September 2002

by Louis Bookbinder





This month's Free Sample Shareware is undetermined. See below for details. -------------------------------------------------

SMUG CD-ROM of the Quarter - Summer 2002

The List:

Audio & Music
Audio Toolbox 1.1
Audio Toolbox X 1.1
Audiocorder 3.3.1
Audiocorder X 3.3.1
Cacophony 1.1 (OSX)
Music Tutor 1.0 (Cls)

Chimera 0.3 (OSX)
Netscape 7.0pr1
Netscape X 7.0pr1
Quickie Web Albums 2.2.2
Quickie Web Albums X 2.2.2
Surfer 2.0 (Cls)
Vince 1.0 (OSX)
WebFree 1.1 (Cls)

Design & Graphics
Icon Machine 3.0b18 (Cbn)
JewelCaseIllustrator 1.2.7 (Cls)
PixelScope 1.0.1 (Cbn)

Akua Sweets 1.4.3 (Cls)
Dialog Director v0.7 (Cls)

Fun and Games
Avalanche 1.0.0
Avalanche X 1.0.0
Boat Wars 1.0 (Cls)
eFreeCell 1.0.1 (Cls)
GridX 1.2 (Cls)
Gridx 1.2 (OSX)
Red & Green 1.0 (Cbn)

DockFun! 3.0b1 (OSX)
EarthDesk 1.0.4 (Cbn)Fluid 1.1 (OSX)
OroborOSX 0.8b (OSX)
OroborOSX 0.75a4r2 (OSX)
piPop 2.0b8 (Cbn)
Silk 1.1 (OSX)
Xfree86 4.2.0 (OSX)

Kitchen Sink
AceReader Pro 1.0g (Cls)
aClock 3.0b6 (OSX)
Alchemist's Challenge 1.0.1
Alchemist's Challenge X 1.0.1
Celestia 1.2.2 (OSX)
Edible Landscaping 4.6.4 (Cls)
MoonDock 1.2.2 (OSX)
US Const & Gov Quizzer 4.0.1US Const & Gov Quizzer X 4.0.1
Using NIST Time Servers
WeatherPop 1.1 (OSX)
Word List Maker 2.2.2 (Cls)
World Clock Deluxe 3.1.2 (Cls)
World Clock Deluxe 3.2 (OSX)

iPhoto Librarian 1.0 (OSX)
iPhoto Library Manager 1.0 (OSX)
Tattoo 1.2b1 (OSX)

AntiWord Service 1.0.1 (OSX)
CalcService 2.7 (OSX)
MultideX 1.4 (OSX)
OmniOutliner 2.0.2 (OSX)
Quickset Alarm 1.0 (Cls)
Sambucus 2.0.3
Sambucus X 2.0.3
WordService 2.3.1 (OSX)

AquaGrep 1.0 (OSX)
Bad Cookie! 1.1 (Cls)
Bad Cookie! 1.1 (Cbn)
BatChmod 1.31 (OSX)
Chaos Antidote 1.1.2 (Cls)
Clean-Install Assistant 1.5.3 (Cls)
clipEdit 2.1.5
clipEdit X 2.6
DMG Fixer 1.0.1 (Cbn)
Doublet Scan 4.0.1 (Cbn)
DropPrint 1.2 (OSX)
FileXaminer 1.1 (OSX)
Fink 0.4.0 (OSX)
FinkCommander 0.3.1 (OSX)
Folder Icon X 1.1.8
LCD Screen Tester 1.0.1 (OSX)
Macintosh Explorer 3.1.1
Macintosh Explorer X 3.1.1
MemoryPro 1.0 (Cls)
MemoryStick 1.1 (OSX)
Net Monitor 2.5b1 (OSX)
Process Wizard 1.04 (OSX)
Resploder 1.6.1 (Cbn)
SharePoints 2.0.5 (OSX)
SNAX 1.2.8 (OSX)
Speed Download 1.8.2b (Cbn)
SpeedMeUp Pro 2.01 (OSX)Super Get Info Demo 1.0.8 (OSX)
vMac 0.1.9c (Cbn)

