October 2002

by Louis Bookbinder





This month's Free Sample Shareware is undetermined. See below for details. -------------------------------------------------

SMUG CD-ROM of the Quarter - Autumn 2002

The List:

Audio & Music
Collage 1.0 (Cls)
G-Force 2.2.1 (Cbn)
Harmony Assistant 8.1.3 (Cls)
Harmony Assistant X 8.1.3 (OSX)
iPod2iTunes 1.7b4 (OSX)
iTunes Publisher 2.8 (OSX)
Melody Assistant 6.1.3 (Cls)
Melody Assistant X 6.1.3 (OSX)
WhiteCap 4.2.1 (Cls)

Adium 1.6.2 (OSX)
Chimera 0.5 (OSX)
iSwipe 1.2b10 (Cls)
iSwipe X 1.0b10 (OSX)
Lynx 2.8.4 (Jag)
Mozilla 1.2a (OSX)
Pine 4.33 (OSX)
Pine 4.44 (Jag)
Qmail 1.0 (Jag)

Design & Graphics
Coloristic 1.5.1 (Cbn)
iView MediaPro 1.5.5 (Cbn)

CVS PServer 1.0 (OSX)
GNU XEmacs (OSX)

Fun and Games
Airburst 1.042 (Cbn)
Aleph One (Cls)
Aleph One Carbon (OSX)
Aleph One for Windows
Angband 2.9.2 (Cls)
BattleZone 0.7 (OSX)
pop-pop 1.0.1 (Cbn)

A-Dock 2.8.4 (Cls)
CandyBar 1.0.1 (OSX)
DragThing 4.5.1 (Cbn)
Glidel 5.2.6 (Cls)
Visage 1.2.4 (OSX)
With It 1.0.7 (Cls)
With It X 1.1.1 (OSX)
XFree86 4.2 (Jag)

Kitchen Sink
Anagrams 2.2 (Cbn)
Diet Sleuth 3.1.4 (Cls)
DockTemp 1.0.1 (Cls)
DockTemp 1.0.1 (OSX)
Earthbrowser 1.6.6 (Cbn)
Fresnel Diffraction Explorer 1.2.1 (Cls)
Muscle! 1.5.5 (OSX)
Solar System Sim 2.0.1 (Cls)

DivX 5.0a3 (Cbn)

BibDesk 0.80b (OSX)
iTexMac 1.2rc3 (OSX)
Jotz (OSX)
MTLibrarian 1.01 (OSX)
Notational Velocity 1.0.3 (OSX)
PDFCat 1.4 (OSX)
PDFCat 1.4 (Cls)
PostgreSQL 7.2.1 (OSX)
PostgreSQL 7.2.2 (Jag)
PostgreSQL Startup Item (Jag)
RestNow 1.1 (Cls)
RestNow 1.1 (OSX)

Color-LS 0.256 (OSX)
DesktopGear 1.0 (Cls)
Font Explorer X 1.0 (OSX)
FontBook 3.7 (Cls)
FontBook X 3.7 (OSX)
FontViewer 1.5 (Cbn)
GNU Privacy Guard 1.0.7r2 (OSX)
GPGMail 0.5.4 (OSX)
GPGMail 0.5.4 (Jag)
GPGPreferences 1.1.1 (OSX)
HiQual 1.1 (Cbn)
iChange 3.0.1 (Cls)
MacGhostView 2.6.1 (Cbn)
MuchoFileInfo 1.4 (Cls)
OSX UserTools 1.2 (OSX)
Ring On Time 1.1.3 (Cls)
SnapperHead 4.5.2 (Cbn)
Startup Syringe 1.0.2 (OSX)
SwapTop 1.8.2 (Cbn)
Text2IPod X 1.0 (OSX)
Unicode Font Info 1.1 (OSX)
Webmin 1.020 (OSX)
Xupport 1.1.5 (Jag)
Xupport 1.0 (OSX)

Stock Contents

GifBuilder 1.0 (Cls)
Goldberg 2.2 (Cbn)
Goldberg 2.2.1 Updater (Cbn)
Goldberg X 2.2.1 (OSX)
GraphicConverter 4.1 (68K)
GraphicConverter 4.4.4 (Cls) *
GraphicConverter 4.4.4 (Cbn) *
Jade 1.2 (Cls)

