October 1998

by Louis Bookbinder





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SMUG October '98 Disk of the Month

Assembled by Owen Saxton

A Better Finder Rename 1.1

A Better Finder Rename is a contextual menu plugin for the Macintosh Finder which allows you to quickly rename multiple files. It is ideally suited for Macintosh webmasters, users who need to transfer files from Windows or UNIX, as well as for all other Macintosh users who deal with large numbers of files. Shareware fee $10.

Alan's Euchre 1.0

Alan's Euchre plays the card game of Euchre. This is a simple (5 cards per player) trick-taking game in which you and your partner (played by the computer) attempt to beat your opponents (also played by the computer). Definitely addictive! Shareware fee $5.

BetaScan 1.0.2

BetaScan is a neat Drag 'n Drop utility that scans files, folders and disks for non-final code files. A non-final code file is any program or system extension (control panel, driver, library, etc..) that isn't the final, officially-released version. These non-final versions can be the reason for big system crashes when they are system extensions. Freeware.

Diet Sleuth 1.4.1

Diet Sleuth allows you to keep track of what foods you eat each day, and their nutritional value. For each day, you select the foods you have eaten, and the number of servings of each. Diet Sleuth will automatically calculate your caloric intake, fat grams, carbohydrates, fiber, protein, cholesterol, along with sodium, potassium, and calcium. You can select from over 5000 different foods from 21 catagories, including fast food, lunchmeat, junk food, seafood, and baby food. In addition to the included food groups, you can create and edit your own foods in a separate catagory. You can also create a catagory of favorite foods to quickly access commonly used foods. Shareware fee $20.

Europe! 98

The "Europe!" software package is a fun and colorful way to become fluent in basic European geography and is effective for both children and adults. It contains four European geography quiz games: 1) countries, 2) capitals, 3) exports, and 4) major geographical features. This package also serves as level 1 of the "Around the World!" software package which may be purchased for $15 (details under the "Info" button). Demoware.

Googolator 1.0

Googolator is a simple, fast, arbitrary precision integer calculator. It is especially handy for doing calculations with very large numbers, like 1000! or a googol (10^100). It can also input/output numbers in any base from 2 to 36. More details are provided in the Help menu. Shareware fee $10.

Hitam Desktop Patterns

These are some useful desktop patterns. They are gentle to your eyes, and make your Mac look like an expensive machine. Freeware.

iMac Desktop Pattern

A pleasant rendition of the new Apple logo in iMac style. Freeware.

MaBaSoft Quit CSM 1.6

Quit CSM is a control strip module that lets you quit applications without having to make them active. You can quit a single application, all background applications or all running applications. You can moreover quit the Finder and background-only applications. Finally, you can specify applications which are not to be quitted by Quit CSM. Quit CSM also supplies memory information: it displays the current largest unused memory block and application sizes. Shareware fee $5.

NewCM 1.2.2

NewCM is a contextual menu plugin for the Finder that allows you to create (and open) a new file of a given type, selected from a menu list. The list of file types that can be created is fully configurable. Shareware fee $9.

Pre Version 1.1.1

Pre Version™ is a control panel that will maintain a history, or audit trail, of your documents for you, automatically. For document types that you select, Pre Version™ will make a separate saved version each time the document is saved, and such versions are readily accessible to the application. You can control how frequently Pre Version™ makes new versions, the number of versions to keep, and which folders to operate on. Shareware fee $35.

Rename CMM 1.0

Rename CMM is a contextual menu plugin for the Finder that allows you to perform simple rename operations on selected files and folders with one simple click. Change case (upper, lower and capitalised), add or remove suffixes, and make file names Mac-savvy all from your contextual menu. Shareware fee $8.

Simple List 1.0

Simple List is an application that is designed to keep notes, information and general to-do memos all in one simple place. The information is in a hierarchical structure for easy management. Emailware.

SwitchRes 1.4.1

SwitchRes is a control panel, distributed with a control strip module, which will allow you to control the resolutions of your monitor(s). You can define (from a very complete list of possibilities) which resolutions are really accessible, and which will require a confirmation. SwitchRes also can save the position of the desktop icons for each resolution, create named "display sets" of various resolutions, and assign display sets to be used with particular applications. Shareware fee $9.

Trick Candles 1.0.0

Trick Candles is a simple puzzle game, also known as Lights Out or 5x5. Details can be found in the on-line help. It is a Hypercard stack, so requires either Hypercard or Hypercard Player. Freeware.

Version Finder 2.0

Version Finder is an application that maintains a database containing the current version numbers of all your Applications, Extensions, Control Panels, Drivers, etc. on your hard disk. You can quickly determine which version of a program you have by consulting the Version Finder data base. Shareware fee $15.

Wild Select 1.2

Wild Select is a contextual menu plugin for the Finder that allows you to select files from a Finder window or from the desktop given a wildcard pattern, as it has always been possible to do in UNIX, DOS, and other command-line based operating systems. Freeware.

WorldClock CSM 1.5.1

WorldClock CSM is a control strip module that displays the current time of the selected location. You can choose the location from the popup menu. 18 cities are available in the default setting. Freeware.


WormGuard™ is a system extension that actively protects you from the AutoStart 9805 worm (see below) whenever a volume is mounted or a file is accessed by any application. If the infection is found, it is automatically removed and you are notified of what happened via the MacOS Notification Manager. Freeware

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-------------------------------------------------What is the AutoStart worm? Info from MacFixit

A worm is an individual program which uses some other process to start it running and multiplying, unlike a virus which infects another program, adding itself to the code of other programs. The worms only affect PowerPC-based Macintoshes and compatibles running Mac OS. The most common means of infection (which can occur by simply mounting an infected HFS or HFS+ volume) requires that QuickTime 2.0 or later is active and that QuickTime's "Enable CD-ROM AutoPlay" option is enabled.

