September 2000

by Louis Bookbinder




SMUG CD-ROM of the Quarter - Summer

September Demo by Bob Markovitch

Ultra Recorder 2.4.1 - Shareware Here's a must-have program if you're looking to easily record, convert, and save sounds in a variety of formats on your Mac. It can play and save formats. You can also save your sounds and audio as self-playing AIFF files for sharing without the worry of others not having the proper software to hear your music or sounds. 68k and PPC compatible running Mac OS 7 or later.

PageSucker 2.2 - Shareware Pressed for time while surfing the Net? This handy app will allow you to download entire Web page hierarchies automatically for later viewing offline or burn them onto a CD for presentations. It features various strong URL filters to place restrictions, automatic rebuilding of the server's file system, multithreading, automatic prevention of overwriting, etc. Requires Apple's Macintosh Runtime for Java (MRJ) 2.1.4 or later.

KurioKolor! - Shareware A child's first digital painting program. This hi-tech finger paint program allow kids to draw and paint on your Mac without having to learn any complicated computer commands. Comes with a password security feature that prevents the little ones from accessing your files. 68k and PPC compatible.

Cyberopoly 3.1 - Shareware Talk about your Microsoft monopoly, take a look at life through Bill Gates' glasses. Here's a great parody rendition of the classic Monopoly game with a twist from the high tech world. Take over as many companies as you can and build up their value and power, by buying up patents and developing industry-standard technology, while trying to avoid the strong armed Department of Justice. 68k and PPC compatible running Mac OS 7.5 or later.

Dominoes 1.2 - Postcardware Play a game of dominoes, Mac-style, with this electronic version of the classic. This implementation has you attemping to score as many points as possible by making smart plays and/or running out of tiles before your opponent (your witty Mac) does. Requires a 68020 or faster Mac running Mac OS 7.0 or later.

Ultimate Pool 1.2 - Shareware Play a 3D game of pool right on your Mac's desktop. This physically realistic pool simulation game will allow you to play a game of 8 ball, 9 ball, stripes and solids, and more. Choose your opponent from six computer players ranging from absolute beginner to professional. Requires a PPC running Mac OS 7 or later, Sound Manager 3 or later, and 6 MB RAM.

DoItAllText 3.0 - Shareware This multi-use, desktop application does it all: mathematical, metric, and currency calculations; serves as a text editor complete with spell check; an image viewer; and a movie player. It supports drag and drop, JPEG, GIF, PICT, QuickTime, MP3, and other files, features quick access toolbar and keyboard shortcuts, and more. Requires a PPC running Mac OS 8.1 or later.

AutoTextTyper 1.1 - Shareware This contextual menu plug-in will allow you to quickly and easily add commonly used text, such as email addresses, Web site URLs, company names, addresses, signatures, form letters, and more to a list of items in a contextual menu. You can then select any of these items and have them automatically typed ino any application that suports contextual menus. Requires a PPC running Mac OS 8.0 or later.

QuickFinance 2.8.1 - Shareware Find out where your money goes. This personal finance manager for home and small business use will allow you to record transactions, manage financial records, and perform other bank account related tasks. It features an intuitive interface, graphing and simple calculation features, search capabilities, and allows you to generate financial reports. All information can also be exported as a tab deliminated file for importing into spreadsheet software. Requires a 68020 or faster Mac.

TextWorks Office 2.0 - Shareware It's not just for text&emdash;this program will give you the works. This suite of text editing tools is great for anyone needing a text application with more features than SimpleText, but doesn't bog down your system like a full-fledged word processor. It allows you to open any text file type and save into several. It features a built-in HTML editor, full-featured text editor, notepad, calculator (both simple and advanced), address book, email features, image viewer, and more. 68k and PPC compatible runnin Mac OS 7 or later, QuickTime 3 or later, and Appearance Manager.

DiskTracker 2.0 - Shareware This powerful cataloging utility just got better! This program helps you keep track of files on volumes by creating searchable catalogs of each volume. This latest version will automatically scan new volumes to a specified catalog, automatically update volumes in specified catalogs, can scan StuffIt 5 archives, adds drag and drop support, better catalog editing, interface improvements, adds DVD-ROM, File Server, and Disk Image disk types, disk label template editor, and more. You'll need this to view the MacAddict disc catalog, which was created with this program. Don't forget to send in your registration if you use this program. 68k and PPC compatible running at least Mac OS 7.


