July 1999

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SMUG July '99 Disk of the Month

Assembled by Thomas Carlson

FolderOrg 1.0
FolderOrg 1.0 will place any item added to a folder in a sub-folder of the day's date. This is handy for download folders, where the date of the file often changes when uncompressed. Free

The Desktop Emergency Technician allows easy centralized access to all of your system maintenance software. It features StartGuard™ technology to help protect your system from crashes and power failures, and has SystemGuard™ to help you keep your Mac running smoothly. $10

This set contains 16 icons of Macintosh characteristics icons like generic file, generic application, etc. These are not ordinary finder icons. They look really different. These are proving to you (if you don't already know) that the Macintosh is not simply a computer, but it has personality too. Free

NetCD 1.6.7 PPC
NetCD is a CD player utility for the Mac OS. NetCD can retrieve CD information from the CDDB internet database or from user input and can store information on the hard disk in the CD Remote Programs file, the same file used by Apple's CD Remote and AppleCD Audio Player utilities. NetCD is System 7 and OS 8 compatible, Appearance Manager compliant, supports AppleScript, Balloon Help and Contextual Menus, and works with both SCSI and IDE CD-ROM drives. Free

A kaleidoscope theme with smoothe shading on bottom and both sides. Free

SunClock 1.1.1
SunClock is a nifty little application that shows what part of the world the sun is shining on. The shape of the shadow changes with the season. It is a port of the UNIX program sunclock. Free

SwitchRes 2.0
SwitchRes is an utility built around a Control Panel and an Extension. It will allow you to control and automate the resolutions of all your monitors. It is distributed with a Control Strip Module and a Contextual Menu Item, so that it's always available everywhere. SwitchRes is completely configurable. You can define which resolutions are really accessible, and which will require a confirmation. You can save the position of the icons on your desktop, independently from one resolution to the other, unlike the Finder. The position of the icons is restored at startup. You can also create 'display sets' which will allow you to change the resolution, the depth and position of all your monitors, and to use an AppleScript with one click, or one key. You can assign a specific Set to an application, so that every time you use this application, your Mac will automatically switch to that predefined resolution. $15

Version Master 2.0
If you've spent any time on the internet searching for a new version of software for your computer, then you know why they developed Version Master. Version Master takes the hassle out of keeping your computer up-to-date. Their huge database tracks tens of thousands of software versions in over 50 countries so you can spend your time doing something more enjoyable. Free

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This from a powerbook user (sorry, forgot the name):

Apparently there seems to be a problem with Global Village modems where you can cause it to execute modem commands remotely. If you send a computer an AT command in a packet that another remote machine responds to (i.e. ctcp, ping, icmp) the modem on that machine does that command.

For example, while on irc if I sent the commad /ctcp SomeOne ping + + +ATH0, SomeOne's machine would respond to the ping and as a result his/her modem would hang up right after that. It just doesn't stop there. Imagine sending out /ctcp SomeOne ping + + + + ATH0ATADT911.

And this response:

I want to confirm the modem security flaw. On my iMac receiving a ctcp ping + + +ATH0 caused the modem to disconnect. Also sending a "/ctcp nickname ping + + +ATH0" to another user, caused my iMac modem to disconnect. I have a workaround that works apparently without side effects. The tip is to disable the escape sequence "+ + +" setting the S2 register to 127. This is the correct setting for disabling the escape sequnce, as reported on the "AT commands" manual.

I've modified the original iMac modem script adding S2=127 and all seems to work fine. Sending and receiving a ctcp ping with + + +ATH0 no longer disconnects my iMac modem. Also the PPP disconnects correctly when I request "Disconnect" from Remote Access. I think this works also for G3 and Powerbook G3. enjoy it!!

Massimo Valle

Quick note on viruses (worms, actually): The Melissa virus and clones seem to be as dangerous as ever. 80% or more of all current damage reports are from this type of Word Macro worm. Word Macro worms will affect any machine with Work 6.0 or later, even Macs. Another worm (also called a trojan) recently came as a response to mail pretending to be a reply saying something like "thanx for the mail, I will get back shortly, meanwhile unzip the attached file" The clue that something fishy was up was that the attached file was an .exe file, not a zip file. Mac's can unzip zip files (you need Stuffit Expander), but not .exe files. Lots of damage, that one, but only on Windows.



Tip O' the Month

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Mac basics we sometimes forget


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My choices, only, out of hundreds of items every month. Drop me a note for YOUR favorite. Links below are either info about or actual downloads, and include commercial products, as well as shareware. These do NOT include demos or beta releases. You might check out Version Tracker for more.
® means update to recently released DOM item. Wish we could catch them all....

APPLEapple icon

Drive Setup 1.7.3 - drive utility to update driver, initialize or test (use v1.3.1 for system 7.5.5 or less)

Mac OS ROM Update 1.0 - ROM v1.6 for iMac, blue G3, bronze PowerBook

QuickTime 4.0.1 - use the 'QuickTime Updater' if you already have v4.0

USB Mass Storage Support 1.3.5 - drivers for USB drives and OS 8.6

FWB CD-ROM ToolKit device support June - support files for new CD drives

Netscape Communicator 4.61 - 56bit or 128bit PPC versions for OS 7.6 or better

Lotus Domino/Notes 4.5.7c - client for their communication system

Eudora Pro 4.2 - popular email client, now final

LinuxPPC 5.0 - Unix OS for Power Macs, CD & dowloadable files available now

MacTicker 1.1.4 - puts a stock ticker on the desktop to view dynamic stock market info ®

Adobe Photoshop 5.5 - coming July, new web feature enhancements & ImageReady 2.0

CE QuickMail Office 2.0 - client/server email solution for interoffice & Internet business needs

Symantec SAM virus defs June - virus definition file for SAM

Substitute 1.7.7 - extensive general utility performs many useful tasks

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