Symptoms: Your Macintosh or network may lock up and churn with unexplained disk activity every 3 minutes, 6 minutes, 10 minutes, or 30 minutes. You might also see the name of worm files such as "DB" or "Desktop Print Spooler" in the menu bar or listed as current processes, or you might notice damaged files, or an unexplained restart.

Prevention at a glance: Turn off "Enable CD-ROM AutoPlay" in the "QuickTime Settings" control panel. QuickTime 2.1 or earlier has no checkbox: either disable QuickTime or upgrade to a later version. This protection will fail if the setup is already infected, or is booted from a setup with an infected Extensions folder. Make regular backups. Use a commercial anti-virus program with current definitions.



Watch out for a file called 'MacOs8.5 Tips&Tricks' When you launch what seems to be a Teach Text file it starts deleting files from your hard drive. It looks like a TeachText file but is really an applescript. (Macintouch)


Tip O' the Month

From Your Shareware Team

Mac OS 8.x allows you to send messages between networked Macs. Here's how:

Open the File Sharing control panel and select the Activity Monitor tab. Hold down the Option key and double-click on the name (or names) of a connected user. Up pops a dialog box that reads, "Send message to selected users:" Type in your message and press Okay to send the message. On the remote Mac, an alert dialog box containing your message appears.

Not included on MacFixIt (and presumably the EvangeList) is that you can only send 199 characters at a time. - originally from EvangeList

From Chris Breen at MacTips:

If you have a problem with the mouse on an iMac, especially on games, you may need to install extra USB port software:

Plunk the iMac Install CD into the CD-ROM drive, open the CD Extras folder, open the iMac Game Controller Support folder, and drag the following files to the Extensions folder that can be found inside the System Folder:

Restart your iMac and everything should be hunky dory.



Mac basics we sometimes forget

Disk is unreadible? There is still hope! Try Disk First Aid! It comes on your installation CD (and maybe a boot disk you create), so you can always run it from another volume. If the unreadible disk is a floppy, even easier. Of course, in this case, eject the floppy, THEN start Disk First Aid, THEN insert the floppy. Disk First Aid may just be able to fix it. Let it first find the problems and then ask it to fix them. This is why you have to boot from another volume - DFA cannot fix the volume from which you boot.

Also check the floppy is physically usable. Gunk on the oxide surface is unrecoverable. But if it is just a bent shutter, and you can't bend it back right enough to read it, remove the shutter. The disk should still work. But copy the files to a new disk and toss the damaged one.

If you ever zap the PRAM (command-option-P-R at startup), you will lose your memory settings. Check especially the Disk Cache settings - default is 96K, but you want about 1Meg / 16 Meg RAM.

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Some more shortcut keys - this time for Netscape (version 3.x)(note where also works for 4.x)


toggle menu bar and bottom scroll bar


go to the Fish Cam


go to the White House page

control-option-L or -pagedn

hide vertical scroll bar, show horizontal scroll bar

& 4.x

control-option-K or -pageup

hide horizontal scroll bar, show vertical scroll bar

& 4.x


hide both scroll bars

& 4.x


show both scroll bars

& 4.x


refresh (not reload) browser window

pagedn, space, or command-downarrow

scroll down one screen

& 4.x

pageup, or command-uparrow

scroll up one screen

& 4.x


go to top of web page

& 4.x


go to bottom of web page

& 4.x


scroll down a line

& 4.x


scroll up a line

& 4.x

command-leftarrow or command-[

back to previous page

& 4.x

command-rightarrow or command-]

forward to next page

& 4.x



My choices, only, out of hundreds of items every month. Links below are either info about or actual downloads including commercial products, as well as shareware. These do NOT include beta releases. You might check out Version Tracker for more.
® means update to recently released DOM item. Wish we could catch them all....

APPLEapple icon

AppleShare IP 6.0 - LAN & Internet services for a Web, File, Mail, Print and FTP server

ColorSync 2.5.1 - provides new and enhanced features - for OS 7.6.1 or better

iMac Update 1.0 - improves the USB software for better device connectivity

QuickTime 3.0.2 - another silent update with no info posted and still being listed as 3.0

Anarchie Pro 3.0 - extensive file transfer utility allows resumable downloads & much more

Netscape Communicator / Navigator 128-bit 4.06 - strong encryption version for US & Canada

Casady & Greene Conflict Catcher 8.0.1 - fixes a glitch in the conflict testing of grouped items

File Buddy 4.3.6 - find info or edit attributes on files, folders or the Desktop

MacroMedia FreeHand 8.0.1 - enhanced Flash exporter, Photoshop & Illustrator compatibility...

Net-Print 8.0.9 - lets you print or save selected text from web pages - 40k

Dantz Retrospect 4.1 - shipping Oct. 1, backup software now with built-in Internet backups

Insignia SoftWindows 98 1.0 - now shiping, update coming this week for 95 to run Win98

Connectix Speed Doubler 8.1.1 - update to work with OS 8.5 & other improvements

Connectix Virtual PC 2.1.1 - Voodoo 2 support, selectable ethernet devices, joy sticks & more

Tiger Technologies Window Monkey 1.2.5 - allows a choice of background patterns in the Finder windows SMUG Navigation Bar

Andromeda Galaxy


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