February 2002

by Louis Bookbinder





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SMUG CD-ROM of the Quarter - Winter 2002

The List:

New Contents

Audio & Music
Amazing Slow Downer 1.1.5
iCDc 2.1.1
OneshotRecorder 1.4.1

iGetter 1.5
Lestrade 3.0.5
Mactella 1.3.5
Newswatcher-X 2.2.3b2 (Carbon)
Thoth 1.4.3 Carbon
Transmit 1.7b2

Design & Graphics
Digital Design Buddy 2.5
FuturePaint 2
Lemon 1.1
Starfish Pro 1.0

Smile 1.8.4

Fun and Games
Acronyms 3.0
Cat and Mouse 2.1
Khufu 0.9.1b
Netrikulator 1.0.2
Nevermind 1.1
Qube 1.1
WingNuts 1.0 Carbon

CSManager 2.0
Desktop Pets 1.0
Grabby Window 1.0b5
Holiday Lights 5.2
SpeedApp 2.2.1
TypeRecorder 1.2.1
WorkStrip 1.5.1

Kitchen Sink
Auction Action Tracker 2.9.2
CarCare 3.3
Crossword Express 5.5
Customer Tracker 2.5.1
GolfMeister 3.0.1
Language Assistant 2.5
NP Grade 1.5.1
QuickFinance 3.5.1
Son of Weather Grok 4.1.3
Stargazer's Delight 5.1

Goldberg 2.2 Carbon
Goldberg 2.2.1 Updater Carbon
Ptah 1.4.3
simpleSlide 2.16

Ämazing Slow Downer 1.1.5 OSX
Auction Action Tracker 2.9.2 Carbon
Cat-in-the-Dock 1.2
ClipWorks 2.0.1 OSX
Customer Tracker 2.5.1 Carbon
Desktop Pets 1.0 OSX
DiskCatalogMaker X 2.5.1
Dock-It 0.6.5
Get Info 0.9.2
Goldberg 2.2 OSX
iCDc 2.1.1 OSX
IconCleaner 1.1 Carbon
iGetter 1.5 OSX
iOrganizer 2.1 Carbon
Listen&Type X 1.0
MacReporter 1.03
Mactella 1.2b1 OSX
myPong 1.00
Nevermind 1.1 Carbon
NP Grade 1.5.1 OSX
Password Retriever 2.6.7 Carbon
Personal Organizer 4.0 OSX
Plasma Tunnel Screensaver 1.2.3
PrefsOverload 3.5pr2 OSX
simpleSlide 2.16 Carbon
Snard 0.9
SSH Helper 0.2
TinkerTool 2.0
TransmitX 1.7b2
Watson 1.04
Wreath-in-the-Dock 1.0
XRay 1.0b6


CCN Plus 1.6
Coffee Break Pro 1.0
Email Magician 1.0.6
iOrganizer 2.1
Listen&Type 2.21
Personal Organizer 4.0

Asynckeys! 1.5
ClipWorks 2.0.1
Dated Folder 2.6
Disk Watcher 1.0.6
DiskCatalogMaker 2.5.1
IconCleaner 1.1
icWord 2.0
iDisk Manager 1.0
iDisk Mounter 1.8
MacSentry 1.0.1
Nimda Cleaner 1.0b3
OTTool 1.2.1
Password Retriever 2.6.7
PrefsOverload 3.5pr2
typeXchanger 3.0
Web Confidential 3.0 Carbon

Stock Contents

CorelDRAW™ 8 LE
Nisus Compact 1.0

GifBuilder 1.0
GraphicConverter 4.2 68K *
GraphicConverter 4.2 PPC *
GraphicConverter 4.2 Carbon *
Jade 1.2

AOL Instant Messenger 4.3.1232
Better Telnet 2.0b4
Eudora 5.1
Eudora Light 3.1.3
Fetch 4.0.1 PPC *
Fetch 4.0.1 68K*
Interarchy 5.0.1 *
Internet Config 2.5d2
Internet Explorer 5.1 *
MACAST Lite 2.1
MacSSH 68K 2.1fc2 *
MacSSH PPC 2.1fc2 *
MT-NewsWatcher 3.1
Napster 1.0b1.1
Netscape Communicator™ 4.7.9 *
Netscape Communicator™ 6.2.1 *
Netscape Communicator™ 6.2.1 OSX*
Netscaoe MRJ Plugin 1.0b2 *
Niftytelnet SSH 1.1r3
NiftyTelnet 1.1 FAT
Outlook Express 5.0.3 *
RealPlayer 8 6.0
Windows Media Player 7.01

