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May 1998

by Louis Bookbinder


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This month's Free Sample Shareware is no longer available. See latest column. -------------------------------------------------

SMUG May '98 Disk of the Month

Assembled by Owen Saxton

Alias Repair 1.0

Alias Repair is a system extension that handles "broken" aliases. When the target of an alias cannot be found, it presents options for dealing with the situation, including ignoring it, deleting the alias or attaching it to another file. Freeware.

AMICO 2.1.1

AMICO (Apple Menu Items Custom Order) is a system extension utility for the Apple Menu. It simply lets you change the order of the items that appear in the Apple Menu, in a very easy way. In addition, you can insert divider lines to group related items together. Shareware fee $10.

BBEdit Lite 4.1

BBEdit Lite 4.1 is a freeware derivative of BBEdit 4.5, the popular and critically acclaimed text and HTML editor for Web authors, programmers, online-service users, and anyone else who needs to edit plain-text files. This version contains many improvements over version 3, including Balloon Help, full native Power PC code, Drag and Drop support and various performance enhancements. Freeware.

CalcWorks 1.5.3

CalcWorks is a full-featured replacement for Apple's standard Calculator DA. It features a complete set of scientific functions with adjustable display formatting, as well as complete binary math functions with calculations and display in binary, octal, decimal and hexadecimal. Shareware fee $20.

DaemonCron Lite 1.0

This small daemon plays sounds, and will launch applications (including AppleScript applets) on any schedule you set. Possible uses include screaming clocks, counted quarter-hour chimes (e.g., three backward bongs at :15 after, one backward bong at :45 after), nagging yourself (via AppleScripts), launching Netscape at 3 A.M. to drive your cat nuts, etc, etc. Requires ResEdit for setting up its schedule. Freeware (for private use).

DeskPictRotator 1.3

DeskPictRotator is an AppleScript that works with the desktop picture feature of MacOS 8 to periodically randomly set your desktop picture during a session. When run for the first time, the script will prompt you for a folder containing the pictures you wish to use for your desktop. Freeware.

Desktop Resetter 1.0

Desktop Resetter remembers the positions of the icons on your desktop, and restores them upon request. This is useful if you change your monitor resolution, accidently clean up your desktop or let novices mess with your computer. Shareware fee $10.

Disk Charmer 3.1.2

Disk Charmer lets you perform a number of tasks with disks, including quick erasure of any kind of disk, setting the minimum allocation block size with the new (in OS 8.1) extended disk format, creating oversize disks by reducing the catalog size, and copying and verifying floppy disks. This version fixes a disk corruption problem with OS 8.1. Shareware fee $10.

Download Deputy PPC 3.0.1

Download Deputy lets you create lists of remote files that will be downloaded in a batch at a later time. This is useful as it allows you to be doing other things without babysitting your Macintosh through a series of downloads. Shareware fee $21.

Finder 8.1 Menu Patch

This little program modifies the Finder so the "Empty Trash" menu item acquires command-T as a shortcut. Freeware.

IliCon HD & Trash Icons

This set of icons contains 61 items: Hard Disk icons with their matching Trash icons in six different color in four groups, Plain, Technoish, Glassy and Other. They are good for hard disk partitions or stand alone. Freeware.

Internet Launcher 1.0

Internet Launcher is a replacement for the Apple "Connect To..." program bundled with Mac OS 8.0. Internet Launcher improves performance (it interfaces directly with Internet Config) and provides the option to create an Internet Shortcut, i.e. a double-clickable document that will automatically launch a URL without having to enter it over and over again. Freeware.

Jot-A-Lot 1.0

Jot-A-Lot is a program for storing small pieces of information, jots. It is supposed to be a replacement for all those small notes with scribbles that litter most peoples' desktops. Jot-A-Lot allows you to store any number of jots at the same convenient place and retrieve them with a fast free text search. Shareware fee $5.

Mousigator 0.5.5

Mousigator is a software package (a system extension and a control panel) that lets you focus windows, i.e. make them active, by simply moving the mouse to the window, so you don't have to click in it. It's an alternative way to navigate through your open windows. After using it for awhile you may find it hard to go back to the old way of clicking. Shareware fee $15.

People Lister 1.0.1

People Lister is an easy-to-use addressbook that helps you remember everything about the people you know: phone numbers, birthdays, email addresses, or anything else. It automatically reminds you when someone has a birthday coming up, so you'll never forget a birthday again! People Lister also makes it easy to send email to anyone. What-you-want-ware.

SimHolePunch 1.0

SimHolePunch is a hole punch simulator. Postcard-ware.

