Third Generation

5. Paul Joseph3 Boyd (Laura Genevieve2 Stewart, Thomas H.1)(10) was born in Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, PA May 15, 1914. Paul died August 25, 1966 in Miami, DADE, FL, at 52 years of age. His body was interred August 27, 1966 in Miami, DADE, FL, Woodlawn.

He married Helen Darling Crawford in Miami, DADE, FL, July 18, 1942.(11) Helen was born July 18, 1920 in Miami, DADE, FL. Helen is the daughter of Hubert Winfield Crawford and Pauline Willerford. She resides in Ft. Lauderdale, BROWARD, FL. Occupation: Housekeeper. A census listed Helen as head of household in Miami, DADE, FL, April 8, 1930. 1930 FL DADE, City of Miami US Census, Roll #311, p. 54 A.

NAME REL SEX AGE SELF FATHER MOTHER Willerford, William T H M 61 TN IL TN Delia C. W F 60 TN TN TN Hester M D F 30 TN TN TN Ruth L D F 24 TN TN TN Crawford, Mary R GD F 14 TN TN TN Margaret M GD F 12 FL TN TN Dorris W GD F 10 FL TN TN Helen D GD F 9 FL TN TN Pearson, Mary L M-inlaw F 74 AL TN TN

Note: Mary Pearson, mother of Delia, is recorded as being married at age 19. According to the above dates she gave birth to Delial at age 14. There must be an error of about 5 years in her age.

At 23 years of age Helen became the mother of Raymond Edward Boyd in Miami, DADE, FL, June 17, 1944. At 26 years of age Helen became the mother of Ralph Warren Boyd in Miami, DADE, FL, November 1, 1946. At 30 years of age Helen became the mother of Richard Thomas Boyd in Miami, DADE, FL, September 19, 1950.

Helen is the Author's mother. Like her sisters, by coincidence, she married into an unrelated Boyd line. How odd! Three sisters marry three men all with the Boyd surname, and yet only two of the men are related (i.e. brothers) and the third is from a different line of Boyds.

She spent most of her life as a housewife raising 3 boys. Following the death of her husband, Paul, she worked as a housemaid for Harbour Island Spa on Miami Beach and later as an office worker in a restaurant. Today she lives in Ft. Lauderdale near 2 of her sons.

Occupation: Railroad Clerk. At 30 years of age Paul became the father of Raymond Edward Boyd in Miami, DADE, FL, June 17, 1944. At 32 years of age Paul became the father of Ralph Warren Boyd in Miami, DADE, FL, November 1, 1946. At 36 years of age Paul became the father of Richard Thomas Boyd in Miami, DADE, FL, September 19, 1950.

Paul Joseph Boyd, the author's father, was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. At a very early age he fell in love with the railroad and its mighty steam engines. The author can recall how his father used to talk about the steam engines. He never cared much for the modern diesels. It was the old days of steam that fired his imagination. It was his love for the railroad that, as a young man, he took up the hobby of Model Railroading which he pursued all his life. After moving to Miami, FL. he became a member of the Gold Coast Railroad Historical Society. Here he was finally able to fulfill his life's dream and operate a real steam engine, the "Old Number 53".

Like his father before him, he too worked for the Pennsylvania Railroad. Later after moving to Miami, FL, he worked for the Seaboard RR as a Passenger Reservation Clerk. A few years afterwards, his parents joined him in Florida upon his father's retirement from the Pennsylvania RR.

Sometime around 1941 or 1942, he and his younger brother, Stewart, came to Miami, FL. It was here that he married Helen D. Crawford and raised a family of three sons until his death from kidney disease in 1966. He was laid to rest along side his father at Woodlawn Memorial Park Cemetary in Miami. Only two months later, they would both be joined by his mother, Laura.

Paul Joseph Boyd and Helen Darling Crawford had the following children:

child + 7 i. Raymond Edward4 Boyd was born June 17, 1944.

child 8 ii. Ralph Warren Boyd was born in Miami, DADE, FL November 1, 1946. He married Joan Hope Ritchie in Miami, DADE, FL, October 6, 1990. Joan was born July 18, 1951 in Greensboro, GUILFORD NC. Joan is the daughter of Jewel Lee Ritchie and Mary Ann Ellington. She resides in Ft. Lauderdale, BROWARD FL. Occupation: Secretary.

He resides in Ft. Lauderdale, BROWARD, FL. Occupation: ComputerProgramr. Ralph graduated Auburn, AL, March 13, 1969. Institution: Auburn University.

Ralph is the Author of this family history. He was born, raised and spent most of his life in Miami, FL. After graduating from Miami Norland High School, Ralph obtained a BS degree in Physics from Auburn University in AL. He worked for a brief period with Coulter Electronics before enlisting in the US Air Force.

Ralph spent the next 4 years as an electronics repairman serving with the Air Force in Puerto Rico and Wichita, KS. Upon his discharge, he returned to work for Coulter in Miami as an Electronics Technician and later as an Assistant Physicist. He left the company after several years to work for New York Institute of Technology as a Physicist designing acoustical optics and High Definition TV. It was there that he met his future wife.

It wasn't until the age of 44 that Ralph finally took a wife. He married Joan Hope Ritchie. The first two years of their marriage they lived in her home in North Lauderdale, FL. Selling the home they moved to the Davie area of west Broward County, FL. There they live today on a 1.25 acre lot with 2 horses, 5 dogs , 2 cats, a pig, ducks, chickens, birds, and a rabbit.

Ralph's love of science forced him to take up the hobby of Amateur Astronomy. He designed and built a photometer which he used to study variable stars. He was also the first person in the Western Hemisphere to discover the splitting of the head of comet West in 1976. His interest in Astronomy eventually led him into home computers. Today, computing is his main hobby and has promoted his employment in that same industry where he works for Motorola solving problems in the field of communications.

Although Ralph had many friends in which he shared an interest, there was only one whom he called his best friend. George Weitzman was Ralph's Best Man at his wedding. Ralph honored George by asking him to present the engagement ring and proposal of marriage to Ralph's future wife, Joan. This the two of them arranged over a dinner date between Ralph and Joan at Martha's restaurant on the Intercostal in Dania, FL.

Many years before, George and Ralph spent a business vacation trip together. After attending a computer show in Washington DC, the two of them toured some Civil War battlefields on their way home. They saw Gettyburg and had a very special authenitic meal and tasting their first Hot Buttered Rum in an old antique home in the city. They visited Harper's Ferry where George was more concerned about the rising flood waters than taking a lengthy tour. The last battlefield they visited was Antietam before returning home to Miami.

Saddly, George died from complications due to a cracked rib on March 21, 2002. He was only 53. He fell in his home and broke a rib in his chest. Released the same day from the hospital he complained of difficultly breathing. He was found the next day dead in his bed. George had suffered from polio as a child. The disease disformed the right side of his body and curved his spine. Most people who saw George would see his handicap. Ralph never saw George as handicapped. He only saw him as his friend. Had the Emergency Room doctor admitted him for over night observation, the hospital staff may have been able ot save his life. No one could foresee this tradegy.

Ralph grieved a long time over his loss. He shed many tears, even now as he wrote these words. The tears won't stop until he carries out his promise to his old friend George was not only Ralph's best male friend, he was his only friend. Ralph once told George the meaning of friendship. Ralph said, "A friend is someone who will carry your casket to your grave." Ralph was there at George's cremation. A true friend to the very end. George would have done the same for Ralph. Since their lives became so intertwined, Ralph has given George this one last gift by including him in Ralph's own genealogy. Good bye old friend.

child + 9 iii. Richard Thomas Boyd was born September 19, 1950.

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