DarkSide of the Mac 5.0.6
Default Folder 3.1.3 *
Disinfectant 3.7.1
Extension Overload 5.9.4 *
GURU 2.9
Kaleidoscope 2.3.1
MacUser's Kaleidoscope Winners
Mariner LE 3.1.4
MP3 Rage 4.1 *
SoundApp68K 2.7.3
SoundAppPPC 2.7.3
SoundJam MP Free 2.5.3

Acrobat Reader 3.0 68K
Acrobat Reader 5.0.5 PPC *
ADBProbe 1.0.3
Aladdin DropStuff 6.0.1
Aladdin Expander™ 6.5.1 *
Andrew's Disk Copy Scripts 2.1.1 *
BBEdit Lite 6.1.2 *
BBTidy 1.0b9
FinderPop 1.9.2
PopChar Lite 2.7.2
PrintToPDF 2.3 *
SCSIProbe 5.2
ShrinkWrap™ 2.1
Sleeper 3.5
Snitch 2.6.5
Snitch 2.6.6 Updater
TechTool 3.0.1
Tex-Edit Plus 4.1.2 PPC
Tex-Edit Plus 4.1.3b3 OSX*
textSOAP 3.1.2 *

Apple Contents

Carbonlib 1.0.4
Carbonlib 1.5 *
Disc Burner 1.0.1
Disk Copy 6.3.3
HyperCard Player 2.4.1
iMovie Update 2.1.1 *
MRJ 2.2.5
OpenGL 1.2.1
ResEdit 2.1.3
* New or updated since the previous CDOQ


February Demo by Thomas Carlson (again)

Amazing Slow Downer 1.1.5
Amazing Slow Downer 1.1.5 OSX

If you're a musician who likes to learn new songs and techniques by listening to the same piece of music over and over but wish that the music could be played a little slower, then you'll enjoy Amazing Slow Downer. You can repeat any section of the music at full speed, slow it down or even speed it up by stretching the music by -50% to 400% without changing the pitch! Requires OS 8.1 or higher, or OS X. $40.

CarCare 3.3
Have you ever needed a car repair receipt and couldn't find it? Digging through receipts to find when the last time you serviced your transmission or changed the plugs can be a real pain! But with CarCare it's fast and easy! It features an "At-A-Glance" section where all general information for the vehicle is kept. It also is a great way to keep track of your vehicles maintenance costs with an "Invoice" section where all repair costs are kept. Requires OS 8.1 or higher. $10.

Crossword Express 5.5
Crossword Express is an extensive demo that shows how the program can help you to create crossword and vocabulary puzzles for a wide variety of applications. The very flexible system offers a number of options for creating standard, classroom, preset word, and special-interest puzzles; it also lets you specify dictionaries so puzzles can be tailored precisely for your needs. You choose the grid size, and use established or custom lattice templates for various styles of puzzles. Requires OS 7.5 or higher. $35.

iDisk Mounter 1.8
iDisk Mounter is a tool to mount iDisks, and includes the following features:

Netrikulator 1.0.2
Think you've got what it takes to master the mayhem? This frantic puzzle game from FIDIM Interactive is sure to put your networking skills to the test. It's a heart-pumping race against time as you scramble to link two network nodes with various different colored shapes. Connect the nodes and the completed network vanishes, then the madness starts all over again. The goal: to form as many complete networks as possible. But be careful. Too many rash decisions and the grid will quickly fill with dead pieces that will be nothing but trouble as the game gets faster. Deceptively simple and supremely addictive, it takes a minute to learn and a lifetime to master. Requires OS 8.1 or higher. $15.

PrefsOverload 3.5
PrefsOverload 3.5 OSX

PrefsOverload is designed to resolve the problems of Preferences Files that are no longer needed., because their mother files no longer exist, and damaged Preferences Files that can cause applications to crash. It can browse the Preferences Folder, allowing you to detect unnecessary preferences files, thanks to the information it gives you. Or it can display a list of probably unnecessary or damaged Preferences Files, allowing you to delete them or to put them into the trash. Also PrefsOverload allows you to search for specific Preference Files, by their type/creator or their creation/modification date and so on. Requires OS 7.6.1 or higher, or OS X. $15.