Stock Contents

GifBuilder 1.0 (Cls)
Goldberg 2.2 (Cbn) *
Goldberg 2.2.1 Updater (Cbn) *
Goldberg X 2.2.1 (OSX) *
GraphicConverter 4.1 (68K)
GraphicConverter 4.4 (Cls) *
GraphicConverter 4.4 (Cbn) *
Jade 1.2 (Cls)

AOL Instant Messenger 4.3.1232 (Cls)
AOL Instant Messenger 4.5.651 (OSX) *
Better Telnet 2.0b4 (Cls)
Eudora 5.1.1 (Cls) *
Eudora 5.1.1 (OSX) *
Eudora Light 3.1.3 (Cls)
Fetch 4.0.2 *
iCab 2.8 (Cls) *
iCab X 2.8 (OSX) *
Interarchy 5.0.1 (Cbn)
Internet Config 2.5d2 (Cls)
Internet Explorer 5.1.4 (Cls) *
Internet Explorer 5.2 (OSX) *
MACAST Lite 2.1
MacSSH 2.1fc3 (68K) *
MacSSH 2.1fc3 (Cls) *
Mozilla 1.1a (Cls) *
Mozilla X 1.1a (OSX) *
MT-NewsWatcher 3.1 (Cls)
MT-NewsWatcher 3.2 (OSX)
Napster 1.0b1.1 (Cls)
Netscape Communicator? 4.79 (Cls)
Netscape Communicator? 6.2.3 (Cls) *
Netscape Communicator? 6.2.3 (OSX) *
Netscape MRJ Plugin 1.0b5 (Cls) *
Netscape MRJ Plugin 1.0 (OSX) *
Niftytelnet SSH 1.1r3 (Cls)
NiftyTelnet 1.1 FAT (Cls)
OmniWeb 4.1 (OSX) *
Opera 5.0 (Cls) *
Opera X 5.0b4 (OSX) *
Outlook Express 5.0.3 (Cls)
RealPlayer 8 6.0 (Cls)
Windows Media Player 7.1.2 (Cls)
Windows Media Player X 7.1.3 (OSX)

BBEdit Lite 6.1.2
BBTidy 1.0b9
DarkSide of the Mac 5.0.6 (Cls)
Disinfectant 3.7.1 (Cls)
Extension Overload 5.9.7 (Cls) *
GURU 2.9 (Cls)
Kaleidoscope 2.3.1 (Cls)
MacTracker 1.7.1 (Cls) *
MacTracker X 1.7.1 (OSX) *
MacUser's Kaleidoscope Winners
Mariner LE 3.1.4 (Cls)
MP3 Rage 5.1 (Cbn) *
SoundApp 2.7.3 (68K)
SoundApp 2.7.3 (Cls)
SoundJam MP Free 2.5.3 (Cls)
Tex-Edit Plus 4.1.2 (Cls)
Tex-Edit Plus X 4.2.5 (OSX) *
textSOAP 3.1.5 (Cbn)

Acrobat Reader 3.0 (68K)
Acrobat Reader 5.0.5 (Cbn)
ADBProbe 1.0.3 (Cls)
Aladdin DropStuff 6.0.1
Aladdin Expander? 6.0.1
Andrew's Disk Copy Scripts 2.1.1
Default Folder 3.1.4 (Cls) *
Default Folder X 1.5 (OSX) *
FinderPop 1.9.2 (Cls)
PopChar Lite 2.7.2 (Cls)
PrintToPDF 2.4.2 (Cls) *
SCSIProbe 5.2 (Cls)
ShrinkWrap? 2.1 (Cls)
Sleeper 3.5 (Cls)
Snitch 2.6.5 (Cls)
Snitch 2.6.6 Updater (Cls)
TechTool Lite 3.0.2 (Cls) *
TinkerTool 2.2 (OSX) *

Apple Contents
Carbonlib 1.0.4
Carbonlib 1.6 *
Disc Burner 1.0.1
Disk Copy 6.3.3
Disk Copy Scripts 6.3
HyperCard Player 2.4.1
iMovie Update 2.1.1
iMovie 2.1 OSX
MRJ 2.2.5
OpenGL 1.2.1
ResEdit 2.1.3

* New or updated since the previous CDOQ


September Demo by David Aston

AquaGrep 1.0 (OSX)
AquaGrep is a Mac OS X front-end to the Unix grep text search utility. Grep's powerful and versatile text search features, its speed and its straight-forward working principle have made it one of the most heavily used Unix command line tools. You can use grep to search through HTML and text files, analyse web server logs, etc.. It is the ideal companion for the Mac OS X webmaster and all other other users who require powerful text search features. While Mac OS X comes with a full-featured grep implementation in its Darwin kernel, command line tools are notoriously difficult to use and do not offer the kind of user experience that Macintosh users have come to expect over the last 15 years. AquaGrep is a graphical front-end to the grep command, which provides easy access to this powerful text seach utility. Simply choose a file to analyse, type in the text you want to search for and press OK. Requires OS X 10.1+. $10.