SimPiglet 1.1

SimPiglet simulates the sounds of a pot-bellied pig. Freeware.

SuperSleek 1.0

SuperSleek™ brings to you, one mouse click away, many hidden features in Eudora that will make you a true electronic mail power user. It will not add message processng capabilities, nor will show up in your Edit/Message Plugins menu. Instead, it will add new option screens to the Special/Settings menu dialog in your copy of Eudora, which will allow you to customize the application's behavior to suit your personal taste and needs. Donation-ware.

Teflon 2.2

Mac OS 8 introduced a new feature called "sticky menus," where the menus stay down after the user clicks in the menu bar or on a pop-up menu. Teflon is a control panel which is designed to disable or adjust this dubious "feature." Additionally, it includes an option to have menus automatically open whenever the mouse pointer is over the menu bar, with no clicking required. Freeware.

Wapp 1.1

Wapp is a system extension that adds a menu to the menu bar that provides a list of the windows of the current application, and a list of all the other applications running. What-you-want-ware.

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I can't IMAGINE why......! Micro$oft sells Office 98 with an uninstaller, Remove Office 98 Utility. That's nice. The uninstaller also trashes the System Folder.

It does WHAT!!!!!!????? That's right! Fortunately, there is a fix: Microsoft Remove Office 98 Utility vsn 1.1. The URL is you can merely move the Microsoft Office 98 library file out of the System Folder into a folder called Microsoft Office 98. Micro$oft's penchant for naming everything the same is..... interesting.


Tip O' the Month

From Your Shareware Team

One thing that MSIE does that is quite good is save the whole, text and all. Netscape will not do it. But some shareware items let you do it, too. And Netscape is not brain-dead. Since its mail client is well-integrated with it, you can send web pages in HTML format and when you get such pages, Netscape opens a window for them.



Mac basics we sometimes forget

A reminder of the power of preference files: If you try to open them, you don't - you open the application which uses them. This can be quite useful if your application does not need these preferences to actually be in the Preference folder in the System folder. Two good examples are the Netscape options and the Eudora settings. (Netscape options are in the Netscape folder INSIDE the Preference folder!). If you make several such preference files, each can launch the parent application - WITH SEPARATE SETTINGS! This means you can make aliases to them to put in the Apple Menu, and use each one to launch the application with the settings you want. You don't have to change them each time. Amazing! On my mac, for instance, I have 4 settings files for Eudora, two for me with different dial-ups and such, and two for my family (their own mailboxes, also).

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My choices, only, out of hundreds of items every month. Links below are either info about or actual downloads including commercial products, as well as shareware. These do NOT include beta releases. You might check out Version Tracker for more.
® means update to recently released DOM item. Wish we could catch them all....

APPLEapple icon

AppleShare Client 3.7.4 - (included with OS 8.1) - for OS 7.5.3 & OT 1.1.2 or greater

QuickTime 3.0 - includes: MoviePlayer, VR, browser plug-in, MPEG, QuickDraw 3D & more

Disk Charmer 3.1.2 - background format floppies & other media to a higher capacity, HFS+ compatible

DragAnyWindow 4.3 - move any kind of window, dialogs, alerts, open/save...

Aladdin DropStuff 4.5 - creates .sit or .hqx files & universal file expander or decoder

GraphicConverter 3.2.1 - for picture image editing and format conversions

Binary KeyQuencer Lite 2.5 - powerful macro utility that lets you automate repetitive tasks

Kineticon 1.1.3 - allows the use & creation of animated desktop icons

Blueworld Lasso 2.5.1 - dynamic web data serving tool that Web & Java enables FileMaker Pro

MT-NewsWatcher 2.4.4 - Usenet news group client with multi-threading & sophisticated filtering

Netscape Communicator & Navigator 128-bit 4.05 - strong encryption version for US & Canadian users

Symantec's Norton Utilities for Mac 3.5.2 - MacOS 8 compatible, but not yet for HFS+

Realmz 5.1 - fantasy action adventure game

MacroMedia Shockwave r7 - client to view shockwave animations & interactions

SimpleText Color Menu 3.4 - greatly enhances SimpleText

St. Clair Sleeper 3.0.2 - allows disks and monitors to sleep on any Mac model to save energy

Insignia SoftWindows95 5.0.3 - Windows95 emulation software

MicroMat TechTool 1.1.7 - analyze system for damage, lists info about the Mac, easily zap PRAM & rebuild desktop

MicroMat TechTool Pro 2.0.2 - HFS+ compatible hard drive repair & hardware diagnostics

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