July 2002

by Louis Bookbinder





This month's Free Sample Shareware is undetermined. See below for details. -------------------------------------------------

SMUG CD-ROM of the Quarter - Summer 2002

The List:

Audio & Music
Audio Toolbox 1.1
Audio Toolbox X 1.1
Audiocorder 3.3.1
Audiocorder X 3.3.1
Cacophony 1.1 (OSX)
Music Tutor 1.0 (Cls)

Chimera 0.3 (OSX)
Netscape 7.0pr1
Netscape X 7.0pr1
Quickie Web Albums 2.2.2
Quickie Web Albums X 2.2.2
Surfer 2.0 (Cls)
Vince 1.0 (OSX)
WebFree 1.1 (Cls)

Design & Graphics
Icon Machine 3.0b18 (Cbn)
JewelCaseIllustrator 1.2.7 (Cls)
PixelScope 1.0.1 (Cbn)

Akua Sweets 1.4.3 (Cls)
Dialog Director v0.7 (Cls)

Fun and Games
Avalanche 1.0.0
Avalanche X 1.0.0
Boat Wars 1.0 (Cls)
eFreeCell 1.0.1 (Cls)
GridX 1.2 (Cls)
Gridx 1.2 (OSX)
Red & Green 1.0 (Cbn)

DockFun! 3.0b1 (OSX)
EarthDesk 1.0.4 (Cbn)Fluid 1.1 (OSX)
OroborOSX 0.8b (OSX)
OroborOSX 0.75a4r2 (OSX)
piPop 2.0b8 (Cbn)
Silk 1.1 (OSX)
Xfree86 4.2.0 (OSX)

Kitchen Sink
AceReader Pro 1.0g (Cls)
aClock 3.0b6 (OSX)
Alchemist's Challenge 1.0.1
Alchemist's Challenge X 1.0.1
Celestia 1.2.2 (OSX)
Edible Landscaping 4.6.4 (Cls)
MoonDock 1.2.2 (OSX)
US Const & Gov Quizzer 4.0.1US Const & Gov Quizzer X 4.0.1
Using NIST Time Servers
WeatherPop 1.1 (OSX)
Word List Maker 2.2.2 (Cls)
World Clock Deluxe 3.1.2 (Cls)
World Clock Deluxe 3.2 (OSX)

iPhoto Librarian 1.0 (OSX)
iPhoto Library Manager 1.0 (OSX)
Tattoo 1.2b1 (OSX)

AntiWord Service 1.0.1 (OSX)
CalcService 2.7 (OSX)
MultideX 1.4 (OSX)
OmniOutliner 2.0.2 (OSX)
Quickset Alarm 1.0 (Cls)
Sambucus 2.0.3
Sambucus X 2.0.3
WordService 2.3.1 (OSX)

AquaGrep 1.0 (OSX)
Bad Cookie! 1.1 (Cls)
Bad Cookie! 1.1 (Cbn)
BatChmod 1.31 (OSX)
Chaos Antidote 1.1.2 (Cls)
Clean-Install Assistant 1.5.3 (Cls)
clipEdit 2.1.5
clipEdit X 2.6
DMG Fixer 1.0.1 (Cbn)
Doublet Scan 4.0.1 (Cbn)
DropPrint 1.2 (OSX)
FileXaminer 1.1 (OSX)
Fink 0.4.0 (OSX)
FinkCommander 0.3.1 (OSX)
Folder Icon X 1.1.8
LCD Screen Tester 1.0.1 (OSX)
Macintosh Explorer 3.1.1
Macintosh Explorer X 3.1.1
MemoryPro 1.0 (Cls)
MemoryStick 1.1 (OSX)
Net Monitor 2.5b1 (OSX)
Process Wizard 1.04 (OSX)
Resploder 1.6.1 (Cbn)
SharePoints 2.0.5 (OSX)
SNAX 1.2.8 (OSX)
Speed Download 1.8.2b (Cbn)
SpeedMeUp Pro 2.01 (OSX)Super Get Info Demo 1.0.8 (OSX)
vMac 0.1.9c (Cbn)