AOL Instant Messenger 4.3.1232 (Cls)
AOL Instant Messenger 4.5.853 (OSX) *
Better Telnet 2.0b4 (Cls)
Eudora 5.1.1 (Cls)
Eudora 5.1.1 (OSX)
Eudora Light 3.1.3 (Cls)
Fetch 4.0.2
iCab 2.8.2 (Cls) *
iCab X 2.8.2 (OSX) *
Interarchy 5.0.1 (Cbn)
Internet Explorer 5.1.6 (Cls) *
Internet Explorer 5.2.2 (OSX) *
MacSSH 2.1fc3 (68K)
MacSSH 2.1fc3 (Cls)
Mozilla 1.1 (Cls) *
Mozilla X 1.1 (OSX) *
MT-NewsWatcher 3.1 (Cls)
MT-NewsWatcher 3.2 (OSX)
Netscape Communicator? 4.8 (Cls) *
Netscape Communicator? 7.0 (Cls) *
Netscape Communicator? 7.0 (OSX) *
Netscape MRJ Plugin 1.0b5 (Cls)
Netscape MRJ Plugin 1.0 (OSX)
Niftytelnet SSH 1.1r3 (Cls)
NiftyTelnet 1.1 FAT (Cls)
OmniWeb 4.1.1 (OSX) *
Opera 6.0b1 (Cbn) *
Outlook Express 5.0.3 (Cls)
RealOne Player 9.0 (OSX) *
RealPlayer 8 6.0 (Cls)
Windows Media Player 7.1.2 (Cls)
Windows Media Player X 7.1.3 (OSX)

BBEdit Lite 6.1.2 (Cbn & Cls)
BBTidy 1.0b9
DarkSide of the Mac 5.0.6 (Cls)
Extension Overload 5.9.9 (Cls) *
MacTracker 1.7.2 (Cls) *
MacTracker X 1.7.3 (OSX) *
Mariner LE 3.1.4 (Cls)
MP3 Rage 5.3 (Cbn) *
SoundApp 2.7.3 (68K)
SoundApp 2.7.3 (Cls)
SoundJam MP Free 2.5.3 (Cls)
Tex-Edit Plus 4.1.3 (Cls) *
Tex-Edit Plus X 4.3.1b1 (OSX) *
textSOAP 3.1.5 (Cbn)

Acrobat Reader 3.0 (68K)
Acrobat Reader 5.0.5 (Cbn)
ADBProbe 1.0.3 (Cls)
Aladdin DropStuff 6.0.1
Aladdin Expander? 6.0.1
Andrew's Disk Copy Scripts 2.1.1
AntiWordService 1.0.1 (OSX) *
Default Folder 3.1.4 (Cls)
Default Folder X 1.6.3 (OSX) *
FinderPop 1.9.2 (Cls)
PopChar Lite 2.7.2 (Cls)
PrintToPDF 2.4.4 (Cls) *
SCSIProbe 5.2 (Cls)
ShrinkWrap? 2.1 (Cls)
Sleeper 3.5 (Cls)
Snitch 2.6.5 (Cls)
Snitch 2.6.6 Updater (Cls)
TechTool Lite 3.0.4 (Cls) *
TinkerTool 2.31 (OSX) *

Apple Contents
Carbonlib 1.0.4
Carbonlib 1.6
Disc Burner 1.0.1
Disk Copy 6.3.3
Disk Copy Scripts 6.3
HyperCard Player 2.4.1
iMovie Update 2.1.1
iMovie 2.1 OSX
MRJ 2.2.5
OpenGL 1.2.1
ResEdit 2.1.3

* New or updated since the previous CDOQ


October Demo by David Aston

Airburst 1.042
To play Airburst, players wore a high altitude suit, along with a customised helmet, and sat on their Floater, a large hydrogen filled ball (gyroscopically stabilised of course) surrounded by their shield balloons. These shield balloons are also filled with hydrogen, but have much thinner skins, so can be burst by small mines, cluster bombs and the recently discovered high altitude woodpecker. Requires OS 8.6+ with CarbonLib or OS X 10.0+. $5.

Aleph One
Here are some of the features of Aleph One, an open-source improvement on the Marathon 2 Engine:

Essentially full Marathon 2 and Infinity compatibility. However, Marathon 2 shapes and sounds files must be given Marathon Infinity filetypes ('shp°' and 'snd°').