Ptah 1.4.4
Ptah is a player for text, image, movie, and sound files. It can open and view PICT, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, and BMP image files. It can open and play QuickTime, MPEG, and AVI movie files. Using QuickTime 4 it can also play MP3 audio files. It can open and edit styled text documents. It can display text data in a list format that is easily searched and sorted. It can create image catalogs that have useful size thumbnails and which can contains tens of thousands of images while only using a few MB of RAM and which can be quickly sorted and live filtered. Requires OS 8.5 or higher. $15.

Son of Weather Grok 4.1.4 Carbon
Son of Weather Grok is an application that displays weather conditions for cities from around the world. It taps into NOAA's (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) data center using 4 letter ICAO codes for Airports. Son of Grok will show the temperature, sky conditions, humidity, wind speed, pressure, ceiling, visibility, and much more. Weather data is usually updated hourly from NOAA, and you can set Son of Grok to get this data at specified time intervals. The data is then displayed in an easy to read format using fancy-schmancy sky condition illustrations like you see on the news, along with the details in a small scrolling ticker and drop down list. Requires OS 8.6 or higher with CarbonLib 1.2. $10.

TinkerTool 2.02
Do you want to control anti-aliasing of fonts? Would you like translucent terminal windows? Do you want to have all hidden files and folders displayed in the Finder? All that and many more hidden options of Mac OS X can be activated with the TinkerTool utility. Requires OS X, version 10.1. Free.

typeXchanger 3.0
typeXchanger is a very simple utility to change creator and file types of Macintosh files. It's very easy to use and very small. Requires OS 8 or higher. Free.

WorkStrip 1.5.3
A control strip replacement with lots of time-saving features. Little documentation. $30.


Security Alert!

From Your Shareware Team

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Tip O' the Month



Mac basics we sometimes forget

This really happened: if you are not a cat lover, you do not have the favor of your kitty sleeping on your monitor (and getting hair in the guts) (sometimes barfing on it) or, joy of joys, walking across your keyboard on the way to your lap. My cat does this and usually it is no problem - until one day she walked across my keyboard and renamed my hard drive "]]]]]]]]]]]". Now, the OS (8.6) is smart enough to know when its boot drive has been renamed and to change some critical file paths to accommodate. But applications like Netscape and Internet Exploder are not. Eudora complained royally. Claris Homepage chewed me out. I was finally lucky enough to find an application which told me what file path it could no longer find, so I could set the name back. (Don't rely on get info - it tells you the current ACTUAL path, not the original).

Thomas pointed out a nifty way to prevent this in the future: Turn on file sharing, even if you never share files. When it is on, the OS will not allow changes to the name of the boot drive or several other important folders. And, conversely, if you want to change the name of your hard drive, and find you cannot, check file sharing. Turn it off, reboot, rename your hard drive, and turn it back on.


NEW PRODUCT RELEASES 01/04 thru 01/27

My choices, only, out of hundreds of items every month. Drop me a note for YOUR favorite. Links below are either info about or actual downloads, and include commercial products, as well as shareware. These do NOT include demos or beta releases. You might check out Version Tracker for more.
® means update to recently released CDOQ item. Wish we could catch them all....

APPLEapple icon

Metrowerks CodeWarrior Pro 7.2 - application development environment

Conflict Catcher 9.0 - startup file management and conflict testing utility

Extension Overload 5.9.5 - extension, control panel, CSM & CMM info tool

GraphicConverter 4.2.1 - view, edit, and convert most any graphic file format

iCab 2.7 - Lean, popular alternative Web browser

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.1 - popular web browser

MP3 Rage 4.2 - Gnutella/Napster client, MP3 tag editor, player, cataloger...

Opera 5.0 - next generation browser

QuarkXPress 5.0 - popular page layout program

REALbasic 4.0 - object oriented visual programming environment

TurboTax Deluxe for Mac 2001 1.00a - popular tax software (was MacinTax)

Connectix Virtual PC 5.0.1 - PC emulator to run Windows software SMUG Navigation Bar

Andromeda Galaxy


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