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June 1998

by Louis Bookbinder


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SMUG June '98 Disk of the Month

Two disks and a bonus offer

Assembled by Henry Polard

Disk 1

Deskpop™ 1.0.2

Deskpop is a Control Strip module which lists all volumes, folders and files currently on the Mac's desktop. FREE

Fortune 1.1

Fortune displays and reads aloud a ramdom adage in a small window on your screen. You can edit the file in a text editor. Fee - $10

Jordan's Gone! Version 1.0

You have a sporty tractor, mobile in four directions. You are being tracked by two robot mines, each mobile in eight directions. Can you push the blocks to trap the mines? Find out in Jordan's Gone! ... a meeting of topology and high explosives. FREE

MaBaSoft Quit CSM Version 1.3.2 - April 1998

MaBaSoft Quit CSM enables you to quit applications without having to make them active. You can quit a single application, all background applications or all running applications. Quit CSM also supplies memory information: it displays the current largest unused memory block and application sizes. Fee - $5

PitchFork 443.0

PitchFork 443.0 - is really intended to replace the tuning fork and the bench oscillator. It provides two oscillators with frequency and waveform selection. Frequency can be entered in Hertz, as an equal tempered note, or as a ratio from a base frequency. It is accurate to within a tenth of a cent. Full source is included. Oddly enough, some musicians have taken to performing with this program. FREE

Trash Bag 1.2.2

Add this absurdly simple application to your Startup Items folder, and you'll never have to worry about download clutter again. Trash Bag creates and maintains a folder that looks like a bag in front of your desktop trash can. Use it as the destination folder for encoded Internet downloads, Web browser cache files, or anything you doubt you'll need tomorrow, and Trash Bag will put them in the Trash automatically. FREE

TykeWriter Version 1.2

TykeWriter is a word processing program intended for children who are learning to read and write. It is trivial to learn and use. TykeWriter can be used without the keyboard, using only the mouse and on-screen alphabet. This makes the child task of learning to write much simpler. The child is no longer confused and distracted by having to look down at the keyboard to find each character's hiding spot. Also, the child is presented with only the features that they are likely to use. As the child develops, new features can be added by changing the level setting for that child. The "Grown-Up", a parent or teacher, can customize TykeWriter to best suit each child using the "Grown-Ups" pull down menu. The Grown-Up should set the "Level". The "Level" determines a number of different TykeWriter features. Many of these features can be overridden using the other Grown-Up menu selections. FREE

WorldClock CSM

WorldClock CSM is a Control Strip module that displays the current time of the selected location. You can choose the location from the popup menu. 18 cities are available in default setting. FREE


Y2KCD (Y2K-year 2000, CD-countdown) Keep up-to-the-second countdown of the approaching millenium FREE

Disk 2

MacChess 4.0

Great chess game. FREE

PictPocket 1.3.2

PictPocket "picks the pocket" of applications as they draw their windows, not after they have been drawn. This difference allows it to place in the Clipboard a 'PICT' which represents the actual elements drawn, rather than a bitmap (raster) image. (You choose whether or not to include the window frame.) Not only is a PictPocket 'PICT' smaller than a bitmap 'PICT', and not proportional in size to the depth of color, but you retain the ability to edit the picture later, using an application such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. Change text, colors, position of elements, whatever! If you need a blow-up of the picture, just change the Page Setup scaling factor, and it will still print perfectly, with no bitmap "jaggies." FREE


PopCalendar adds a menu in the right side of the menu bar which gives access to a calendar of the current month. In addition you can drag away the menu to have a floating window which allows you to show the calendar for other months and insert notes associated to dates. Fee: $10

SmartKeys 3.2.1

SmartKeys 3.2.1 is a shareware control panel designed to help you type. SmartKeys does this in four ways. First, SmartKeys automatically corrects typing that violates conventional typesetting rules, such as typing more than one consecutive space. Second, SmartKeys automatically corrects fast typing errors, words that are often misspelled, such as "teh" for "the" and "THe" for "The". Third, it can require modifiers to engage the Caps Lock and the Help key, making them more difficult to press inadvertently. Finally, in the event of a system crash, SmartKeys can keep a log of what was typed. Fee: $15

Virtual Desktop 1.9.2

The premier virtual desktop manager for the Macintosh that works on all types of Macs and all types of monitors. For 180K of memory, you can have a virtual desktop as big as you like, in full color. Excellent for PowerBooks and other Macs with the ability to run many programs at once, but nowhere to put the windows. FREE

WhackIt! (weenie edition)

WhackIt! is a simple-in-concept, addictive game for the Mac, the whole Mac, and nothing but the Mac. It is, to my knowledge, the first truly playable and accurate port of the Whack-A-Mole arcade game to the home computer.

