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November 1997

by Louis Bookbinder

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This month's Free Sample Shareware is no longer available.-------------------------------------------------

SMUG November '97 Disk of the Month

Assembled by Owen Saxton

BlackWatch 1.0
Why another screen saver? Because none of the screen savers that I've tried did just what I (the author) wanted. The feature-packed screen savers tend to want plenty of resources and patch a lot of traps in order to work, while the bare-bones screen savers don't provide the ability to lock your screen with password access. BlackWatch solves these problems. It's small, quick, simple, compatible, and free. Freeware.

Blizzard 2.1
Blizzard is a simple After Dark™ screen saver module that blows flakes around your screen. Freeware.

CD Coyote 2.1.1
CD Coyote is a program for CD-ROM drive users who listen to audio CD's and have written disc information to CD Remote DA or AppleCD Audio Player. With CD Coyote you can edit the information saved by the CD player, add new CD information, merge many CD information files into one, and copy the information to a text file, among other things. Freeware.

CDFinder 1.5.1
This easy-to-use and fast application creates catalog files of CD-ROMs, hard disks, floppies, ZIPs and almost everything that spins. Using the powerful search functions you can easily locate and display any files or folders that have been catalogued. Shareware fee $15.

Chronomenon 1.0.1
Chronomenon is a software alarm clock and timer which can crow, speak, and play QuickTime movies when its alarm goes off. That means you have a choice of three alarms and can have one, two, or all three alarms sound at once! Chronomenon runs in the background and always displays the current time, so it can be used as just a clock also. Shareware fee $1.

Control PPP 2.0
Control PPP is the original and best control strip module for all you road warriors. It lets you connect or disconnect PPP and open the TCP and PPP control panels. It also indicates whether PPP is open or not by a mere glance at its icon and, by popular demand, now records the time you spend online, shows your IP address and activity, and lets you switch between saved configurations. Shareware fee $10.

EasyFractPPC 1.1
EasyFractPPC is a program for PowerMac which generates a fractal (the Mandelbrot set), and lets you zoom in as you want, and where you want. It is incredibly fast (less than a second to draw a 600*400 fractal using a PowerMac 7200/75) because it is highly optimized for graphics and math, and is very easy to use. Shareware fee $12.

Ephemerid 1.1.2
Ephemerid provides the user with a simple and fast way of displaying the current date and time in a pop-up window. It is specially useful when the screen monitor has a low resolution and the menu bar is almost full, causing the system to be unable to show the clock to the left of the help menu icon. Freeware.

Finder View Settings 1.0.1
Finder View Settings makes it much easier to manage the new MacOS 8 folder-specific view settings. It can globally override all of your folder-specific view settings, making MacOS 8 behave more like System 7, or easily change the requested view settings for single folders or entire disks. Shareware fee $10.

FinderPop 1.0
FinderPop adds a submenu to the MacOS 8 Finder's Contextual Menus. This submenu behaves somewhat like the Apple Menu in that its contents are taken from a special "FinderPop Items" folder; you can add aliases of applications, servers, folders, etc., to this folder and they'll appear in the FinderPop menu. Selecting a menu item is equivalent to launching the corresponding item in the "FinderPop Items" folder. Additionally, if you have something selected in the Finder and you choose an application from the FinderPop menu, the application will be told to open the items selected in the Finder. Freeware.

German's Patterns v2.0
This is my second release of Patterns for the Mac. Crazy patterns, old style patterns, etc. As you may know, you can use this patterns for your Mac, or as your Web pages backgrounds. They work in the system 7.5.5 control panel, but haven't been tried under System 8. Freeware.

GoMac 1.4
GoMac rather obviously imitates the look and behavior of the task bar in Windows 95. It was designed to be as intuitive and user friendly as possible: in general, buttons and menus do exactly what you would expect them to do. Shareware fee $20.

Guillotine 1.0a5
Guillotine is a drop box that "decapitates" those ugly all caps DOS-like filenames. Just drop the offending files/folders on it, and the names will become all lowercase with the first letter of each word capitalized. Guillotine processes the complete contents of dropped folders. Freeware.

