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Amphetamine, crank, speed, sulf; whatever you want to call it; is one of the world's largest abused drugs. It is a synthetic stimulant that increases metabolism, exaggerates emotions (mostly an increased euphoria), accelerates your heart rate, and allows one to be much more focused and progress-oriented. Overall, amphetamine can be both a fun and productive drug. Unfortunately, amphetamine is a "b" scheduled drug, and scheduled "a" if being prepared for injection. It is available by prescription for attention deficit disorders (ADD), weight-loss, and other emotional disorders. Street versions also float around. The most common type of street amphetamine is called amphetamine sulfate, a powder that is not nearly as pure or cheap as prescription versions. Addiction can result from prolonged use of amphetamine. Normally it requires 3-6 weeks of usage, but as always, this number can vary depending on the user. Other side effects include dilated pupils, restlessness, increased alertness and increased talkativeness, a very positive mood shift, and aggressiveness. Paranoia and hallucinations can also occur at high doses. Buying amphetamine legally is actually not nearly as hard as it may seem and is much safer than buying it off the street. The number one source for prescription amphetamine is Their main product is phentermine, a generic amphetamine sold for weight-loss. Adipex and Ionamin are name brand versions of phentermine that are not time-released and contain a higher concentration of amphetamine (AKA: they pack a much larger punch, but for a much higher price). Both are great drugs for speeding upófor those of you who are overdosing on caffeine, you ain't seen nothing yet. The jitters and paranoia seem non-existent on amphetamine. The increased alertness, intellectual abilities, and euphoria amphetamine grants you with are amazing and has something that no other drug I have experienced has been able to deliver in such a safe way (safe vs. crack/coke). Beware that amphetamine is dangerous. Overdosing and abusing the drug is not only illegal, but is a big health risk. We do not advise use of this drug without first consulting a doctor. All of the above info is strictly for educational use.

Buy Shrooms Online

Shrooms, mushies, magic mushrooms, psilocybes, plus about 50 other slang terms all refer to one magical aspect of the world - Psilocybin Mushrooms. Before we can begin we must first state that growing or possessing Psilocybin or psilocin mushrooms is illegal in the US. We do not promote breaking the law, and all information provided is simply for educational value. Psilocybin mushroom spores can be legally ordered since they do not contain the illegal chemicals Psilocybin or psilocin. The effects of shrooms may differ greatly depending on the strain, user, amount, and what other drugs the user is on. Please take this into consideration when experimenting with mushrooms. Often trips will leave people feeling very uncomfortable since it is a completely different feeling than most people encounter on daily basis. Beginning with threshold amounts and working your way up is the best way to become accustomed to any substance. We will not be held responsible for any information you use from this site. Onset should take anywhere from 5 to 60 minutes with a coming up time of 5-30 minutes. Plateau can be anywhere from 1-3 hours and a final coming down time of 30 minutes - 3 hours. After effects can be either non existent or persist for up to 6 hours after the trip. Threshold amounts consist of around .25-1 gram of dried shrooms, or 2.5-10 grams fresh. At this dosage there will not be too many profound effects. The user should notice that something has been happening to his head. Lights may look brighter, and perception may be out of whack. Stronger emotions and giddiness may also occur at a threshold dose. Be aware that even at low doses some gas and nausea may occur. Medium effects should occur at doses around 1-2.5 grams dried or 10-25 grams fresh. At this time visual effects should become much more intense. Things should look much more appealing to you as lights gain fantastical effects and your emotional sensitivity and consciousness grows. Creative juices really begin to flow at this point as normal objects begin taking on other shapes. Again gas and nausea is becoming more of a possibility. If you are to have any latent emotional problems they may begin coming out now. Heavy dosage is experienced at about 2.5-10grams dried/25-100grams fresh. At this time stomach problems may get to be fairly strong and on rare occasions vomiting may occur. Visuals should now be full blown, especially with eyes closed. New thinking patterns will occur and religious revelations, spiritual findings, and a whole new sense of joy and intrigue may overwhelm you. Discomforting feelings may also occur if you've never tripped this hard before. A good way to counter these feelings is by remembering that it is very hard to overdose on shrooms. As you become more familiar with this state it will be much more enjoyable and coming down may be very depressing. Here is a fairly quick and easy way for beginner shroom growers to get their fungus going in a fury (or so I've heard). It is very important to keep everything nice and sterile, especially the syringes, jars, and measuring cups. Anything that is not sterile could contaminate your shrooms with other bacteria which of course brings on more stomach pains and maybe even worst. The best source for mushroom growing kits online is Grow-Shrooms. Grow-Shrooms mushroom grow kits have been proven many times to be reliable and educational. There are kits for beginners and more advanced systems for automatic growing and producing large quantities. To learn more or place an order Click Here. For those of you who prefer taking the easy foolproof method, try buying the Mushroom Grow Bags from  Shamanshop by clicking following links: Shroom Bag / Shroom Bags: Pack of 4 / Shroom Bags: Pack of 10. The Mushroom Grow Bag is a completely self-contained growing environment for the incubation and fruiting of grain loving mushrooms. These bags contain everything you will need, minus spores or culture, to begin your experiments with any grain loving fungus. Please Note: Mushroom Grow Bags do not come with Spore Syringes (see below). Buying shrooms is not only illegal, but often dangerous. However, buying the supplies to grow shrooms is completely legal and much safer than buying pre-grown ones off of the street. Since only the chemical Psilocybin is illegal in the United States, and Shroom spores don't have Psilocybin in them until cultured, they are totally legal to purchase in the US. Buying shrooms from headshops can be hard as well as expensive, and finding where to buy them online can provide quite the headache. Your best bet is looking around for a very open-minded herbal store, or ordering through Buy-Shrooms. Buy-Shrooms sells very potent spore syringes for 15 - 49 dollars. Below we have listed some of the different strains Buy-Shrooms carries. To purchase the shrooms or to learn more about the strain, click on the name. Ecuador Strain, PES Hawaiian Strain, B Plus Strain, Burma Strain, Golden Teacher Strain, Huautla Strain, Malabar Strain, Mazatapec Strain, Nepal Strain, Chitwan Strain, Penis Envy Strain, PES Amazonian Strain, Puerto Rican Strain, Treasure Coast Strain, Magic Blue Gym Strain, Fly Agaric Strain, Astoria Ossip Strain, Elixier Strain, Hammond Strain, Wavy Cap Strain, Washington Strain, Spanish Psilocybe Strain, Grass Rotting Psilocybe Strain, Jalisco Strain (Pajaritos, Teonanacatl) Strain, Pajaritos Strain-A (Teonanacatl) Strain, Pajaritos Strain-B (Teonanacatl) Strain, Dung Blue Ringer Wild Strain, Pollock Strain, Weil's Psilocybe Strain, Cambodian Strain, Jamaican Strain.

