March 1999

by Louis Bookbinder





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SMUG March '99 Disk of the Month

Assembled by Henry Polard

MacHeads Bookmarks1.3

A list of Mac-related bookmarks. Now you too can be a MacHead without the muss and fuss of visiting all those sites to bookmark them. And NO hassles having the SAME set of BOOKMARKS for different browsers. The file will work with NetScape Navigator 3.0+ and Communicator 4.0+, and Cyberdog, all major browsers EXCEPT Internet Explorer. $3

However, we took care of that, too!:

MacHeads Bookmarks for IE 1.8

This is the Internet Explorer version of MacHeads Bookmarks. And there are approximately 1500+ Apple and Apple related sites included here. Just about every Apple site and most of the major Apple friendly's (MacWorld, C/Net, MacWEEK, etc.) sites are here. There's a "must be seen to be believed" tech companies listing. Just about every category of Internet surfing ALA Macintosh is in here. Also included (but not in the 1500 count) is the standard IE Favorites list. If you prefer the folders and names that come with IE, keep those folders you like but transfer the MacHead bookmarks into them and discard the MH folders. If you have these already, simply delete those folders after importing. $10

Navi iRae 1.5.2 for OS 8.5

This version is OS 8.5 specific. If you're using OS 8.0 or 8.1, you should use Navi iRae 1.2.5. Navi iRae lets you display the file's path of a document when you click and hold in the title of the document's window. It is an extension of the command+clic in a Finder's window. And Navi iRae displays also some information about the file, like size, date of creation and modification... $5

People book 2.1.4 68K and People book 2.1.4 PPC

people book is a free contact manager for everybody who thinks that most other contact managers are packed with too many features most people don't use anyway, and for everybody who wants it all in one window. People book is easy to use, has a clear interface and is absolutely mac-friendly. Free.

PictPocket 1.3.2

Here's a different kind of screen capture utility, great for people who need to build a lot of window pictures into their documents, but don't want to waste a lot of storage. PictPocket "picks the pocket" of applications as they draw their windows, not after they have been drawn. This difference allows it to place in the Clipboard a 'PICT' which represents the actual elements drawn, rather than a bitmap (raster) image. (You choose whether or not to include the window frame.) Not only is a PictPocket 'PICT' smaller than a bitmap 'PICT', and not proportional in size to the depth of color, but you retain the ability to edit the picture later, using an application such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. Change text, colors, position of elements, whatever! If you need a blow-up of the picture, just change the Page Setup scaling factor, and it will still print perfectly, with no bitmap "jaggies." Free

The Musician 3.0.0

The Musician plays files having type 'WAVE','AIFF', 'AIFC', '.WAV', 'Midi','ULAW', 'sfil', 'BINA', sounds inside Movies ('MooV'), CD Audio tracks ('trak') and plays 'snd ' resources inside any file! But the strength of The Musician is its scanning ability: it may explore your HDs, CDs, folders, diskettes, files, searching for sounds to play. Drag your disks onto The Musician then continuing your normal work: The Musician will play, asynchronously and in background, any such sound file it finds. You can set The Musician to play any sound immediately or after your consent, in this last case, whenever it finds 'snd ' resources inside a file, it also tells you how many sounds the file contains. In addition you may instruct The Musician to collect aliases of sound files, while it's playing, so you may enjoy them, when you want, without perform another search. The main window has a simple bar that meters the input level of the microphone, you may disable the bar through the preferences. And, last of all, The Musician can show a QuickTime* keyboard (for your fun!) and you can record new sounds in 'sfil' or 'AIFF' format. The Musician is Internet Config, Drag Manager and Navigation Manager aware, and Appearance savvy. It requires at least System 7 to run and uses QuickTime* to play some kind of files. $10

Version Finder 2.3

Version Finder is a Mac OS Application that keeps track of the current version numbers of all your Applications, Extensions, Control Panels, Drivers, etc. on your hard disk. You can quickly determine which version of a program you have by consulting Version Finder. If you have internet access and a web browser, you can use Version Finder to help search various internet sites for possible updates to your files. If you have MacOS 8.5 or later, Version Finder can use Sherlock to help find items on the internet.

Version Finder has many other useful features such as the ability to display the full pathname of items in its list, open Finder "Get Info" windows for any of the items in its list, open the folder containing an item in the list, and launch any item in the list. You can also restrict the display to show only duplicate items, which can aid in cleaning up duplicates on your disks. $15

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Uncle SMUG needs YOU!!:

You may not know, but the distant ancestor of this club was the Home Brew Computer Club, famous as the birthplace of the personal computer revolution. Really. The idea behind it was that everyone in the club played around with their equipment and when they figured out how to do something cool, they brought it to the club and showed it off. Once some guy named Steve brought a box to the club which was a complete, working computer! It didn't do much, but another Steve joined him to produce about 50 of the things and sold them to club members,.... and Apple was born.

