June 2000

by Louis Bookbinder





This month's Free Sample Shareware is no longer available. See current month. -------------------------------------------------

SMUG June '00 Disk of the Month

Assembled by Thomas Carlson

A-Dock 1.2.
A-Dock is like the Application Switcher that comes built-in with Mac OS but on steroids. You can keep it as a single icon or expand to an entire palette. Stays attached to bottom edge. Comes with 3 new, improved skins. Needs MacOS 8.5 or better. $5

DeskTray 1.2.1
DeskTray is a floating tray that displays all the items from the desktop (or from a specific folder). DeskTray can be minimised to a small bar that floats over all windows just below the current application name. Clicking on that bar will expand the tray. Clicking back to the small bar or double-clicking in a unused part of the tray will reduce it. Requires MacOS 8.5 or better. $10

MacPopUp 1.0.1
This is a program that allows Mac users to exchange instant messages with other users on any local area network. You can send and receive messages from different operating systems such as MacOS, Windows 95/98, Windows NT, Windows for Workgroups, Linux, and other UNIX OSes. It is compatible with MS WinPopus and similar clients in other OSes. Requires PowerPC, 1MB RAM, MacOS 8.1 or later, Open Transport, LAN with TCP/IP. $10

MT Newswatcher 3.0
MT-NewsWatcher 3.0 is the latest version of the popular Usenet news client for Macintosh, Multi-Threaded NewsWatcher. It has a suite of new features that make reading news even faster and easier, including new features for connecting to multiple servers at the same time, posting with different personalities, viewing images inline, and posting binaries. Needs a PowerPC, MacOS 8.1 or better, Internet Config 2.0, 4 Mb RAM. Free.

Saving Face
Saving Face lets you view and create X-Face headers, which are encoded 48 x 48 bitmaps used by mail and news users to contain a picture of their face, or logo of their home insitution. No color. Needs an X-Face aware application like MT Newswatcher (Gee, that sounds familiar). FREE.

Sherlock II Window Fixer
Got OS 9? Hate the look of Sherlock II? Here's a great fix to modify Sherlock II's appearance to make it look more like a regular Mac window app. This patch will turn the new brushed metal beast back into a standard Mac window that allows minimizing. Free

Wapp Pro 2.7.1
"Wapp pro" is a window switcher. It displays a menu with every window opened in every application. You can now easily switch to any window (even in the hidden applications). This version is for OS 8.5 and above only. If you're using OS 8.0 or 8.1 you should use version 1.3.7 instead. $10



This is the last disk of the month.

No, we are NOT going out of business. We are just changing the way we do things. We hope this saves us money and effort, gets you a better product, and allows more people to buy our shareware. We are going to CD-ROM format, with a lot more stuff, but a lot less often.

If you do NOT have a Mac which can play CDs, drop us a note and we can get you any item we put on the CD-ROM. If you want it on a disk, we can do that for a dollar (if it fits). If you want it over the internet, send me a note and I will send it free. You have to have Email, of course, and be able to de-binhex and unstuff. I will NOT send you more than one item by Email.

Any problems you have with a CD-ROM, just as with a floppy, we will try to fix - if we can duplicate the problem with what we sold you, we will try to replace your disk or refund your money.

Tell us how this new format works for you. And as always, we are open to suggestions as to contents. We can't always oblige, but we will give it the old college try.


Security Alert!

From Your Shareware Team

The "LoveBug" Email virus hit our Windoze machines at work. We had plenty of warning, however. Only 2 or 3 people inadvertantly opened the attachement and launched the virus. That was enough to generate extra mail in almost EVERYONE's mailbox. LoveBug needs MS Outlook on a Windoze machine to run, but it can affect your Mac if you are served by an NT machine. If you see an Email with subject "ILOVEYOU", discard, then clear the trash. Much more important, however, beware of ANY attachment sent to you out of the blue. Even if you know the person. Call the person back. Ask what the attachment is about. Get Info on it. If everything is OK, open it.

It is wonderful that the Mac is not subject to most of these worms. Like this one, most need Windows 95 or later and maybe Outlook to run. Virus hackers don't like writing for the Mac. But be careful, anyhow.