Buy Ephedra Powder Online

Ephedra, Ma Huang, Mormon Tea, Natural Speed, whatever you want to call it, is one hell of a natural stimulant. To place an order Click Here. Found in Southwestern North America, it has been used by the Native Americans for years to help cure respiratory problems and stimulate the nervous system. Ephedra helps to dilate bronchial tubes, reduce spasmodic tendencies, stimulate the central nervous system, and clear allergies. Overall, Ephedra seems like the miracle drug. As mentioned above Ephedra is a natural stimulant, more so than caffeine. Unlike caffeine, Ephedra actually has antispasmodic properties, making the nerves act in more calming fashion. Ephedra acts so similar to an amphetamine; it is commonly used as a replacement for Ritalin. While Ephedra tablets can be bought over the counter by prescription only, we find Buy-Ephedra offers the most bang for your buck (as well as flexibility). They will send a pound of fine Ephedra powder for about $38 (discontinued). Also available very potent Ephedra Herb (Ephedra sinica; Ma Huang) 5:1 Extract Powder 100 gm ($40) (discontinued). This makes for great tea, and of course, you can make your doses as potent as you wish. Ephedra is best used in tea. While it does note dilute exceptionally well, it is great if steeped then strained. 1 tbsp. of the powder from Buy-Ephedra will normally create quite a buzz; however, start small and grow. Some lemon and honey will help to reduce the herb’s not-so-beautiful taste. As always, consult a doctor before use.