Tip O' the Month

From Your Shareware Team

Web Error Messages

400 Bad request Something is wrong with the URL. Check your typing.
Failed DNS lookup This means that the Domain Name System (which translates common names into IP numbers) could not find an IP address for the URL.

401 Unauthorized The page is password-protected.
403 Forbidden Same as 401 Unauthorized. You should try your password again.
Connection refused by host Similar to 401 and 403

404 Not Found The page doesn't exist. Try deleting everything after the last slash in the URL.

503 Service Unavailable Like a busy signal.
Too Many Connections Like a busy signal.

Host Unknown The site may have moved or you lost your connection.
Unable to locate host or Unable to locate server Similar to Host Unknown.

Host unavailable The host machine is down. Wait

File Contains No Data The page is empty.

Bad file request This is a forms error: your browser is dumb or there is an error in the form.

Helper application not found You need to install a plug-in.

In general, check your spelling, then reload a few times. Most such errors are temporary. -------------------------------------------------


Mac basics we sometimes forget

Setting Preferences

I wrote before about deleting preferences in order to fix otherwise intractable problems with software. And I told how important preferences were to the daily operation of your software. Here are some guidelines for some important preferences (settings, options, etc). A few minutes getting set up right here can make the use of the program much more enjoyable.

Font: Most textual applications (word processors, editors, mail clients, even drawing apps) allow you to set a default font (or 2 in the case of Eudora). For a screen font, use Espi Sans (proportional font) or Monaco (monospaced font) - they are about the easiest to read. The proportional fonts are easier than the monospaced, but I use Monaco for my Email because friends send me asciipix - which look awful in proportional fonts. For printing, use Times or Monotype - they are better on paper than the screen. Somehow you need more character to the font on paper. Be sure to set the size to what is right for you. And play with the size - some fonts are terrible one size smaller, or larger, than the one you should use.

Toolbars: If your app has them, play with them. They make it easier to do things, but they take up real estate. Most toolbars have several items you really don't need (you need a save button? Command-S almost always does the trick!) If you only need one button on a toolbar, find another shortcut for it and turn off the toolbar in your settings. Or combine items from several toolbars if your app allows. Some apps even allow you to tear off toolbars to make floating pallets - put them where you want!

And save those preferences! You may have the app on a CD-ROM, but you don't have the preferences! Since most preference files are in the Preference folder in the System folder, Back It Up Regularly.

And another way to save preferences is Stationery. MSWord and many other apps which produce documents let you save documents as non-eraseable stationery - you get the style and settings just the way you want, then save it. Next time you want to create a similar document, open from stationery and modify. Even if you change fonts and tabs and cases and a dozen other settings as you go from document to document, the stationery remembers.



My choices, only, out of hundreds of items every month. Drop me a note for YOUR favorite. Links below are either info about or actual downloads, and include commercial products, as well as shareware. These do NOT include demos or beta releases. You might check out Version Tracker for more.
® means update to recently released DOM item. Wish we could catch them all....

Where are all the links, you may ask? I am leaving them out. My source now uses Java to handle download requests, which means I essentially have to load the items to get the URL! Since with my slow 28K connection this often takes 20 minutes or more! I will not do this any more. YOU go to Version Tracker and fight with THEM!

APPLEapple icon

Netscape Communicator 4.7.5 - popular web browser

File Buddy 5.3.8 - utility to find info or edit item attributes

Adobe GoLive 5.0 - Now shipping the web authoring/site management software

Dantz Retrospect Express 4.3 - easy-to-use personal backup software

SCSIProbe 5.2 - Lists and mounts volumes on SCSI chains

LaCie Silverlining Pro 6.3 - test, format, initialize & partition media

SoundApp 2.7.2 - Plays or converts about all existing sound file formats

MicroMat TechTool Pro 2.5.5 - hardware/software diagnostic tool SMUG Navigation Bar

Andromeda Galaxy


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