Late update: Someone re-engineered the LoveBug to pretend it was a file being forwarded by a co-worker. Took out my mailserver at work for a couple of hours. Again, don't open strange attachments, especially ones with .vbs in the name.


Tip O' the Month

From Your Shareware Team>

You may have purchased an HP Deskjet and also upgraded to OS 9. Applications may appear to be printing to the Deskjet but no action would occur on the printer. HP's web site states (and has stated for months) that no drivers are immediately available and that Hewlett-Packard is strongly committed to quickly providing driver updates for the affected printers. Going on six months is neither immediate or quick.

It turns out that HP believes the drivers will now be available in June, but they are providing a $75 check to help defray the cost of an HP replacement printer. Here's how your readers can take advantage of HP's offer. Have your printer model and serial number handy. Call HP's printer support (208-323-2551) and explain that you can not print to your printer using Mac OS 9 (affected printers are HP DeskJet 610, 612, 670, 680, 690 series). They will take your info, give you a case number, and have customer care contact you...."

...and Greg Christopher forwarded a link to the web for instructions to make Google your default search engine: at



Mac basics we sometimes forget

Check Out this story I found on the Net.

"A student enters my office nearly hysterical because she can't get her assignments off a disk created with Win95/Works on our Pentiums. She hadn't made more than a single set of copies. None of the Win95 system items or other applications will let her access her stuff through any program. Attempts all end with something like the file is corrupted and can't find the path etc. or this is a bad disk etc.. It is basically fried.

"One of my colleagues (a pc guy who knows his stuff) tries various methods using various pc rescue software (norton disc doctor etc.). No luck whatsoever, he spends quite a while on it (all afternoon), but finally gives up. The student is really numb by this time. Entering the grief process I think.

"I tell my student not to worry. It just seems like something a Mac can handle. I take the disk, slap it in an old IICX we have using 7.5.3, the pc disk is accessible, so I access the file , its too big for Simpletext so I use Word and Maclink plus. Presto I have her document and print it out. I save all her docs. and attempt to initialize her disk in PC format. No dice, it is indeed fried. So I create a new disk, slap her stuff on it. Time for all this, about 5-7 minutes.

"Next day, I give her all the stuff, smile at her and tell her to do her writing on our old macs and save herself some trouble. My colleague just shook his head and kept saying, "That's impressive, geez that's impressive. Geez, geez! Wow" I just had to emphasize I was solving Win95 problems with a mac system on the equivalent (well not really) of a 386 machine." -------------------------------------------------


My choices, only, out of hundreds of items every month. Drop me a note for YOUR favorite. Links below are either info about or actual downloads, and include commercial products, as well as shareware. These do NOT include demos or beta releases. You might check out Version Tracker for more.
® means update to recently released DOM item. Wish we could catch them all....

APPLEapple icon

AppleWorks 6.0.3 - combined word processor, spreadsheet, database, drawing tools...

ColorSync 3.0.1 - color management system update for OS 9

GameSprockets 1.7.4 - game libraries: DrawSprocket, InputSprocket, NetSprocket, SoundSprocket

iMovie 1.0.2 - digital video editing system, now FREE for G4 & PowerBook FireWire

QuickTime 4.1.2 - use your "QuickTime Updater" or download "full" installer

Netscape Communicator 4.7.3 - popular web browser

FinderPop 1.8.6 - improves & extends features in OS 8.x contextual menus

Adobe FrameMaker 6.0 - now shipping the long document publishing tool

GraphicConverter 3.8.2 - view, edit, and convert most any graphic file format

FWB Hard Disk ToolKit 4.0 - disk driver, format & management system

Now Up-to-Date & Contact 3.9 - scheduler and contact manager, new customizable Palm sync feature

Rainbow Painter 1.9.1 - image/photo editing app with layer, alpha channels, mask support

Aladdin StuffIt Deluxe 5.5.1 - update for the comprehensive archiving tool

AND, of course, every month download the latest updates to SAM or VIREX anti-virus.

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