Buy LSD Online

LSA, a naturally occurring relative to the synthetic drug LSD, has been a popular hallucinogen through the ages. Morning Glory seeds have been used by Mexican Indians and Aztecs for Divination. Baby Woodrose seeds have also been beneficial for Hawaiian tribes from ancient history to the present for many shamanic-like rituals. LSA was confirmed as a hallucinogenic substance by the LSD pioneer, Hoffman. Through laboratory testing it was proven that both substance's primary active ingredient contained the ergot alkaloid. The only structural difference between LSA and LSD is that LSA contains an NH2, and LSD contains N(C2H5)2. Unfortunately this small structural change makes LSA only 5-10% as potent as LSD. However, these two chemicals are still so closely related that if the chemical LSA is extracted from any of the aforementioned seeds it becomes an illegal substance due to its similarity to LSD and extreme potential for synthesis into the illicit substance. As stated above, LSA and LSD share many common traits. The effects follow this same trend. The same thought processes, auras, even breathing walls are prevalent within LSA as they are with LSD. Many have reported that LSA does not cause as intense of a high with as many visual hallucinations as LSD. There have also been many cases where people say they do not feel so much of a come down with LSA, but instead a tranquil feeling that sets them into an intense dream-state after the several hour peak. To achieve a high from either morning glory or Hawaiian baby Woodrose seeds one must follow several very simple procedures. To purchase either of the seeds simply click on the corresponding link below. Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds contain much more LSA than morning glory, are not normally treated to prevent consumption, and are cheaper. The main reason they are not prevalent is their lack of availability. Fortunately a company such as BBB sell the seeds (25 grams/$49). To obtain a substantial high from these seeds they must either be chewed or grinded before swallowing. 3-7 seeds is sufficient for the average LSD-like trip. Swallowing the seeds whole will not work as well because the human body is not very efficient at digesting entire seeds. Morning Glory - Morning Glory Seeds are more famous than Baby Woodrose, but carry many drawbacks. Most morning glory seeds are treated in a poison, typically Captan, to keep humans from consuming them. BBB carries non-treated morning glory seeds. Another drawback is the amount you must consume to gain a sufficient high. 100-300 seeds (which go for about 500/$20) are required for a typical 200-300 microgram LSD trip. Like baby Woodrose, the morning glory seeds must be completely grinded or chewed to allow for activation of the alkaloid. As with many hallucinogens, nausea is a common side effect. In the 50's and 60's research was conducted that showed eating 1-1/2 hour before consuming would prevent the sick feelings. Consuming Dramamine and/or 1 teaspoon of fresh ginger are some other methods that are supposed to work for counteracting the nausea. Quick Links: Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds: 25 grams ($49.00) / Morning Glory Seeds: Heavenly Blue: 500 gm ($120.00).

Buy Amanita Muscaria Online

Perhaps no other ethnobotanical is more shrouded in mystery and intrigue than the Amanita Muscaria mushroom. Some scholars have suggested that the Viking berserkers ate the mushroom before battle to enter a frenzied state. Others have claimed that it is the legendary intoxicant Soma, worshipped as a God by early Hindus. In Western culture, it is the mushroom of fairy tales, a symbol of both poison and magic. For generations, the tribal shamans of Siberia and the Pacific Northwest have ingested Amanita Muscaria to enter Altered States of Consciousness. For directions on preparation and ingestion of Amanita Muscaria see To purchase Amanita Muscaria mushroom click Here. Quick Links: Amanita Muscaria 'Soma' Mushrooms: Grade A+ Washington State: 60 gm ($60.00) / Amanita Muscaria 'Soma' Mushrooms: Grade A+ Latvian: 60 gms ($64.00).

Buy Prozac Online

Do you have a hard time enjoying the things you used to? Do you frequently feel overwhelmed? Have uncontrollable feelings of guilt or worthlessness and low motivation? Find it difficult to concentrate? Notice that you're sleeping too much or too little? All this can go away. How? Get Prozac! Prozac (fluoxetine) is an antidepressant medication originally approved by the FDA in 1987. It works by blocking the reabsorption of serotonin, a neurotransmitter or chemical messenger in the brain. Prozac had been tested by the FDA and found to be an effective antidepressant with fewer than usual side effects. The results were astonishing. Patients reported feeling "better than well". It not only eased their depression, but seemed to give them a new look at themselves. Prozac users felt they were discovering their own true personalities for the first time, uninhibited by a vague weight that had bogged them down before. It seemed to make cautious people more spontaneous, the introverted more outgoing, the timid more confident. In short, it seened to improve people's personalities, at least in making them more socially attractive. The number one source  to get this "wonder drug" online is All shipments are made immediately after the order is placed. Prices start from $49 for Fluoxetine (generic for Prozac), there is no prescription consultation fee and Free Overnight Shipping on all orders. So give it a try and be happy! To order Prozac click Here.


