January 1997

by Louis Bookbinder





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SMUG January '97 Disk of the Month

assembled by Owen Saxton

Chris Aaron/Kaleidoscope Patch

This patching program replaces the system icons in either the Aaron or Kaleidoscope extensions with one of several sets of alternative icons to suit all tastes. Freeware.

Click, there it is! 1.0.7

Click, there is is! enhances an intuitive feature of the Mac, i.e. point-and-click, within Open/Save dialog boxes. Have you ever wanted to Open/Save a document into a place where the Finder already has a window opened for it? If you see the window in the Finder you can instantly make that your current folder for opening or saving simply by clicking on it. Shareware fee $5.

Dave's Kaleidoscope Extras

Dave's Kaleidoscope Extras is a set of original color scheme files and other goodies for the Kaleidoscope extension. Shareware fee $5.

Finder Heap Fix

The amount of (heap) memory used by the Finder cannot be changed in the usual way via the Get Info dialog box. Finder Heap Fix enables the Finder's memory allocation to be modified as desired. Freeware.


FixHeap defragments the heap memory if possible, to fix problems caused by some applications. It must be run while no other applications (except the Finder) are running. Freeware.

Gauge Series

This set of five diagnostic programs from Newer Technologies is used to check various aspects of a Macintosh. Cache-22 checks the caches on a PowerPC computer. Clockometer measures the clock speed. RAMometer checks the memory. SCSI Info displays information about the SCSI bus. Slot Info displays information about peripheral slots. Freeware.

GURU 1.2

GURU (Guide to RAM upgrades) from Newer Technologies contains comprehensive information about the memory configuration of all Macintosh models Freeware.

Kaleidoscope 1.0

Kaleidoscope is a control panel that completely overhauls your Mac's user interface using plug in Color Scheme files. One such Color Scheme provides all of the functionality of the shareware "Aaron" extension, and it is based on Apple's official specifications for their new grayscale appearance. Other Color Schemes provide more radical changes in appearance. Kaleidoscope also puts a WindowShade widget at the top right of window title bars and gives document windows a thick border which you can use to drag windows from any side. Shareware fee $20.

Mac OS Purge

MAC OS PURGE purges the System Software memory. In other words, it gets rid of useless old junk from the System memory. Mac OS Purge is especially useful under tight memory conditions, such as when running with only 4 megabytes of RAM, or when bugs begin to appear due to accumulation of stale data. For example, a bug in the QuickTime Musical Instruments loses certain instruments until you run Mac OS Purge. Freeware.

Memory Mapper 1.3.1

If you've done programming on the Mac you've probably seen sketches of the Macintosh's address space. A memory map is a graphical representation of that address space as a grid or map in order to show the location of various system structures in RAM and where they are in relation to each other. Memory Mapper draws this map for your own computer. Freeware.

PrefKiller 1.0

PrefKiller is an application to search for preference files that are no longer needed. If you use or test many freeware, shareware or demoware gotten by Internet or CD-ROM, you may have too many preference files in 'Preferences' folder in your Macintosh. You may delete them manually, but we think it is too dull work. PrefKiller makes it very simple. Shareware fee $7.

Simon Says 1.0

The objective of Simon Says is to repeat the ever-increasing sequence of notes that the computer makes. It's harder than it seems though, since you have to remember all of the notes from before too! Shareware fee: 1 of anything.

Terminator Strip 2.5

Terminator Strip is a Control Strip Module that is used to terminate things. It can be used to quit any application, including the Finder, to quit all applications, or to shut down or restart the computer. In addition it has some options concerning the hiding and displaying of the whole Control Strip. Shareware fee $5.

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Apple's CFM-68K Runtime Enabler, necessary to run OpenDoc, Cyberdog, the Apple Media Tool, AOL 3.0, and LaserWriter versions 8.4 and 8.4.1 on a 680x0 Mac, will sometimes causes problems and Apple recommends disabling it.


AOL disk

Tip O' the Month

From Your Shareware Team

DONT TOSS THAT AOL DISKETTE! Yes, it says "For Windows", so what? Just make sure the disk is not locked (make sure the little slider covers the upper right hole (upper left from the back)), and pop it into your mac. Erase and reformat. It is now a usable Mac-formatted diskette, free, courtesy of AOL.