Stock Contents

GifBuilder 1.0 (Cls)
Goldberg 2.2 (Cbn) *
Goldberg 2.2.1 Updater (Cbn) *
Goldberg X 2.2.1 (OSX) *
GraphicConverter 4.1 (68K)
GraphicConverter 4.4 (Cls) *
GraphicConverter 4.4 (Cbn) *
Jade 1.2 (Cls)

AOL Instant Messenger 4.3.1232 (Cls)
AOL Instant Messenger 4.5.651 (OSX) *
Better Telnet 2.0b4 (Cls)
Eudora 5.1.1 (Cls) *
Eudora 5.1.1 (OSX) *
Eudora Light 3.1.3 (Cls)
Fetch 4.0.2 *
iCab 2.8 (Cls) *
iCab X 2.8 (OSX) *
Interarchy 5.0.1 (Cbn)
Internet Config 2.5d2 (Cls)
Internet Explorer 5.1.4 (Cls) *
Internet Explorer 5.2 (OSX) *
MACAST Lite 2.1
MacSSH 2.1fc3 (68K) *
MacSSH 2.1fc3 (Cls) *
Mozilla 1.1a (Cls) *
Mozilla X 1.1a (OSX) *
MT-NewsWatcher 3.1 (Cls)
MT-NewsWatcher 3.2 (OSX)
Napster 1.0b1.1 (Cls)
Netscape Communicator? 4.79 (Cls)
Netscape Communicator? 6.2.3 (Cls) *
Netscape Communicator? 6.2.3 (OSX) *
Netscape MRJ Plugin 1.0b5 (Cls) *
Netscape MRJ Plugin 1.0 (OSX) *
Niftytelnet SSH 1.1r3 (Cls)
NiftyTelnet 1.1 FAT (Cls)
OmniWeb 4.1 (OSX) *
Opera 5.0 (Cls) *
Opera X 5.0b4 (OSX) *
Outlook Express 5.0.3 (Cls)
RealPlayer 8 6.0 (Cls)
Windows Media Player 7.1.2 (Cls)
Windows Media Player X 7.1.3 (OSX)

BBEdit Lite 6.1.2
BBTidy 1.0b9
DarkSide of the Mac 5.0.6 (Cls)
Disinfectant 3.7.1 (Cls)
Extension Overload 5.9.7 (Cls) *
GURU 2.9 (Cls)
Kaleidoscope 2.3.1 (Cls)
MacTracker 1.7.1 (Cls) *
MacTracker X 1.7.1 (OSX) *
MacUser's Kaleidoscope Winners
Mariner LE 3.1.4 (Cls)
MP3 Rage 5.1 (Cbn) *
SoundApp 2.7.3 (68K)
SoundApp 2.7.3 (Cls)
SoundJam MP Free 2.5.3 (Cls)
Tex-Edit Plus 4.1.2 (Cls)
Tex-Edit Plus X 4.2.5 (OSX) *
textSOAP 3.1.5 (Cbn)

Acrobat Reader 3.0 (68K)
Acrobat Reader 5.0.5 (Cbn)
ADBProbe 1.0.3 (Cls)
Aladdin DropStuff 6.0.1
Aladdin Expander? 6.0.1
Andrew's Disk Copy Scripts 2.1.1
Default Folder 3.1.4 (Cls) *
Default Folder X 1.5 (OSX) *
FinderPop 1.9.2 (Cls)
PopChar Lite 2.7.2 (Cls)
PrintToPDF 2.4.2 (Cls) *
SCSIProbe 5.2 (Cls)
ShrinkWrap? 2.1 (Cls)
Sleeper 3.5 (Cls)
Snitch 2.6.5 (Cls)
Snitch 2.6.6 Updater (Cls)
TechTool Lite 3.0.2 (Cls) *
TinkerTool 2.2 (OSX) *

Apple Contents
Carbonlib 1.0.4
Carbonlib 1.6 *
Disc Burner 1.0.1
Disk Copy 6.3.3
Disk Copy Scripts 6.3
HyperCard Player 2.4.1
iMovie Update 2.1.1
iMovie 2.1 OSX
MRJ 2.2.5
OpenGL 1.2.1
ResEdit 2.1.3

* New or updated since the previous CDOQ


July Demo by Bill Maxwell

BatChmod 1.31 (OSX)
BatChmod is a Cocoa utility for manipulating file and folder privileges in Mac OS X. It allows the manipulation of ownership as well as the privileges associated to the Owner, Group or others. Requires OS X. Free.