Buy Salvia Online

Salvia Divinorum, active ingredient salvinorin-A, is truly a legal psychoactive herb. Being quite skeptic when it comes to things such as "legal highs" I decided to order 1 gram of the 10x standardized organic extract from BBB. Upon its arrival several days later I was quite anxious to light up a bowl. I timidly packed half a bowl and took it down in about 3 deep hits. Before I was even finished with the bowl I felt something hit me. My entire body felt like a lead weight. I walked inside and laid down on my sofa. As I did this I felt myself melting into the cushions. As I moved my eyes around I felt as if I were on a different planet jumping in and out of the craters. Damn, I knew this salvia was the real deal. My second experience was two days later. This time I wanted to feel it's full wrath. I packed an entire bowl and I'm still not quite sure if I finished it completely. Luckily I had already had Peter Gabriel's Passion playing. Very quickly I was warped into a pyramidal box of liquid. The different instruments in the music were bouncing from wall to wall. My head was also being reflected from the walls of this box that had encompassed my body. Overall, I'm impressed with salvia - it's very intense high with many great visuals. Unfortunately Salvia is quite pricey. Per gram it runs at about 1/3 the price of weed. We suggest picking up the 1 gram of 10x standardized organic extract from BBB for $16. As implied by the name, this is 10 grams of salvia boiled down, then placed on 1 gram of leaves. BBB will sometimes remove the 10x from their catalogue as it sells out fairly quickly, but don't fret it always comes back. If you're impatient, the 5x is just as good; you just need to smoke more. 1/2-1 bowl of this will get you crunked up. Salvia can either be smoked or chewed. For smoking we'd suggest a one-hitter. If you prefer chewing, roll the salvia into a quid and place it under your tongue. Chew it once every 10 seconds for about 30 minutes. Then, spit out the remaining salvia. Chewing will bring on prolonged effects, but a much longer coming up time. The Salvia will hit ya in several seconds, plateau in about 2 minutes, stay there for about 20-30 minutes, then you have about 30 minutes of comedown. Yes, this isn't too long, but the effects can be so extreme that this is normally a fine amount of time. Quick Links: Green Magic Salvia Divinorum Tincture - 1fl oz 1 bottle ($49) / Salvia Divinorum Oaxacan Grown - 30 gm ($35) / Salvia Divinorum 10x Standardized Extract - 1 gram bottle ($30) / Green Magic Salvia Divinorum Tincture - 1 fl oz 3 bottles ($135)Salvia Divinorum Oaxacan Grown - 15 gm ($20) / Salvia Divinorum 10x Organic Extract - 5 grams ($112.50).   

Buy Opium Online

Opium tea is an immensely sedating and numbing beverage. It's equivalent could be compared to downing several codeine, vicodin, or even oxy tablets... quite enjoyable. Luckily, this tea is legal and easy to make, unlike other opiates (heroine, morphine, etc.). For those of you who don't know, opium has been a drug of religions and societies for just about as long as time has existed. It has very relaxing and euphoric qualities that makes brings on an unbelievable sense of well being and relief within oneself. Follow these few easy steps and you will be in seventh heaven. 1. Obtain a large amount of either dried opium poppy pods or the opium poppy seeds. I prefer the seeds as they are easier to use. You can order 1 ounce of these seeds from BBB by clicking Here. Another alternative to the opium poppy seeds is the Californian Poppy. This poppy contains very similar alkaloids as the opium poppy and will bring on very similar effects. The plus to californian poppy is that it is cheaper, and much less addicting. Order a quarter pound of cut and sifted californian poppies (not seeds, therefore have a higher alkaloid content) from BBB by clicking Here. Either brew works well for us. We prefer the californian due to it's cheaper price, easier use, and better taste. 2. Crush/Grind these seeds in a grinder to produce an opium powder. 3. Steep in hot water, or simply down these seeds in either gel tabs or with a shot of water. Boiling water may break down the opium content of the seeds. 4. If steeping, after about 5 minutes run the beverage through a coffee filter into another cup. This should extract the majority of chunks in the beverage. 5. The tea is often bitter and unpleasant smelling, so some lemon juice and honey always tastes good. 6. Sit down and enjoy a truly relaxing evening with your tea. Quick Links: Opium Poppy Seed: Bowling Ball - 100 gm ($280) / California Poppy 25X Resin Extract, 10 gm ($150.00).