Cacophony 1.1 (OSX)
Cacophony is a new Sound Editor exclusively for Mac OS X. Cacophony has read and write support for over twenty different file formats, as well as support for multi-track editing. Requires OS X 10.1+. $25.

Doublet Scan 4.0.1 (Cbn)
Doublet Scan is a great program to find any kind of duplicates on your hard disks. At last! A great program to find all the doublet files on your hard disks. It' s very easy to use: Load the directory of your hard disks and Scan for the "doublet" files...after these two easy steps, you 'll be able to select all the doublet files you want to eliminate and move them to the trash.... Requires OS X or OS 8.6+ with CarbonLib 1.3+ . $25.

Folder Icon X 1.1.8
Folder Icon X is an Mac OS X-native application providing a simple way to create a customized folder and document icons by placing another icon on a standard plain icon. It fully supports "drag & drop" feature and can load any icons from any files, ".icns" documents and folders. All generated icons are 32-bit Mac OS X-compatible icons which can be viewed on both Classic Mac OS and Mac OS X. Requires OS X 10.1+. $20.

iPhoto Librarian 1.0 (OSX)
iPhoto Librarian is a AppleScript application that allows you to start iPhoto with a different library folder. By default iPhoto's library folder is located under "Pictures:iPhoto Library" in your home folder. iPhoto Librarian allows you to maintain multiple such folders of images. Requires OS X 10.1.2+. Free.  

iPhoto Library Manager 1.0 (OSX)
iPhoto Library Manager's job is to enable people to use iPhoto with multiple photo library folders in any location they want on their hard drive, rather than being limited to the default library location. iPhoto Library Manager allows you to set up multiple photo libraries and give access to those libraries to other users on your system so that multiple users can share the same photo library. Requires OS X 10.1.2+. Free.

LCD Screen Tester 1.0.1 (OSX)
LCD Screen Tester helps test LCDs for bad or stuck pixels. Requires OS X. Free.

Net Monitor 2.5b1 (OSX)
Net Monitor graphs network interface throughput in a floating window, the Dock or the Menu Bar. It can also control PPP connections, including status reporting. Net Monitor is freeware written for Mac OS X, in Objective C utilizing Cocoa. Requires OS X 10.1+. Free.

Process Wizard 1.04 (OSX)
Process Wizard is a menu hack that allows you access to all the processes of your system (applications, background applications, user processes, non user processes) and to change their priority (Unix nice value). Ctrl-Click on a process to kill it. Use at your own risk?! Requires OS X 10.1+. Free.

Red & Green 1.0 (Cbn)
A board game for two players. The object of the game is to get five squares of the same color in a row. Requires OS 8.6+ with CarbonLib, or OS X. Free.

SNAX 1.2.8 (OSX)
SNAX is a file browser similar to the Finder, but with more shortcuts and additional features.

Spring Loaded Folders: SNAX implements spring loaded folders in Icon view, column view, list view and also in the path navigator. Drag an item over a folder or a button in the path navigator, wait a second, it blinks twice, and takes you to that folder.

Labels: SNAX brings back the Labels feature found in Mac OS 9. Select a file or folder and choose a label from the labels menu found in the File menu or the contextual menu. There is currently no way to edit the labels color or name.

