February 1999

by Louis Bookbinder





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SMUG February '99 Disk of the Month

Assembled by Owen Saxton

AutoCat 2.0
AutoCat is an elegant utility that catalogs all your removable volumes in a very Macintosh way. The catalog is saved as a folder containing other folders and aliases to the original files. This means that the catalog can be navigated directly from the Finder and from Open/Save dialogs, and searched using the 'Find' command. AutoCat also catalogs the contents of Stuffit™ archives. Shareware fee $15.

Big Picture 4.0
Big Picture is an image viewing utility that quickly displays PICT, MacPaint, BMP, JPG, StartupScreen and Picture clipping images. If Quicktime is installed, Big Picture can also be used to view Quicktime movies and other image formats such as Photoshop, GIF, and SGI images. It can have many images open simultaneously and move easily between them in 'slide show' fashion. Contact sheets and portfolio files may be created from such a set of images. Shareware fee $20.

Chronocalculator 1.0
Chronocalculator is a calculator that adds and subtracts time. You simply enter the times to be manipulated (in hours, minutes and seconds) and Chronocalculator does the rest. It could be used, e.g., to add up the lengths of CD tracks. Shareware fee $1 or more.

Clarion 1.0.1
Clarion is a simple tool for practicing the recognition of musical intervals. While there are other applications out there for the Macintosh which allow the same type of practice, this is the only one to use the QuickTime music architecture's treasure chest of synthesized instrument sounds. Freeware.

Data Rescue 2.1.1
Data Rescue is a tool for recovering lost Macintosh volumes. It recovers files and folders from crashed hard disks, floppy disks, or removable cartridges. Recovered data are saved to another medium, leaving the original disk untouched. The main interest in Data Rescue is that the strategy for finding lost files is original, different from the strategies used by other tools like 'Norton Utilities'. Not only will it find your data in situations where the other tools fail, but it will recover them in a much better condition, restoring icons, dates and even folder hierarchy. Data Rescue is easy to use, fast, clean, and it also recovers the new HFS+ ('MacOS Extended') volumes. Shareware fee $39.

Dinosaur Icons
Agrapha 32-bit Dinosaur Icons is a set of 12 icons that look great in MacOS 8.5 or above, but will also show up as regular 8-bit icons in earlier versions of the MacOS. Freeware.

Disk Recall 1.0
Disk Recall (formerly FloppyCatalog) is a super-fast disk cataloging utility. It creates catalogs of any type of disk (floppies, hard drives, CD-ROMs, Zips, Sy-Quests, AppleShare volumes, etc...). It features an intuitive Finder-like list view for browsing disk contents, and a powerful multi-criteria search engine modeled after Apple's Find File utility of System 8. Disk Recall lets you search for duplicate files, delete files or folders, scan inside Stuffit files, open and reveal items in the Finder and more. Giftware.

iRCrsr 1.0.1
iRCrsr is a System Extension that replaces the normal cursor with an iMac mouse, and the watch cursor with a rotating iMac. Shareware fee $5.

Mt. Everything 1.1.1 & 1.5.0a3
Mt. Everything is a Control Panel to help you to manage your SCSI bus and devices connected to it. It displays all the devices on the Mac's SCSI bus and allows any partition or whole disk to be mounted with a mouse click. Unlike SCSIProbe, it can also display a map of the individual disk partitions. Version 1.5.0a3 introduces some new features including the display of the 'real' buses on multi-bus Macs, but is time-limited. Postcardware.

SkipPrint 1.0.2
SkipPrint is a Control Panel which enables you to do double-sided printing on those printers that do not support this option. It works by the simple method of causing every other page in the specified print range to be skipped. By printing twice, and turning the paper over between printings, double-sided printing is accomplished, thereby saving paper. Shareware fee $10.