Buy Absinthe Online

Have you ever read Poe's work, examined Van Gogh's paintings, or even studied Baudelair's work? Chances are you have, which means that you have also tasted the effects of Absinthe. Absinthe is mystical in nearly every aspect. Everything from its bright green color to it's mysterious physiology marks this drink with a label of exoticness For this reason, it is no wonder the drink went from being one of the most popular to somewhat illegal substances across many continents. Illegalized because it "drove people crazy," absinthe was very quickly suppressed. Being legal in very few countries such as Spain or Czechoslovakia, Absinthe has become increasingly harder to obtain. "Why would one want to obtain Absinthe?" one may ask. For starters, if you were an alcoholic or just looking to get drunk absinthe normally carries a 70-80% alcohol label, but that isn't where the true magic lies. Absinthe is known for producing extreme creativity and hallucinations, the reason why many artists were quite fond of the beverage. The one ingredient that makes absinthe illegal and contributes to its psychoactive properties is the alkaloid thujone. Thujone is actually listed as a toxic substance, and prolonged exposure to the substance is known to cause physical problems. While no physiological relationship has never been established, Thujone's structure is very similar to that of THC's. Thujone is a natural substance most commonly found in Wormwood. However, small traces can also be detected in sage and cedar leaf. Wormwood is the plant used in the process of creating absinthe due to its high thujone content. While wormwood is a bitter and very unpleasant plant, the mixture of sweet anise makes for absinthe's legendary bitter sweet taste. The unique mixture of herbs in the beverage also spawns a vivid green color. This green coined the beverage as "Le Fee Verte," or the green fairy. Since Absinthe is so widely Illegalized, is there any way to obtain this beverage still? But of course there is! Original Absinthe Sells bottles of absinthe that include the active ingredient thujone, and will ship to the US. In the US, thujone is still banned, but as a food rather than a drug. You aren't allowed to distill or commercially make absinthe, but you can own a bottle and even make your own as long as it isn't distilled. The other option for obtaining absinthe is your own brewing of the product. We have included the process for you. Ingredients: 1. 1 tsp Wormwood (Wormwood can be bought from shamanshop for about $30/lb by clicking here. This is a great deal as you will be able to make gallons of absinthe from this amount). 2. 1 cup vodka (The higher the proof the better. Everclear would be ideal for the creation of absinthe). 3. 2 tbsp peppermint leaves. 4. 1/2 cup sugar. 5. lemon. Find a bottle of some sort with a tight fitting cap. Put a good amount of the wormwood into your bottle. There is no set wormwood/alcohol ratio. Traditional recipes call for about 1tsp wormwood/1 cup vodka, but I normally fill the entire bottle with wormwood since we're going for potency, not taste. Saturate the wormwood with your alcoholic beverage (fill the bottle to the brim). Add a good amount of lemon to the mixture. Lemon is acidic so it may help break down the wormwood. It will also help mask the repulsive taste of the beverage. At this stage you may also want to add other flavorings such as peppermint, anise, even sugar is acceptable. Across the internet I have read hundreds of different recipes for absinthe with about 100 different duration for steeping the wormwood. While some recipes call for several months of steeping, most traditional recipes suggest several days. Due to the desire for higher potency, 2-4 weeks should be sufficient. If you would like to attempt a 3 month steeping duration, let us know how it goes. At the end of the steeping period you should be left with a dark, almost opaque, brownish green drink that smells worst than vomit. Appreciate it, this substance will soon be flowing down your throat. I know some of you may be disappointed to see a beverage that looks like sludge instead of the bright green that is typically associated with absinthe. This is due partially to the lack of any other ingredients in the mixture, and the lack of additives used in the past such as copper. If you are very careful and follow a good absinthe recipe you may end up with the creation of "Le Fee Verte". For consumption I would suggest taking down as much absinthe as you possibly can in the shortest possible amount of time. Adding lemon and copious amounts of sugar will cover the taste slightly, but hardly enough to make a difference. The dosage all depends on how much wormwood to vodka you used, how long it was steeped, as well as the % thujone in the wormwood. Basically this means that you are on your own for dosage. Start with one small glass/shot and work up. Be careful when consuming absinthe as many forget that it is made from high proof alcoholic beverages. Keep in mind that consuming two large glasses of 80 proof vodka alone is enough to kill someone.

