Welcome to the SMUG Shareware Team:

David Aston (demo)

Louis Bookbinder (demo, newsletter, web page)

Ilana Braun (Membership Committee liaison)

Bill Maxwell (demo)

Owen Saxton (disk creation, sales, accounting, demos, meeting host)

This may look like a big team, but only 4 of us regularly produce CDOQs. We need your help.

Join us and join the fun!


What do we do? Why, SHAREWARE, of course. We try to find the best items out there and make them available to YOU at nominal cost. We also advise on software and Mac compatibility issues. We welcome your queries. If you have a MIME-capable mail program, we can send you individual items on request. Really. Just ask. Our pleasure.


The Shareware Concept

Everyone wants something for nothing. Free software is an idea too good to be true! TANSTAAFL!

Unfortunately, it really is. You CAN get free software, in fact we sell it (ha, ha). But most "Free" software has a catch: it may be a demo for a functioning product, a crippled version, or an out-and-out ad for a commercial product. But some really is free. Their authors do it for the shear joy of programming and producing a beautiful product. Some of those authors really want to put full time into such efforts. They distribute their products as shareware - you share it with your friends, and IF YOU LIKE IT, YOU PAY THE FEE. The advantage to the author is that marketing costs are small - any payment he or she gets is mostly profit. The advantage to you is that the fee is tiny compared to commercial software. But why should you pay good money to some dummy who gives away software? If you liked the software, the author wasn't so dumb, was she? ENCOURAGE the poor gal. She put good hours into her creation, and if people are just going to rip her off, she is not likely to do this again. But if she gets back the kinds of praise she likes best - the green kind - she may decide to make a career of this. Then all of us benefit.


Generally we try to present new shareware each quarter with a broad mixture of uses - some graphics, some comm, some games, some utilities, and so forth. We attempt to omit anything we have released before, unless it constitutes a significant upgrade, or was released so far back most of the members have not seen it. We try diligently to weed out demoware or crippleware - any item whose main purpose is to entice users into buying products, but without providing real value in the free version. Of course, we will omit broken programs, virus-infested items, inits which cause conflicts.

We welcome your input. If you need a shareware item we have not yet released, tell us. If we can find it we will make it available, and if we think it does a good job, we will include it on the disk of the month. If you have a problem with anything we sell, tell us so we can warn others - we have no reluctance to admitting our mistakes.

Each of our team members contributes to each CD of the Quarter (CDOQ). All of us contribute input to improve the quality of the mix. In a sense we are all responsible for each release. We enjoy our work while always aware of the responsibility we have. If you are interested in joining the team, we meet every month at 7:15 the Tuesday after the General Meeting at Owen's house at 1442 San Marcos Circle, Mountain View, but check your newsletter because this date changes often. apple menu bar
Complete shareware index now available


Every month the shareware team helps members sell equipment, software, and hardware they no longer need. Please keep this a success by visiting our tables and bidding on these items. Here is how it works:

  1. Bring your item to the next general meeting.
  2. Fill out an auction sheet with your name, a description of the item, and a minimum asking bid.
  3. Leave the item, and the sheet with the shareware table people.
  4. At the break, go back to the table and check out the bids on your sheet. Pick the person you want to sell to, find him/her, and make the deal. (If you bid, please check during the break to see if you can connect with the seller). Please do not wait till after the meeting, as some team members need to go home and we can not promise to stay at the table forever!
  5. You can leave a telephone number on the sheet if that is how you want to be contacted. But the shareware team will NOT make deliveries!

PLEASE NOTE: We will make every effort to keep your item secure. However we take no responsibility, and theft is your risk alone. We suggest you keep easily stolen items, like SIMM chips, with you and just leave the auction sheet.

Sorry, we cannot provide electrical power to demo hardware.

We cannot be held responsible for items forgotten by their owners.



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