/family focused programs are also available.

If you're looking for creative Music programs for children,
please visit the links for our "Musical Celebrations! Performances" or for "Music Together" classes.

Click here to check out Christopher's CD: "Exploring Sound and Healing"