Essentially complete success in lifting resource limits; many of them have been elimiated. However, taking full advantage of that may require increasing A1's partition size.

Implementation of OpenGL-using 3D-accelerated graphics, including support for 3D models. However, taking full advantage of that is likely to require increasing A1's partition size, especially if one has loaded a lot of substitute textures or models.

Requires OS X 10.1 or Mac OS 8.1+. Free.

Anagrams 2.2
Anagrams makes it fun and easy to find interesting anagrams for a given name or phrase. See the "Hall of Fame" file for lots of good examples. Be sure to read the Handy Hints topic in the Help menu. Requires OS X 10.1 or OS 8.6+. $20.

CandyBar 1.0.1
CandyBar is a simple, easy, and fun way to customize your icons under Mac OS! You can use CandyBar to change a heap of standard system icons &emdash; get a shiny new trashcan, make "your computer" actually look like your computer, remodel your "Home", and much more! Requires OS X 10.2. Free.

Chimera 0.5.0
Chimera is a browser for Mac OS X that has a Cocoa user interface, and embeds the Gecko layout engine. It is intended to be a simple, small and fast browser for Mac OS X. Chimera is still in the beta stage of its development. It is stable enough to use day-to-day, but you may still encounter bugs. You should always keep backup copies of important data that you use with Chimera (e.g. your bookmarks file). Requires OS X 10.1+. Free.

MTLibrarian 1.01
MTLibrarian is a text indexing and retrieval application inspired by the NeXT Digital Librarian application which shipped with NeXT computers and the NeXTSTEP operating system. While this application is still in active development we invite you to try this alpha release. Requires OS X 10.1+. Free.

Notational Velocity 1.0.3
Notational Velocity is an application that stores and retrieves notes. It has the following singular combination of features: The same area is used for both searching for existing notes and entering the description of a new note. In conformance to the duality of purpose of the search/description area, typing the beginning of the description of an existing note will trigger the "auto-completion" of that description. Furthermore, Notational Velocity has no "save" command; all changes made to an existing note take effect immediately. Finally, while Notational Velocity secures its database via the 128-bit International Data Encryption Algorithm (IDEA), it provides the option of securing one's password in the Mac OS Keychain, thereby saving the user the trouble of entering it at every application launch. Requires OS X 10.1+. Free.

SnapperHead 4.5.2
SnapperHead is a handy little app that sends screenshots to people who enter your IP address into a web browser. Simply launch SnapperHead™, then send a friend your IP address (it is shown on the SnapperHead™ window under "Snaps Served"). When they type that Internet address into the location field of a web browser (you know, where you usually type in ""), they will be sent, as an image in their browser, a picture of your screen. That's all there is to it! Requires OS 8.1+ with CarbonLib or OS X 10.0+. Free.


NEW PRODUCT RELEASES 08/19 thru 09/20

My choices, only, out of hundreds of items every month. Drop me a note for YOUR favorite. Not listed are important monthly updates for anti-virus software: McAfee, Norton, VirusBarrier, Virex. You might check out Version Tracker for more.
® means update to recently released CDOQ item. Wish we could catch them all....

APPLEapple icon

Remote Desktop 1.1 - Remote control to manage Macs

BBEdit 6.5.3 - Popular HTML & text editing tool

Metrowerks CodeWarrior Pro 8.2 - App development environment

DragThing 4.5.1 - Launcher palette for files, folders, disks, servers and URLs

File Buddy 7.2.3 - Extensive desktop & file/folder editing & task tool

Goldberg 2.3 - Image & movie viewer with some image editing capabilities

Adobe GoLive 6.0.1 - Web authoring/site management tool

iCab 2.8.2 - Lean, popular alternative Web browser

Adobe Illustrator 10.0.3 - Popular vector graphics creation app

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.1.6 - Popular Web browser

Mozilla 1.1 -'s next generation Web browser

Netscape 7.0 - Next generation web browser

PrintToPDF 2.4.3 - Creates simple PDF files from any app

StuffIt Deluxe 7.0 - Comprehensive archiving tool

StuffIt Expander 7.0 - Expands most file archives downloaded from the net

TechTool Lite 3.0.4 - Basic system troubleshooting utility

textSOAP 3.2.1 - Intelligent text filters to clean up text & email formatting

Mariner Write 3.0.1 - Powerful word processor SMUG Navigation Bar


Andromeda Galaxy


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