Stereo 3D 2.0
Stereo 3D is the original professional-quality stereogram maker for MacOS. It allows anyone to create high-quality random-dot stereograms, as seen in many books including the Magic Eye™ series. It is quick, fast, and simple, and works on virtually any color Macintosh. Stereo 3D creates 3D images from a grayscale PICT, created in any paint or image-editing program, and takes only seconds to finish an image on most computers. Shareware fee $10.

Tide Stamp North America 2.0
Tide Stamp is a tide and current predictor. The key word here is predictor, since tide prediction algorithms cannot consider unusually strong winds, stormy weather conditions, spring runoff, or other factors which can and will affect tides. Therefore always view tidal predictions as no more than estimates of the real thing. Freeware.

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From MacFixit: Don Rindfleisch found that his Mac freezes at startup after installing MacInTax 98. Several folks have isolated Apple Menu Items as the source of the conflict. Disabling AMI (or sometimes simply deleting its preferences file) eliminates the freeze.


Tip O' the Month

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Mac basics we sometimes forget

One thing Macs can do which Wintel machines cannot (until recently) is handle files from the other type of computer. That is, you can deal with Wintel files on a Mac, but on a Wintel machine, Mac files were nonsense. As you know, mac files have a data fork and a resource fork. A Wintel machine sees the resource fork as annoying garbage, and the data fork as little better. The Mac, on the other hand, will happily read the Wintel file as a data fork and supply an (empty) resource fork.

Another thing you might find handy: You can format PC diskettes on your Mac floppy drive. You need PC Exchange, of course, but if you do, just put a diskette (PC and Mac diskettes are identical except for formatting) in the Mac floppy drive and erase. PC Exchange will ask if you want to format as low or high density Mac disk or DOS. Select DOS and there you are. You can even put Mac files on the PC-formatted diskette and they will transport just fine, turn back into Mac files when you load them on another Mac.

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My choices, only, out of hundreds of items every month. Drop me a note for YOUR favorite. Links below are either info about or actual downloads, and include commercial products, as well as shareware. These do NOT include demos or beta releases. You might check out Version Tracker for more.
® means update to recently released DOM item. Wish we could catch them all....

APPLEapple icon

iMac Firmware Update 1.0 - prevent problems with starting up

iMac Update 1.1 - improves identification of USB devices when starting up & more

AutoCat 2.0.1 - catalogs all removable volumes, navigate catalog thru Finder open-save boxes®

Bare Bones BBEdit 5.0.1 - text and HTML editor with new suites of HTML tools & more

Casady & Greene Conflict Catcher 8.0.4 - fixes for use with OS 8.5.1

CU-SeeMe 3.1.2 - internet video conferencing, new contact list feature to find online friends

File Buddy 5.0.1 - excellent utility to find info or edit attributes on files, folders or desktop

FinderPop 1.7.6 - improves & extends OS 8.x contextual menus

Userland Frontier 5.1.5 - automated content management system for building and managing websites

GraphicConverter 3.5.1 - view, edit, convert almost every graphic format

Microsoft Internet Explorer & Outlook Express 4.5

KeyQuencer Lite 2.5.5 - macro utility to automate virtually any task, fix for OS 8.5.x

Symantec NAV (Norton AntiVirus) virus definitions Jan - virus definition update files

CE QuicKeys 4.0 - automation software with with new improvements & additions, avail. March

Symantec SAM virus definitions Jan - virus definition update files

Macromedia Shockwave 7.0 - player for shockwave & flash web interactions

Sleeper 3.1.1 - sleep utility for any Mac, enhances sleep functions for Macs that have it built-in

Aladdin StuffIt Deluxe 5.0.2 - increases speed & better support for non-English archives

Aladdin Stuffit Expander 5.0.2 - for expanding archived files commonly downloaded from the net

Global Village TelePort V.90 2.2 - firmware for V.90, K56flex & CE 56k modems

Virex Virus Update - Jan. '99 virus definitions only for version 5.9.x of Virex

WormScanner 2.3 - scans & removes AutoStart 9805 worm variants

YA-NewsWatcher 4.0.2 - usenet newsreader with filtering, sorting &more, needs OS 8.5

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