(formerly Too Obvious For Words)
Mac basics we sometimes forget

The PUTAWAY command (command-Y, in the FILE menu) does 2 useful things for you: It kicks your floppy disk out or it returns your item to where it came from.

FLOPPY DISKS: The SPECIAL menu has an item called Eject Disk, and even a command shortcut: command-E. It is best avoided, however, because it ejects the disk, all right, but leaves a "ghost" on the desktop. In fact, the Finder thinks the disk is still there, and will actually try to retrieve an item from it, or put an item in it if you so specify. Since the disk is not REALLY there, it has to ask you to re-insert the disk. Really annoying. A better way is to select the disk (just click on it) and PUT AWAY (command-Y). The disk will pop out and the icon (and window if you have one open) will vanish leaving no ghosts.

Putting things back: Each time you move an item from a folder to the desktop or the trash, the system records the last location of the item. If you do PUT AWAY, the item will magically go back there! Don't move it many times, however, as the system only records the LAST location. Moving from one folder to another will make the system forget where it was before moving to the first folder. But you can move it around on the desktop or in the trash, and it will remember the previous folder. Put away will not help if you move from one folder to another, however, only if you move to the trash or the desktop.

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I apologize that the SMUG newsletter editor is sometimes unable to fit all of New Releases into the newsletter due to space constraints. Please check the Web page at


6360/64xx/54xx Update 1.0

Apple Memory Guide 1.3 - latest information on memory upgrades for Macs

Apple Guide 2.1.1

At Ease 4.0.1 updater - fixes some bugs

Avid Cinema 1.1

CyberDog 1.2 for PPC Macs.

Disk First Aid 7.2.2

Hypercard 2.3.5 bundle (includes MYST)

MPEG plug-in for QuickTime 2.5

Movie Player 2.5

Open Transport 1.1.2

Quickdraw 3D 1.5

Quicktime 2.6 Extras

Quicktime Plug-in 1.1

VideoPhone Lite 1.5

Adobe Persuasion 4.0 and Acrobat 3.0 and Acrobat Reader with Search

Akimbo Globetrotter 1.1 HTML editor/site builder

Allegiant ships SuperCard 3.0 - a hypercard-style development tool.

Banana Smoothie Software has ClickPad II

BBEdit Lite for OpenDoc 1.0 and BBEdit Lite 4.0

Blitz 1.1 disk cataloguing shareware

Blueworld Lasso - CGI to serve databases on the Web

CalcWorks PopupCD 1.4.1

CE Software released a free Email client: QuickMail Express

Claris Home Page 2.0 updater - you need your version 1 serial number

Connectix Speed Doubler 2.0 is out of beta. $99 list, $25 upgrade

CoolTalk 1.5

esp Software's MooVer 1.4 - make simple movies from a series of images.

Norman Franke's SoundApp 2.2.2

FWB CD-ROM Toolkit 2.0.5

Holder Software ScrapIt Pro 5.23 and QuickScrap 1.1

Green Mountain's DocMaker 4.7.1 - you have seen the DocMaker documents in several shareware items.

Greg Landweber Aaron 1.5.2

Greg Landweber BeView 1.1

and his Kaleidoscope 1.0.1

Lemkesoft's GraphicConverter 2.6

John Norstad's Newswatcher 2.1.5

Macromedia Shockwave 10

Micro Fox's Screen Ruler 3.0

Micromat's TechTool Pro 1.0.3

Microsoft Internet Mail and News companion for Internet Explorer 3.0

Nifty Neato's Snitch 2.1.1

Now Startup Manager 7.0.4 update

Now Utilities 6.5.4 update

Now Up-to-Date & Contact 3.6.2

Mark N Pirri released Disk Tracker 1.1

Progressive Networks Real Audio Player 3.0

Qualcomm has released Eudora Pro 3.0 for Newton via Electronic Purchase

Qualcomm also released Eudora Lite 3.01 - its shareware version (half the calories!)

AND the Eudora Pro 3.0.1 updater

Quarterdeck/StarNine WebStar 2.0 web server. Also Quarterdeck Mail 4.0

Run USA's Runshare 2.0.5

Script Software's CopyPaste 3.2.1

Symantec SAM virus definitions for December

WebWatcher 2.1 - checks for changes on your favorite pages. (Freeware)

YA-NewsWatcher 2.3.6 - a beefed up alternative to John Norstad's NewsWatcher (see above)

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