January 2000

by Louis Bookbinder





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SMUG January '00 Disk of the Month

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Assembled by Henry Polard

Alias Suite 2.0

Alias Suite is an AppleScript application that allows you to create a collection of aliases in a folder, then launch them all with just one double-click or a single selection from the Apple Menu. Free


Flip! is a game of skill, a game of strategy, and a game of luck. The idea is simple. You have a grid of double-sided tiles. One side of each tile is light in colour, the other side is dark. The tiles start out randomly turned to one side or the other. The object of the game is to get a particular pattern of dark and light coloured tiles on the grid.

Sound easy? Then perhaps it is time to tell you the rules. Flip! requires a Macintosh displaying 16 or more colour with System 7 or later. $10


Geo3D lets you navigate through space rather than only manipulate the models. Geo3D relies on QuickDraw 3D (QD3D) for rendering, navigation and picking. Free.

Ivolution - 1.0

Ivolution generates a picture by a combination of mathematical functions. Different mutations on the current combination are offered to you, you choose your favourite. That mutation becomes the current generation, and more mutations are generated from the new image. Repeat for more pictures. Free

Keychain Unlocker Version 2

Keychain Unlocker unlocks the Keychain in OS 9 when your Mac starts up (or anytime you wish). Unlocks multiple keychains also. Mounts servers after the keychain is unlocked. launches applications after the keychain is unlocked. Free


MacLoad is an utility application that tells you how much CPU time each application is being given by the MacOS. The CPU time that each application is receiving is expressed as a percentage. Free

NudgeMouser 2

NudgeMouser helps you use your mouse. It lets you move the mouse very precisely, using either the cursor keys or the numeric keypad. With NudgeMouser 2, you can also change many of settings via a Control Panel. It is an update of NudgeMouser, which was a System Extension that performed many of the same functions. This is a new version. $10

OneshotRecorder ver 1.01

OneshotRecorder records sound onto your hard disk. $10

Power Windows

Power Windows is a small control panel that lets you drag the entire contents of windows instead of just a dotted outline. The control panel lets you choose between Solid Dragging and Translucent Dragging. $10

Sherlock 2 Mod Patch

This patch removes Sherlock 2's brushed metal surface. Adds new 3-D Copeland style icons. Removes white channel windows and replaces them with Mac buttons which depress when selected. Free

Startup Doubler

Startup Doubler makes for quicker startups! Its software acceleration compensates for

sub-optimal disk performance to make extensions, control panel, the Finder and startup applications load faster. Startup your powerbook faster at airports (and everywhere else!), zap through all those startup icons! Save time each time you startup your Mac! Those seconds spent waiting really add up: Startup Doubler usually makes startups 20% to 50% faster, depending on the performance of your startup disk and the number of Extensions, Control Panels and Startup Items in your System! $20

Track Thief

Track Thief is a small program for converting audio tracks on a CD to AIFF files on a hard disk. Free

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Tip O' the Month

From Your Shareware Team

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Mac basics we sometimes forget

Quiz: What are the most used (and least appreciated) files on your Mac?

Answer: Your preference files!

Any time you run anything, you first load the preference file to tell the application how you have set it. Whenever you change settings, you exercise the preference file. Sometimes a single application (like Netscape) will have several of them. This is why a corrupted preference file is the leading cause of computer headaches.

How do you know you have a corrupted preference file? Clue #1: It worked fine for a while, now it is a pain in the posterior. Clue #2: You didn't add any software or remove any software and yet you have "conflicts". Clue #3: It doesn't just crash, it crashes for no reason. Clue #4: It only crashes when application Q is running. And only Q crashes, not X, Y, or Z which are also running.

What to do? First, be sure it IS a corrupted preference file, not a virus. Run any and every virus check you have. Better safe than sorry. Then, make sure the application with the corrupted preference file is not running. Trash the preference file. Empty the trash. Restart the application if you can, or re-install if you have to. You now have a new, uncorrupted preference file.

Note 1): Since preference file save your settings, you lose your settings when you trash the preference file. When the application rebuilds the preference file, it gives you its default settings. You will have to do the settings all over again. For some applications like Eudora, which have crucial, hard-to-remember numbers in their settings, keep the numbers in your system logbook.

Note 2): It may be hard to trash the preference file of the one application you cannot shut down - the Finder. To do it, reboot from your boot disk or CD-ROM instead of the normal hard drive. Then you can remove the Finder preference file. Reboot from the normal hard drive.

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Happy New Year!



My choices, only, out of hundreds of items every month. Drop me a note for YOUR favorite. Links below are either info about or actual downloads, and include commercial products, as well as shareware. These do NOT include demos or beta releases. You might check out Version Tracker for more.
® means update to recently released DOM item. Wish we could catch them all....

APPLEapple icon

iMovie 1.0.1 - digital video editing utility, OS 9 fix

Anarchie 3.7 - extensive file transfer (FTP) utility, resumable downloads & much more

BeHierarchic 4.1.1 - displays submenus for items located in the Apple Menu Items, OS 9 fix

Macromedia Dreamweaver 3.0 - now shipping the wysiwyg web authoring application

Nanosaur 1.1.9 - visually stunning 3D game

Symantec Norton Utilities 5.0.2 - disk repair & data recovery tool (now avail for download)

Now Up-to-Date & Contact 3.8 - now shipping the scheduler/contact manager tool

SCSIProbe 5.1.2 - lists and mounts volumes on SCSI chains, updated by Adaptec

Macromedia Shockwave/Flash updates- Shockwave 7.0.3d015 & Flash 4r20 plugins

FWB SoftWindows 98 5.0.9 - popular Windows emulator (formerly by Insignia), OS 9 fix

Y2K Software Audit 1.35 - inventories your software files based on year 2000 readiness ®

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