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July 1998

by Louis Bookbinder


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SMUG July '98 Disk of the Month

Assembled by Larry Hutnick

Catalogue 3b3

Catalogue is a program that allows you to track all the removable media that can be mounted on the Mac. There are many other similar programs, but none are easy to use, which is why the author wrote this program. $20

FastFontMenu 1.1.1

FastFontMenu is a System Extension (INIT) which speeds up the building of the Font Menu in most applications. It does this by sorting the font names in an internal array, rather than insertion sorting them in the menu the way the current MacOS does. Free


FinderPop 1.6.4 extends the Mac OS 8 Finder's contextual menus. Features include: user-selectable contextual menu font/size/icon size, automagic CM popup by clicking and holding without having to press the control key, and a number of optional submenus &emdash; including Processes, contents of selected folder, Finder windows, FinderPop, and Desktop. Additionally, it enhances navigation via the Standard File dialogs. Free

Icon Archiver 3.0

The Icon Archiver is an extremely powerful database specifically designed for easy icon storage and retrieval. It can quickly scan whole disks or folders and grab all the icons they contain, including those you won't ever see in the Finder and all icon archives created by other icon utilities. It can easily export them in most graphics formats, including the ones you need for your web pages. Drag & Drop is fully supported, so you can create or stick custom icons by simply dragging them around. All icons are compressed on the fly to save memory and disk space, and archives can contain a very large number of icons (unlike all other icon utilities which are limited to a few hundreds). Free

InformINIT 8.11

InformINIT is an application which provides information on a mind-boggling number of System Folder files: control panels, extensions, system folder contents, and more -- from both Apple and third-party developers. Information includes file descriptions, who needs what, version numbers, RAM consumption, and helpful tips (even a few "secrets"). Where appropriate, files are organized into "groups" that are mainly used together. Live URLs to information sources on the Web are provided for files that require extensive discussion. $15

Kaleidoscope Schemes mostly free

Blue's Clues

Cecil - A New Beginning

Cecil II - The Revenge

Cloudburst 1.8.2



Lighter Fluid 1.0



This is a, uh, tutor to train you in, well, typing. Any questions? It has some helper files: a WordBank file, a GraphBank file and an ErrWdBank file. Also it has a GraphSpacer file. They help give you intelligent testing and practice in typing skills. $15

MacHead's Large Bookmarks 1.6

1500+ Apple-oriented bookmarks in the MS Internet Explorer format. All the NEW Apple sites are in here plus all of C/Nets, MacWorld's, and much, much more. $10

Smashing Windows II v 1.0

Smashing Windows is a simple Space Invaders game where you can shoot at any object that you wish - with the default settings, the evil windows. The game features a Choose Sprites... dialog which allows you to choose your particular enemy. Smashing Windows will run on any Macintosh, 68K or PowerPC, with a 256 colour 640x480 screen. Smashing Windows will set your monitor to 256 colours automatically when you run it. Free

Tail Dragger 1.0.1

Tail Dragger is a really cool Macintosh extension that will make your mouse pointer turn to face the direction that it is moving. Free

YaCalculator 1.2

(Yet Another Calculator) works like most 'real' calculators, play with it to find out how it works. Free

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Minor problem with Word 98: Sometimes when editing a large document with graphics, the graphics get lost when trying to save. If you see the graphics suddenly turn into red squares with red Xs through them, try to undo the last few changes. Hopefully this will allow you to save most of it. Then up memory to a very large number (like 30Meg!). Micro$oft knows about it, but not about a fix.


Tip O' the Month

From Your Shareware Team

This is a reminder that Preference files can be a problem. If you do a Disk First Aid run and everything checks out OK, but you still get program aborts, try trashing your preference file: quit the application and drop the preference file (from the preferences folder in your system folder) into the trash. Empty the trash. Restart your mac. You lose your preferences, but the program should not abort (unless it is corrupted). This works for control panels, too, but you will have to disable the control panel first.



Mac basics we sometimes forget

How do you disable a control panel? Several ways, actually. All control panels in the Control Panels folder in the system folder will start at startup. If you start up holding the shift key down, you keep EVERY control panel and extension from loading at startup.

If you have Extension Manager or Conflict Catcher in the control panels folder, holding down SPACE while starting up will stop loading after the Extension Manager or Conflict Catcher has loaded - then you can tell that control panel which other control panels or extension you don't want to load. Note that you can use this control panel AFTER loading is complete, but it won't disable anything until the next startup. All that it does is move the control panel or extension from the active folder (such as Control Panels) to the disabled folder (Control Panels Disabled). You can also do this manually - just open Control Panels, drag the one you want to disable to the Control Panels Disabled folder, close. Of course, you have to restart to make it have an effect.

Keep a log of control panels and extensions you add or remove. It can save you lots of headaches later.

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My choices, only, out of hundreds of items every month. Links below are either info about or actual downloads including commercial products, as well as shareware. These do NOT include beta releases. You might check out Version Tracker for more.
® means update to recently released DOM item. Wish we could catch them all....

APPLEapple icon

Disk First Aid 8.2 - for 68040 and PPC Macs using OS 8.1

Drive Setup 1.5 - G3 support & fixes write cache on some ATA drives

Script Software CopyPaste 4.2.1 - replaces Apple's clipboard offering multiple clipboards & much more

Golive CyberStudio Personal Edition 1.0 - $99 version of their web authoring software

Disk Charmer 3.1.3 - background format floppies & other media to a higher capacity & more

Folder Icon Maker 1.5.1 - creates custom folder icons from any other icon by drag & drop

FinderPop 1.6.5 - improves and extends the Mac OS 8 Contextual Menus

GIFConverter 2.4.3 - views & converts graphic files of the common different formats

Microsoft Internet Explorer 128-bit 4.0.1 - for U.S. & Canada - must use Explorer 4.0.x to get the update

MicNotePadLite 4.5.0 - speech recording software ideal for transcription - voice activated

Nisus Writer 5.1.3 - fixes a Measurement Preference dialog bug in their word processor

Symantec Norton AntiVirus 5.0 - now shipping the replacement for SAM, anti-virus software

Microsoft PowerPoint 98 Y2K - fix for year 2000 compliance

QuarkXPress 4.0.3 - enclosed readme files with the update lists fixes

Connectix Virtual PC 2.0.1 - Windows emulation software - fixes some PC game installations, 802.3 frame networks

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