Chimera 0.3 (OSX)
Chimera is a new project aimed at delivering a best-of-breed browser on the OS X platform. Chimera uses Cocoazilla, a variant of Fizzilla that consists of a UNIX back end wed to a Cocoa front end. The cross-platform UI will be replaced with native Cocoa widgetry (such as customizable toolbars and a drawer for the sidebar). The plan is to produce only a browser (no other apps!), and to keep the UI as simple and as clean as possible. Requires OS X 10.1+. Free.

Fink 0.4.0 (OSX)
Fink is a project that wants to bring the full world of Unix Open Source software to Darwin and Mac OS X. Requires OS X. Free.

Netscape 7.0pr1
Netscape X 7.0pr1

Netscape 7.0pr1 is the latest preview release of the Internet browsing, email and instant messaging software suite from Netscape. Requires OS 8.6+ or OS X 10.0+. Free.

OroborOSX 0.75a4r2 (OSX)
OroborOSX 0.8b (OSX)

OroborOSX is an X11 environment, including an Aqua-like window manager, designed to provide better integration of X11 with Mac OS X. It is meant to be used in rootless mode with XDarwin and XFree86 on Mac OS X. Requires OS X with XFree86 4.1+. Free.

SharePoints 2.0.5 (OSX)
SharePoints is an application or a preference pane that makes it easy to add and delete share points like in the old Finder. In Mac OS X, by default, you are limited to sharing only what is in your public folder in your home directory. This program makes it easy to share any folder. In addition SharePoints also brings back users and groups management to Mac OS X as well as easy configuration of AppleFileServer properties. Requires OS X 10.1+. Free.

Speed Download 1.8.2b (Cbn)
Tired of waiting for huge files to download? Speed Download, the fastest, most complete, most recommended download manager for the Macintosh, ensures that you always get the fastest download speed from your internet connection every single time you download a file! With powerful features such as resumeable downloads, scheduling, scripting, and more, Speed Download is a must-have utility, no matter what browser you use. Requires OS 8.6+ or OS X 10.1+. $20.

SpeedMeUp Pro 2.01 (OSX)
SpeedMeUp Pro is an AppleScript Studio app that will help your OSX applications launch faster, since the application will spend less time looking up and "binding" with various libraries and frameworks. Run the app about once a month (more often if you install/uninstall a lot of software) and then restart your computer. Requires OS X 10.1.4+. Free.

Tattoo 1.2b1 (OSX)
Tattoo enables you to give your audience an unique viewing experience by creating custom shaped media skin on your movies. Requires OS X 10.1+. $23.

Xfree86 4.2.0 (OSX)
XFree86, a free implementation of the X Window System, has been ported to Darwin and Mac OS X. Requires OS X. Free.


Security Alert!

From Your Shareware Team

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Tip O' the Month

From O'Reilly:


You can create a real PDF filein MacOS X without Adobe Acrobat. The advantage is that any PC or Mac can read a PDF file - no word processor required (Acrobat Reader is, though).

Open a document in your favorite application and then choose PRINT. At the bottom of the Print dialogue box you will see a button that reads PREVIEW. Click it and it will process your document and open the Preview application that's included with Mac OS X.

You'll notice that when your document is displayed in Preview, it already looks like a PDF file. Now all you have to do is choose FILE, then Save As PDF, and Mac OS X will convert your document into a real live PDF. Now you can send it to anyone, anywhere.



Mac basics we sometimes forget

USB keyboards usually do not have a system power key - the one with a left-pointing triangle - which makes shutdown simple. But you can still shutdown without going to the Special menu - hold down control and hit the eject key (which only USB keyboards have).


NEW PRODUCT RELEASES 05/28 thru 05/28

My choices, only, out of hundreds of items every month. Drop me a note for YOUR favorite. Not listed are important monthly updates for anti-virus software: McAfee, Norton, VirusBarrier, Virex. You might check out Version Tracker for more.
® means update to recently released CDOQ item. Wish we could catch them all....

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