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March 1998

by Louis Bookbinder


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This month's Free Sample Shareware is no longer available. -------------------------------------------------

SMUG March '98 Disk of the Month

Assembled by Thomas Carlson

Consultant 2.11

Consultant is a PIM(Personal Information Manager) You can use it to store names, address, and phone and fax numbers. It comes with a calendar and daily planner complete with computer spoken warnings and activities. There is also a small mini version of the application too. $39.95

Drag'nBack 2.6

Drag'nBack is a backup program. Drag'nBack is easy to work with. Drag'nBack empowers you to devise a backup strategy that suits your particular needs. You can have fun doing backup with Drag'nBack. $50

Hurricane Desktop Picture

Here is Hurricane, I couldn't think of a better name, another desktop background by Jeff Miles. More pictures at Free

HypnOptic 1.1.0

HypnOptic is the mad, acid, savescreen application that will drive you crazy if you watch it carefully... Doomtrooperware. Read the read me.


Shockwave html file for use with an Internet Browser with the shockwave plug-in. Free.

MacSlack 1.0

MacSlack is a freeware drag-and-drop application that calculates how much slack space is present in a given set of files. It can also predict how much hard drive space you will regain if you split your hard disk into more partitions or convert volumes in the standard format (HFS) to the new, more efficient format (HFS+) introduced in MacOS 8.1. Free

Net-Print 4.6.2

Net-Print is a Macintosh extension ('INIT') that allows you to Print (or Save) a part of a Netscape document instead of having to Print (Save) the entire thing. Free

Warcraft II Maps 5.0

6 maps created for Warcraft II©. They are not based in any other place or map. Just pure fantasy!! Free

Wish I were... 2.0

The "Wish I were..." control panel provides a method for a system to identify its hardware as another hardware type, via the Gestalt "mach" selector. Free

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Nothing serious except this: some viruses (viri?) are the psychic kind: they work on the grey matter between your ears. Over and over we hear reports of Email viruses. No such thing. Yes, it is possible to get an attachment with a virus in it. But, unless you have some special utility which automatically runs any executable attachment (or unstuffs and THEN runs), READING your email will never infect your system.

If you get a mystery attachment, you can do several things to protect yourself: 1) trash it unused. 2) unstuff it (if necessary), and scan it with a virus checker. 3) know your sources - if you know the sender, ask him/her what it is before you do anything. 4) Wouldn't now be a good time for a backup?

And finally, PLEASE DON'T pass on warnings about dangerous viruses, trojans, or macros which you get from friends. HOW DO YOU KNOW it is a dangerous? Have you seen it? Were you informed by a reliable authority? Check them out on the web - there are dozens of sites with reliable information. (The SMUG links pages have at least one) If you pass on every virus warning you get, you may be doing exactly what the virus creator intended! For instance, the "Good Time" Email virus has been clogging the net for almost 2 years now. Billions of bytes of garbage hogging your bandwidth.


Tip O' the Month

From Your Shareware Team

After all the confusion with the HFS+ discussion last month, you might want to check out Tip #29 in The Macintosh Guy website. I think it covers all the basics.

I download stuff so much it has become second nature. Maybe I should tell you some technical details.

The easiest way to download stuff, and the most obvious, is from the web. Hundreds of sites have shareware, images, and sounds to download. All you do is click on the link or the icon and there you have it.

Almost. You have to make sure your browser knows what to do with a file you want to download. It will download just about anything with a link, but mostly what you get are unusable files, things like "dongle.sit.hqx" or "Strumpet.bin". Here is where HELPERS come in. The best helper you can get is Stuffit Expander, which is available on the SMUG CD-ROM, and the member disks, and other disks as well. Stuffit Expander (now version 4.5) is a terrific tool for converting odd formats to things that make sense to a mac. If you take the downloaded file and drop it on the Stuffit Expander icon, it will convert it for you. Files with .hqx extension (binhex) will be converted to non-binhexed files. .bin files, too. And .sit files, which are Stuffit archives, will become un-Stuffed files or folders. My first example, "dongle.sit.hqx" will have to be dropped twice: after the first time you should have a new file, "dongle.sit" on your desktop. Drop THIS on Stuffit Expander again to get "dongle" or "dongle folder" or whatever it wants to become.

You can even get your browser to apply Stuffit Expander after it downloads, automatically. In Netscape,just go into the Options Menu, release on General Prefs, click on the Helpers tab. In the long list, look for Macintosh BinHex Archive (for .hqx), and two Macintosh Stuffit Archives (for .sit and .bin). All three should use Stuffit Expander. If they don't, or they are missing, use the Edit button to change them, and browse for your copy of Stuffit Expander. Select it, then close everything, and the next time you download, it is worry free. Oh, yes, you want to download to the desktop (unless you LIKE treasure hunts (where DID I put that??!)), so go back into General Prefs, under Applications, and set the Downloads Directory to the desktop. Make your Mac work for you.



Mac basics we sometimes forget

To speed up your mac (especially startup) remove all unnecessary inits. Some MacOS 8 features will remain. You cannot get Contextual Menus without the CMM init, but spring-loaded folders remain (if you click on a folder icon and hold, the folder opens and maybe a folder inside that, etc). Menus are still sticky. Windows still shade. Other features remain, but some bells and whistles are gone. The speed gains can be impressive.

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My choices, only, out of hundreds of items every month. Includes commercial products, not just shareware. These do NOT include beta releases. You might check out Version Tracker for more.
® means update to recently released DOM item

APPLEapple icon

Location Manager 2.0.1 - setup & change to multiple network settings - included on Mac OS 8.1 CD

Mac OS 8.1 - the real thing from Apple - also listed are the official mirror sites & other relevant info

Personal Web Sharing 1.5 - updates to 1.5 for use with US English Mac OS 8.0 or 8.1

Printer Utility 2.2 - included with LaserWriter 8.5.1 but not with 8.1 net update

System Profiler 1.3.2 - lists configuration info about your Mac, requires OS 7.6 or later

Netscape Communicator 4.04.1 -posted as 4.04 but has a Jan post date - english versions for PPC or 68k

FinderPop 1.5.7 - improves and extends the Mac OS 8 Contextual Menus

Adobe FrameMaker 5.5.3 - order only item - Registered v5.5 users will automatically be sent the upgrade

Frontier 5.0 - automated content management system for building and managing websites

GraphicConverter 3.1.1 - for picture image editing and format conversions

Kaleidoscope 1.8.1 - the ultimate in interface customization for System 7 and Mac OS 8®

MT-NewsWatcher 2.4.1 - Usenet client with multi-threading & sophisticated filtering ®

NewsWatcher 2.2 - Usenet newsreader

Symantec Norton Utilities 3.5.3 - only difference is a new startup system for the CD - order only item

Adobe PageMaker updates - Export PDF, Word 97 Filter & Spreadsheet Filter updates - Adobe recommends reinstalling these components if you've downloaded these files prior to Jan 23, 1998

PopChar Pro 1.1 - installs a menu that shows all characters available in a font. for easy insertion

Snitch 2.5.1 - allows editing of file attritbutes like file type and creator codes from the Get Info window

SoftWindows 95 5.0.2 - 3Dfx enabler runs PC 3Dfx-enabled games with TechWorks Power3D card

SuperCard 3.0.3 - multimedia authoring tool. - fixes a problem with the MacOS 8 Finder

Symantec Visual Page 1.1.1 - wysiwyg web page authoring

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