We are not hobbyists anymore. We now are mostly serious users. But this is still a club and this should still be fun and the more we share the more fun it can be. Why not think of the things you are really good at on your Mac? Some of them you must have spent years learning. Or maybe you just learned to use some really cool software. You may find it hard to believe, but the rest of us do not have the same skills you do, and we would like to learn from you! Would you like to take 5 minutes and show it to us at a SMUG meeting?

Here is how easy it will be: Think of something you might want to show. Spend a few minutes thinking about how to show it, what features in particular you want to show off. Then send me a note. If we both see that this might be cool to demo, I will help you put together everything you need and present it at a meeting. Can't be much easier than that!

Likewise, if you always wanted to know how todo something, but nobody ever could show you, send me a note, and I will try to find out who does, and help set up a demo. Lets make this a real sharing club again, not just a monthly sideshow. ------Louis Bookbinder , <>



Our esteemed newsletter editor sent some mail to Phil Geller who discovered a Word Macro Virus. Lorrie had no idea! But a couple of conclusions came from this. 1) Get some commercial virus software which can check your files AS SOON AS THEY ARE CREATED IN YOUR SYSTEM. That way you know about the virus before you have a chance to activate it and really screw things up. 2) Even benign viruses can be damaging: they infect things, they eat up disk, and, most importantly, they destroy the trust other people have in you when you send them infected files.


Tip O' the Month

From Your Shareware Team

If you have a really fast web connection, this tip is of no use to you. If you have a slow one, you might get annoyed at how often you follow a link only to find out the page is of no interest, then have to wait while reloading the page to which you return. And then maybe it happens again. Grrrrrrr! Well, don't abandon that hard-earned page if you will want to go back to it. Just keep it around and open a new window for the new page. It is really simple - click on the link and hold it down - don't let go. Soon a small menu pops up with several options, one of which is to open the page in a new window. When you decide the new page is of no further interest, just close the window. Also, if the page loads very slowly, you can flip its parent page to the front in the meanwhile, and look around for something else interesting. The other page will keep loading.

A brief note: Netscape Navigator is really poor at rendering tables within tables. Web pages with stock market information often have such tables - use Internet Explorer for these - much faster.

Warned you before, but saw this again: Internet Explorer 4.5 installs version 1.1.1 of the Quicktime plugin, so if you've using a later version, be sure to replace the file in your new plug-ins folder. Its a good idea to find out all that a software installer is installing, BEFORE you install it. After may be too late.

Here's something cool to do with pop-up windows in Mac OS 8. Create a folder, and fill it with aliases for all the applications to which you drag and drop files. View the folder's contents by small icon, have it stay arranged by name, resize the folder to be just wide enough for a single column,and make it a pop-up window. Now, when you need to drag and drop a file, just drag it over to the tab, hold it there for a second, and the folder will slide open. Drop the file onto the appropriate application, and the folder will slide closed, and the application will launch, opening your file. -MacAddict



Mac basics we sometimes forget

We mentioned at the last meeting that you can clip text out of web pages. Sometimes, however, the text you want to grab covers more than one screen's worth. You may find that you click on the top and drag to the bottom and the window does not scroll down! Now what? Easy - let go. Now, use the scroll bar to get to the bottom of the text you want. Hold down the shift key. Click on the end. Now you have it all!

Do your desktop icons disappear when you open an application window? Annoying, isn't it? But this is NOT a bug. Open your General Controls control panel and check "Show desktop when in background". Now your icons will stick around.

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My choices, only, out of hundreds of items every month. Drop me a note for YOUR favorite. Links below are either info about or actual downloads, and include commercial products, as well as shareware. These do NOT include demos or beta releases. You might check out Version Tracker for more.
® means update to recently released DOM item. Wish we could catch them all....

APPLEapple icon

ClarisWorks 5.0.3 - changes the branding and look of ClarisWorks to AppleWorks

PowerBook G3 Series Modem extension 1.0.2 - power management fix

AutoCat 2.1 - catalogs all removable volumes, navigate catalog thru Finder open-save boxes ®

BareBones BBEdit 5.0.2 - text and HTML editor now with several new fixes & enhancements - 2.0M

BigPicture 4.1 - image: viewing, cataloging, presentation & printing software ®

Extension Overload 3.3 - explains extensions, control panels, error codes from OS 7-8.5

Extensions Strip 1.9.1 - enhanced replacement for Apple's Control Strip to run CSMs

FinderPop 1.7.7 - improves & extends features in OS 8.x contextual menus

Internet Config 2.0.2 - stores prefs for all internet apps to use, note OS 8.5 installs 2.0.2

Scrollability 1.0.5 - adds ingenious features to make window scrolling much easier & faster ®

Symantec NAV (Norton AntiVirus) virus definitions -Feb - virus definition update files

Symantec Norton Utilities 4.0.3 - improves repair capabilities and much more

Symantec SAM virus definitions Feb - virus definition update files

StuffIt Expander 5.1 - 200% faster than 5.0 and adds unzip & uu decoding

Virex Virus Update -Feb - virus def file for Virex 5.9 & later

Connectix Virtual PC 2.1.2 - SuperDisk, VST USB floppy support & drive expander fix SMUG Navigation Bar

Andromeda Galaxy


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