Customizable Toolbar: You can now add any file, folder, or application to the SNAX customizable toolbar. The interface is simple, but not completely obvious. Open the toolbar customization panel by selecting "Customize Toolbar..." from the View menu. Then drag as many "Custom" items as needed anywhere in the toolbar. These custom items are placeholders that will be replaced by items you drag and drop on top of them. Next, Close the toolbar customization panel, and drag and drop any file, folder or application on top of one of the "Custom" items you added. You may be wondering why this two step process is necessary. In the Finder you can just drag and drop items and they are added without the need for the placeholder. The reason is that the Apple supplied Cocoa customizable toolbar does not yet have this functionality. Fortunately, once you customize your toolbar, you probably won't change it that often. Requires OS X 10.1+. $30.

vMac 0.1.9c (Cbn)
Current PowerPC-based machines are unable to run the majority of software designed for the original Black & White Macs with 9" screens. vMac allows you to run all this software on the latest systems. vMac requires a copy of the Mac Plus ROM to run. Utilities to copy your Mac Plus ROM are included.

So why would you want to emulate a Mac on a Mac? The answer is simple. Try running all those old classics, like Dark Castle, Beyond Dark Castle, the Fools Errand, and so on, on a Mac without a 9-inch monitor. They don't work. vMac, however, enables them all to work perfectly. The first ever emulator for the Macintosh - ][ in a Mac - which does nothing useful when run on a G3 - works perfectly in vMac. vMac also supports full sound emulation. vMac is developed by a team of developers around the world (the full source code is included). If you make any improvements, please send them back to me so I can include them in the next version of vMac/MacOS. Requires OS 8.6+ or OS X. Free.

World Clock Deluxe 3.1.2 (Cls)
World Clock Deluxe 3.2 (OSX)

World Clock Deluxe for Mac OS X is a powerful but easy-to-use time tool. It displays up to 24 clocks in a horizontal or vertical palette and in the Dock, can show UTC and Internet Time, lets you assign labels and colors to clocks and allows you to add custom cities and time zones and calculate date and time conversions. World Clock Deluxe for Mac OS X runs in English, Japanese, German, Dutch, French, Spanish and Italian. Requires OS X 10.0+. $12. Version 3.1.2 is available for Classic, running as a Control Strip module. Requires OS 7.5+. $12.


Security Alert!

From Your Shareware Team

Beware geeks bearing grifts.-------------------------------------------------

Tip O' the Month

If you're using a keyboard that lacks an Eject key with a Power Mac G4 (QuickSilver), there's no way you can open the CD/DVD tray if it's empty or the disk inside isn't mounted. In Mac OS 9.2, there is an Eject application and control strip module in the Eject Extras folder (search with Sherlock, or look in the Apple Extras folder). Either run the application to open the tray or install the control strip module in your Control Strip Modules folder in the System Folder, restart, and use the Control Strip's new Eject control. Under Mac OS X, you must instead use the Eject button of an application like iTunes that can open the tray when empty.



Mac basics we sometimes forget

Everyone knows you can make an image of a floppy disk on your desktop by simply inserting the disk, dragging the icon to Disk Copy, and telling it you want a virtual disk on the desktop. Then when you remove the real disk, a complete working copy is still available on the desktop. You can actually do it with ANY disk - Zip, even CDROM. Remember that it will take up just as much RAM as it has on it - a 600MB CDROM will take up 600MB of RAM! Additionally, a smaller .img file (.smg on OS X) will be saved to your hard disk. Make sure you have enough RAM (or virtual memory) and disk for what you are mounting. -------------------------------------------------

NEW PRODUCT RELEASES 08/04 thru 08/11

My choices, only, out of hundreds of items every month. Drop me a note for YOUR favorite. Not listed are important monthly updates for anti-virus software: McAfee, Norton, VirusBarrier, Virex. You might check out Version Tracker for more.
® means update to recently released CDOQ item. Wish we could catch them all....

APPLEapple icon

DVD Studio Pro 1.5.1 - Professional DVD authoring tool

Netscape Communicator 4.8 - Integrated Web browser & e-mail client

Conflict Catcher 9.0.1 - Startup file management and conflict testing utility

DragThing 4.3.1 - Launcher palette for files, folders, disks, servers and URLs

File Buddy 7.2.2 - Extensive desktop & file/folder editing & task tool

Yahoo! Messenger 2.5b1 - Instant messaging app

MP3 Rage 5.0 - MP3 ID3 tag editor, player, cataloger...

Intuit Quicken 2003 1.0 - Finance management software

Speed Download 1.8.9 - Download manager & accelerator SMUG Navigation Bar


Andromeda Galaxy


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