Buy Mescaline Online

Used for thousands of years by thousands of tribes, mescaline has been the shamanic substance of choice due to its strong hallucinogenic and mind altering qualities. Access to this drug is quite simple as it is found within many cacti that grow in the wild, the most common being peyote, San Pedro, and Peruvian torch. Mescaline itself is illegal to obtain as well as the largest bearer of the drug, peyote. Luckily for us "landscapers," both San Pedro and Peruvian Torch are perfectly legal to own. Of course this also means that it is perfectly legal to order them via the net. Be aware that is illegal to prepare these two cacti in order to obtain the mescaline high from them. Now- let's get a little more in-depth... Mescaline comes in many concentrations, extracts, and from several different sources. This makes dosing mescaline quite difficult. As a general guide here is an estimated amount of how much mescaline is contained in several dry species: Peyote - 3% (but can vary anywhere from 1-6%); San Pedro - 2%; Peruvian - 0.8%. For simple dosage, normally a 4-8 inch cut of a San Pedro cactus will be enough to bring on the full hallucinogenic state. Dosage by pure mescaline is as follows: Threshold - 100mg; Moderate - 300mg; Heavy - 700mg; Lethal - 370mg/kg. Mescaline effects: If you're familiar with the transcendentalists and their thought patterns, chances are you are familiar with mescaline. Mescaline, a schedule I hallucinogen, is quite similar to trips derived from acid or psilocybin/shrooms. While on mescaline, thought processes become deeper and more rapid, but at the same time one is overwhelmed with a sense of euphoria. A sense of becoming one with nature and one's self is another common feeling that accompanies the mescaline trip. Unlike shrooms or acid, a mescaline trip often has little or no "come down" and after the trip many will feel mentally "cleansed" or "rejuvenated." For these reasons many connoisseurs of hallucinogens, including shamans, choose mescaline over acid or shrooms. There are several drawbacks to mescaline. For one, mescaline containing cacti like peyote or San Pedro have a very bitter and almost intolerable taste. Also, stomach pains and nausea are more common with mescaline than other hallucinogens. If you're able to get over these two aspects, a mescaline trip often results in mind altering and evolutionary changes in your perception that no other hallucinogen is known to mimic. Mescaline preparation: This section is going to pertain mainly to San Pedro since peyote normally comes in easy to ingest "buttons". For the peyote user, we will be talking about the process of which you extract mescaline from cacti. As a rule of thumb, it normally takes a 4-8 inch cutting of San Pedro to reach the desired effects. Keep in mind this article is simply to expose you to the possibilities of this plant, not to actually provide you with instruction. Do not repeat any of these steps on your own as it could lead you your own self destruction. Method 1 - fresh cuttings to consumable beverage: The first step of this process is to skin the cactus as well as remove it's spines. Do not throw the skin away as it has a fairly high mescaline content. Instead one should put the skin into a fairly large pot. Next, in the same pot, mash the remaining components of the cactus. Now, add water so the skin and mashed up parts of the cactus are completely submerged. Cook the cactus at a low boil for several hours (at least 2-3). The remaining water can then be further boiled down to the desired thickness. Drink this beverage and you should feel the effects in a half hour or so. Method 2 - drying the cacti: Drying a cactus such as San Pedro or Peyote is quite simple. First, you must slice the cactus into 1/2 inch slices. Next, allow the slices to dry either in the sun or in the oven at a low heat (200-250 degrees Fahrenheit). After completely dried, simply consume the desired amount of cactus. Now I know it should be common sense, but let me remind you that the spines must be removed either before drying or ingesting... unless of course you enjoy puncturing your intestines. Method 3 - extraction: Unfortunately the process of extracting mescaline is a fairly involved chemical procedure, because of this we have decided to link out to: - This extraction method seems to work well and the instructions are written clearly. The purchase of a cactus that contains mescaline is unbelievably simple. While the most infamous cactus, peyote, is quite illegal, there are several other mescaline containing cacti that are readily available for legal purchase. Note that these cactus are sold for gardening/landscaping only. One should not allude to, let alone think of, using them for their psychoactive properties. This could result in dangerous outcomes for the individual. For those avid cactus farmers out there, click the following links to purchase the cacti. For those worrying about their potential of others abusing the cacti, a 4-8 inch cut of one of these cacti is normally used for desired effect.
BBB's San Pedro Cactus is a fresh cut from growing cacti. BBB offers you only the best quality San Pedro Cactus Cuttings. To order click here.
Click Here to order: 10" Long Rooted San Pedro Cactus: 1 Rooted Cactus - $15.00, 3 Rooted Cacti - $40.00, 1 Rooted 3 feet Cactus - $200.00 or 12" Long San Pedro Cactus Cuttings: 1 Cutting - $25.00, 3 Cuttings - $65.00.
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