InCDius 1.0
InCDius is a utility, written in Java, which is designed to download disc and track titles from an Internet database (cddb). Once downloaded and saved into the AppleCD Audio Player's preference file, this information will be available for your favorite CD player to display. The cddb does not have every CD ever made, but it is fairly good. Requires Mac Runtime for Java. Freeware.

InternetConfig 1.4
The Internet Configuration System was designed to make your life easier by reducing the number of times which you need to enter your Internet preferences into the various preferences windows of all your Internet applications. This is the latest version of this very useful application. Freeware.

Look Mom, No Hands! 1.2
Annoyed at pressing the Control key to open Contextual Menus? "Look Mom, No Hands!" lets you open Contextual Menus by just holding down the mouse button, keeping your other hand free for the coffee cup. This handy shareware program requires less than 10K of RAM, installs in less than a minute, and is definitely a must-have for every Mac OS 8 lover! Shareware fee $9.

Mac-FTP-list 4.3.0
The Mac-FTP-list lists over 200 mac anonymous ftp sites (some with notes), over 75 Mac web pages, and contains some instructions on how to use anonymous ftp and find files as well a format chart showing which programs decompress and decode which files. Also there is a section on how to use certain files. Freeware.

MacDoc 1.2
MacDoc is a powerful tool for creating standard or stand-alone documents (also called: self-reading, portable or autonomous documents) from existing documents and with almost any application. A stand-alone MacDocument can be read and printed without the original application it was created from. Therefore, MacDoc is ideal for creating and distributing any kind of electronic documentation, for archiving, for making a snapshot from a web page or just for creating a print preview. Shareware fee $30.

MACOS8 CMM Expansion Pack
The OS8 CMM Expansion Pack was written to expand the functionality of the MacOS8 contextual menu which is acessed by holding down the control key while clicking on anything in the OS8 Finder. Two plugins are provided, Finder Info 1.0 and Set Custom Icon 1.1. Additionally, the pack includes a small utility, Visibility 1.0. The Set Custom Icon plugin lets you quickly and easily change custom icons on files, folders, applications and drives. The Finder Info plugin is likely to be of more interest to programmers as it allows you to toggle the Finder information bits such as the Invisible and Custom Icon bits. Visibility lets you select invisible files or folders and make them visible. Shareware fee $10.

Menu Tasker
Menu Tasker patches two OS Traps at startup, and enables processing to continue while you are searching through those endless menus, or dragging windows. One caveat, processing only continues in background applications, the foreground application will not receive any time. Freeware.

Pattern Wrap
Pattern Wrap is an After Dark™ screen saver module that simply takes the current desktop pattern, fills the entire screen with it, and rotates it (not a color rotation) across the screen. The horizontal and vertical speeds can be changed. Freeware.

SimpleText Color Menu 3.1
SimpleText Color Menu is a cool drag & drop utility that installs an extra cool Color menu and an extra useful Goodies menu inside Apple's SimpleText text editor (versions 1.1, 1.1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.3.1, 1.3.3 and 1.4 only). This is the latest version of this useful program. Shareware fee $10.

TaskMaster 1.1
Have you ever wanted to run certain programs or perform certain tasks at a certain time of the day or night? Have you ever wanted to perform tasks on a regular basis such as once a day, or even every few minutes? Do you believe that, up until now, you needed to be a programmer to set these kinds of things up and all you really want to do is use the computer? If you answered yes to all of these then TaskMaster is for you. Adding task schedules in TaskMaster is easier than setting your VCR. Shareware fee $20.

Warp Factor 2.0
Warp Factor is a simple After Dark™ screen saver module that simulates a warping star field. Engage! Freeware.

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Background printing to HP printers under MacOS 8 prevents printing. New HP printer drivers are needed. Meanwhile, turn off background printing. I see also that some Apple Stylewriters have the same problem.


