Fifth Generation

31. William5 Pearson (Enoch4, Enoch3, Edward2, Lawrence1) was born in CHESTER, PA April 10, 1761.(27)

According to the Family Bible, William was born on a Wednesday between 2-3 AM. Individual flags: RevWar. William died October 13, 1844 in BEDFORD, TN, at 83 years of age.(28) His body was interred October 1844 in MOORE, TN, Pearson-Bobo graveyard.(29) The following is the inscription on William Pearson gravestone marker in the Pearson-Bobo graveyard:

In Memory of William Pearson who was born the 10th died the 10th day of October 1844. Aged: 83 years, 6 months and 10 days.

He married Sarah Jones (Jacks) in Ninety Six District, SC, 1785.(30) Sarah was born May 22, 1762 in ROWAN, NC. She was the daughter of Samuel Jones. Sarah died July 25, 1845 in Shelbyville, BEDFORD TN, at 83 years of age.(31)

In 1842, when Sarah Jones Jacks Pearson, was in her 84th year (ed. note: this date is in the original text from the source and is in error), while she was living in the home of her daughter Lucretia Eakin in Shelbyville, she wrote that she married a Jacks and had three sons by him, then she married a Pearson and by him had six sons and three daughters. She stated that her grandfather came from Wales and settled in Virgina, her father, Samuel Jones, moved to Rowan County, NC and was living there when he died.

Her body was interred July 1845 in Shelbyville, BEDFORD TN, Cowan-Eakin Family Graveyard.

The follow inscription is on her tombstone which is in very bad condition:

Sarah Pearson Died 25th July 1845 Aged: 85 years, 2 months & 3 days.

Sarah was married twice in her lifefime. The first marriage was to Edmond Jacks. It is not known if she had any children by him. The second marriage was to William Pearson. Together they had eight children and were married for 27 years until their divorce in 1812.

Following her divorce, Sarah, remained in Bedford, TN. In 1824 she was deeded 108 1/2 acres of land by her son-in-law, John Eakin, husband of her daughter Lucretia. In her later years she resided in Lucretia's home where she died in 1845.

He served in the military during war time circa 1777 in PA. According to the DAR Patriot Index, William served in the Revolution as a Private from PA.

He bought property in UNION, SC, March 27, 1786.(32)

Union County, SC Deed Record:

William Pearson and Sarah, his wife, of Union Co., SC, to Tobitha Pearson, Sr., same place, for 75 pds., sterling, tract now in her possession, 200 acs. on Padgett's Creek in Union Co. said tract, willed to Wm. Pearson by his father Enoch Pearson on October 20, 1772; also 80 acs. joining above tract, laid out by warrant of John Hayes. Wit: Robert Burns, Wm. Young, William Martindell. REc: March 27, 1786.

William was divorced from Sarah Jones (Jacks) in UNION, SC, circa 1812.(33) He bought property in BEDFORD, TN, August 19, 1816.(34)

Excerpt from Bedford, TN Deed Book G, p. 229:

William Persons of Bedford Co., TN to Charles Persons of Bedford C., son of William Person, for love and affection, conveys land in Bedford Co., TN, on waters of Big Flat Creek. The land conveyed to him by William Pearsons. 63 acres. Wit: David Floyd and Abraham Shook. Reg: -- Oct 1816.

The Tennessee DAR roster indicates that William was born 1760 in Pennsylvania. His father, Enoch Pearson, moved his family to South Carolina sometime about or before 1790. William fathered several of his children in that state and later moved his family to the Tennessee area (formerly North Carolina) near the present day Franklin Grundy Coffee Counties where his son Kindred G. (b. 1798, SC) may have met his future wife, Sydney Watson (b. SC). This location is an assumption taken without direct proof due to the fact that there was a Watson family in the area at that time. In addition, there is a Charles Pearson in this region who probates land back to Kindred Pearson (in Bedford County, TN) after having that land willed to him by William around 1844. It is mainly through this probate action between these two Pearson lines that the Author has determined that our Great-Grandfather, William Houston Pearson, was a member of the Charles Pearson line (see: The Charles Pearson Family Line chapter).

William served in the Revolutionary War. His DAR records show that he was a private in the 1st. Battalion of the Philadelphia City Militia in 1781. Yet it was rumored that he was actually a Tory sympathizer. The account of this is given in the many histories of Bedford County, TN as well as the personal Memoirs of William Floyd, a resident of Bedford County. As recounted by Mr. Floyd, William died at Washington P. Bobo's place and was buried in a "rock box" grave. Following his death, a search was made for his "red coat" but none was ever found. When he first came to the Bedford area he settled at Jim F. Farrar's place.

William's ancestors were Quakers from Pennsylvania. Many members of this family move to South Carolina in the late 1700's settling in the area around Bush River. The Quakers in this area became concerned about the injustice of Slavery and later most of them moved to Ohio by way of Tennessee. Some of the Quakers would eventually stay in Tennessee. William, who moved his family in 1812, must have been one of those early settlers who remained in that State.

Like his ancestors, William was a Quaker. But sometime around 1778 he was disowned by the Quakers. In 1790 he joined the Baptists. Again, in 1791, he was disowned by the Baptists. Whether or not this break with the Church caused problems with his marriage, he and Sarah were divorced in 1812.

William Pearson and Sarah Jones (Jacks) had the following children:

child 40 i. Samuel6 Pearson.

child 41 ii. Elizabeth Pearson was born in UNION, SC. She married John Dillard in UNION, SC. Elizabeth did not move with her Pearson family when they went to TN. Remained with her husband, John Dillard, in SC.

child 42 iii. Thomas Pearson was born in UNION, SC about 1786. He married Ailsey Garrett.

child + 43 iv. William Pearson Jr. was born about 1788.

child + 44 v. Sallie (Sarah) Pearson was born July 3, 1793.

child + 45 vi. Kindred G. Pearson Sr. was born May 29, 1798.

child 46 vii. Lucretia Pearson was born in UNION, SC 1802. She married John Eakin.

child + 47 viii. Charles Pearson was born circa 1812.

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