Most of you by now already know what I am talking about. You have a paddle, there are a bunch of holes, and out of them pop little animals of some sort (in this case, look sort of like moles...they're definitely rodents...). You take the paddle and WHACK! them. For this you get points; if you wait too long and they disappear back into their holes untouched, you lose. Fee: $5

Stuffit disk ($1 - no mail orders)

Stuffit Expander 4.5

StuffIt Expander is designed to be the simplest, most efficient way to expand compressed files and encoded files that you may have received from the Internet, an online information service, bulletin board system, over a network, or from a co-worker. StuffIt Expander handles the four most common compression and encoding formats, which are StuffIt™ and Compact Pro™ archives (.sit, .sea, and .cpt) , BinHex (.hqx) , and MacBinary (.bin). Also accessible via StuffIt Expander are ShrinkWrap™ disk image files and Private File™ security-encrypted (.pf) files. Using StuffIt Expander will let you access the millions of compressed and encoded files you will find on the Internet and online services, or even those sent you by a friend.

Drop-Stuff with Expander Enhancer

DropStuff w/ Expander Enhancer consists of three components, the program DropStuff™, the StuffIt Engine™, and the StuffIt Engine™ PowerPlug. The StuffIt Engine™ and the StuffIt Engine™ PowerPlug comprise what we call "Expander Enhancer". It is the StuffIt Engine and the StuffIt Engine™ PowerPlug that actually does the stuffing when you drag items onto DropStuff. These also enhance StuffIt Expander. That's why we call it the Expander Enhancer!

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Watch out for a harmless virus called the Desktop Print Spooler. Now you have an essential extension called Desktop Printer Spooler, and someone wanted to cause confusion with the name. PRINTER spooler is legal, PRINT spooler is not. The virus doesn't erase or damage anything, but it is VERY infectious.


Tip O' the Month

From Your Shareware Team

Here's something cool to do with pop-up windows in Mac OS 8. Create a folder, and fill it with aliases for all the applications to which you drag and drop files. View the folder's contents by small icon, have it stay arranged by name, resize the folder to be just wide enough for a single column, and make it a pop-up window. Now, when you need to drag and drop a file, just drag it over to the tab, hold it there for a second, and the folder will slide open. Drop the file onto the appropriate application, and the folder will slide closed, and the application will launch, opening your file. - MacAddict



Mac basics we sometimes forget

Under System 7, you may remember, you could use the Desktop Patterns control panel to change the background pattern in utility/desk-accessory windows. Just hold down Option to change from desktop pattern to desk-accessory pattern.

MacOS 8 does not have this feature. But WAIT!... The System 7 Desktop Pattern control panel is really an application, and it will run under MacOS 8 just fine.

See how many other control panels are really applications. Drag them out of the Control Panels folder and see how they work. You might be surprised.

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My choices, only, out of hundreds of items every month. Links below are either info about or actual downloads including commercial products, as well as shareware. These do NOT include beta releases. You might check out Version Tracker for more.
® means update to recently released DOM item. Wish we could catch them all....

APPLEapple icon

G3 Ethernet (Built-In) driver 2.0.4 - for all G3 Macs except the PowerBook

HyperCard 2.4 - the development application - not the Player

GoLive CyberStudio 3.0 - now shipping, HTML wysiswg & site management software

Macromedia Director 6.5 - with QuickTime 3, PowerPoint & Java applet support

FinderPop 1.6.1 - improves and extends the Mac OS 8 Contextual Menus

Adobe Photoshop 5.0 - now shipping full version - upgrades in a few weeks

MacroMedia Shockwave r9 - client to view shockwave animations & interactions

La Cie Silverlining 5.8.3 - formatting software that comes with their drives

MicroMat TechTool Pro 1.0.7 - final update for the 1.x version of their diagnostic software

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