Tip O' the Month

From Your Shareware Team

You are running a QuickTime movie, and you want to turn the sound off. You can grab the sound slider and drag to the bottom, or just Option-click the sound slider. To make it EXTRA loud, hold down shift, and push the slider to the top. THAT should wake someone up!

Just so you know: Steve Wilhite, the creator of GIF (Graphic Interchange Format), always pronounced it "jiff" and would correct those who pronounced it with a hard G. "Choosy developers choose GIF" (spinning off of a historically popular peanut butter commercial).

The invisible bit does just what it's name implies - makes its file invisible. So once you've done that, how will you find it again? Easy: go into Find File, hold down the option key, and click on the selection type (usually has NAME in it). Down at the bottom is VISIBILITY. Select that, and find files whose visibility is - need we say - invisible. The results window will have all the invisible files in the folder or volume designated.



Mac basics we sometimes forget

Things you can do while dragging:

  1. Click and drag to a new folder - moves the item
  2. Click and drag to a new volume - copies the item
  3. Option-click and drag - copies the item
  4. Option-Command-click and drag - creates an alias in the new location
  5. Control-click - opens the contextual menu to ask what you want to do (MacOS 8)(if you drag before the contextual menu pops up, you move the item)
  6. You can do these to any number of items in a single folder: select one, hold down shift while you select others (or drag a selection rectangle across them all), then drag any one of them as above.

Seven things to do to make software installation better:

  1. Read the readme! Almost all software (even freeware) comes with a manual or readme or other document. Take the time. A few minutes here could save hours of anguish, later. This habit of reading the manuals FIRST distinguishes experts from amatures!
  2. Devise a backout plan. How fast can you remove the new software? All of it?
  3. Run Disk First Aid, or Norton Disk Doctor, or something to check your system is not having problems. If you are having problems and install new software, results are unpredictable.
  4. Run a virus check on the software BEFORE you run it.
  5. Backup your system. If you don't do this daily, Now is the time!
  6. Install with extensions off. Not always necessary, but why play with fire?
  7. Keep a log! Two weeks later, when things go to hell, can you go back and see what you installed, when?

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My choices, only, out of hundreds of items every month. Includes commercial products, not just shareware. These do NOT include beta releases. You might check out Version Tracker for more.
® means update to recently released DOM item

APPLEapple icon

Apple Drive Setup 1.3.1 - formatting software for Apple hard drives

Better Telnet 1.2 - better than NCSA telnet

Macromedia Director 6.0.1 (which disappeared 2 days after it was offered)(but now it's back)

DragAnyWindow 4.2.1 - lets you move any kind of window

File Buddy 4.3

Claris FileMaker Pro 4.0 - now being shipped to customers, at least from MacWarehouse

Guru 2.5.2 - info on every possible RAM and VRAM upgrade for every Mac & Clone

Internet Config 1.4 - stores internet preferences in 1 location so other internet apps can use them - FEATURED IN THIS MONTH'S DISKS

Look Mom, No Hands 1.5 - open contextual menus without the control key - FEATURED IN THIS MONTH'S DISKS

Mailstrom 2.0.4 - IMAP mail client

MicNotePadLite 4.1.4 - now with Voice Activation!

Myrmidon 2.0 - now out of beta

Navigator Button Editor 1.3.2 - customizes Navigator buttons or Communicator Guide menu

Adobe PageMaker 6.5 - PostScript Printing Files Update fixes two printing problems

Connectix Ram Doubler 2.0.2 - when did this come out?!!

SimpleText Color Menu 3.1 - adds useful features to SimpleText - FEATURED IN THIS MONTH'S DISKS

Smart Scroll 3.0 - makes scroll tab proportional to percent of file in window

Connectix Speed Doubler 8.0 - now shipping

Spellswell Plus & 7 2.1.3 - spell check that comes with Eudora

MicroMat TechTool Pro 1.0.5 - premiere trouble-solving utility now works with OS 8

Connectix Virtual PC 1.0.1 - update for their Pentium MMX PC software emulator

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