February 2000

by Louis Bookbinder





This month's Free Sample Shareware is no longer available. See the current month. -------------------------------------------------

SMUG February '00 Disk of the Month

Assembled by Thomas Carlson

Alias Menu
AliasMenu adds customized menus to the menu bar. These menus work like the Apple menu: Each menu has a corresponding folder and the menu automatically reflects the folder's content.

The menu name can be replaced by a custom mini-icon, to get a nice layout or to save room in the menu bar and add more menus. Free

CNET news
A find-file document for CNET news. Free

Kaleidoscope scheme. Free

Icon Tools 1.6
Icon Tools is a Contextual Menu Manager plug-in. When installed, it lets you copy, paste, mark and apply many special effects to icons in the Finder by simply control-clicking them and choosing the desired command from the pop-up menu that appears. $15

MacDim 2.2.1
MacDim is a beautiful and memory efficient screensaver.

MacDim will protect your screen from burn-in and a too high power consumption. Monitors that support power saving can be turned off. MacDim also supports password protection and launching of MacDim modules and other programs. Free

Mac-FTP-List 4.5.5
Mike Gleason and Bruce Grubb's Mac ftp list lists over 150 mac anonymous ftp sites (some with notes), over 110 Mac web pages, contains some instructions on how to use anonymous ftp and find files as well a format chart showing which programs decompress and decode which files and a section on how to use certain decoded files.

Text is HTML written in TexEdit, so just drop items on Netscape or IE icon to get best use. Free.

R Shapiro's OE 4.5 scripts
A suite of AppleScripts for Outlook Express 4.5

T-Minus Ten 2.2
T-Minus Ten launches your Macintosh into new realms of automation. With T-Minus Ten, you create tasks that can then be played back at any time. Tasks can be created that perform the following types of actions:

Requires System 7.5 or better and Appearance Control Panel. $20

Tongue Twisters
Tongue Twisters is a HyperCard freeware program that allows children of all ages to hear the computer say over 80 tongue twisters. Then the child can write his/her own tongue twister and the computer will say it.

Tongue Twisters, used by hundreds of elementary school children in computer labs and classrooms, requires HyperCard Player to run. The userLevel is set to 3 for school use. Notice that this program is fully functional and will not destruct. It requires no password. Free.

Virtual Drummer 4.0.3
A highly flexible drum set simulator and scripter. Requires a PowerPC Processor, System 8.1 or greater, and Quicktime 3.0 or greater. Free



Qucktime 4.1 (see new software below)

Quicktime seems to break numerous applications which use it. Wait for an update.


Tip O' the Month

From Your Shareware Team

Installs and uninstalls.

MacOS keeps things so simple that installers are mostly unnecessary, and uninstalling is trivial - MOST of the time. Compare with Windows where you NEED the installer because you have no idea where all the pieces of any new application might be stored. But sometimes even Mac software can get complicated. Take a look at this month's Icon Tools (a good product) which puts 3 items in the System folder, and 3 items elsewhere.

Here is a trick Thomas Carlson showed us the other night: Go into the Extension or Control Panel folder (depending on what kind of thing you are installing) and select EVERYTHING (select All, or command-A). Now, under MacOS 8.0 or later, go to the File menu and open the Labels submenu and click on a color. Now all your icons or labels have that color. Install your new item. It does not have that color. If you need to remove the new stuff, it stands out - no color! When you are done installing or uninstalling, just select everything again, and change the label color to None. Under MacOS before 8.0, Label is a separate menu on the menu bar. Same use.

Alternatively, you might be installing manually, and have a bunch of items in a folder you want to install in many places. Before you do, use the label to color them all, then removing them later will be a snap. In fact, you can Find File by label color and get them all at once!

WARNING!: sometimes an installer REPLACES existing items. Avoid installing unless you know what items will be added. Uninstalling may remove something you need!



Mac basics we sometimes forget

Copy This!

There are 2 kinds of COPY on a Mac: to copy text, and to copy files. The first kind can be found in any Edit menu - shortcut command-C. This takes whatever text you have selected, and puts it in the clipboard. In certain circumstances, you can copy other things, too, like graphics or sounds. Now you can go somewhere else and paste (command-V). Note that if you select a file/folder/application icon and do copy, what you get is the text in the object's name. As you know, you can edit names just like any other text (up to 31 characters).

The other copy, file copy, is more complex. There is no keyboard or menu command to do this. (Don't use command-D - duplicate - it is inefficient). And it can be tricky. To copy from one volume to another you simply drag the icon from where it shows to where you want the copy. The finder automatically builds a copy identical in every way to the original except where it is located. Be careful, however: If a file of that name already exists in that location, you will over-write the previous version with the copy - you may or may not be asked first if that is what you want to do. And be careful about copying to the desktop. In most cases you do not copy - you simply tell the finder to show the icon on the desktop, and the original stays where it is. The finder considers the desktop as common property for all volumes - or more accurately - each volume has a desktop file and all of them display on the same screen.

When you move an icon within a single volume - or from a folder to the desktop, all that changes is the directory information for the object, no copy is made. If you intend a copy, be sure you see the progress dialog indicating how much is copied. Unless you see it, no copy was made, just a change in the directory. If you DO want to copy within a volume, hold down the option key before you move the icon. Then the file will be duplicated in the location you indicate: look for the progress dialog. Remember also that you can move or copy several items at once - select (hilite) them all and copy. Watch for a progress dialog for each one!



My choices, only, out of hundreds of items every month. Drop me a note for YOUR favorite. Links below are either info about or actual downloads, and include commercial products, as well as shareware. These do NOT include demos or beta releases. You might check out Version Tracker for more.
® means update to recently released DOM item. Wish we could catch them all....

APPLEapple icon

FireWire 2.2.2 - drivers for FireWire equipped Macs, fix for iMac DV & G4

iTools 1.0.1 - installer for Apple's new Internet services for OS 9

Open Transport 2.6 - for OS 9 & some 8.6 users, addresses DHCP & Denial of Service issues

QuickTime 4.1 - use your QuickTime Updater if installed or download the 'net' installer

Email Effects 1.6.2 - creates image art in email using only plain ASCII text

AOL Instant Messenger 3.5879 - instant chat/voice notification utility between online users

IomegaWare 2.1.1 - Zip and Jaz driver & software tools

MacArmyKnife 1.7.2 - general purpose tool: check running processes, modify resources®

Aladdin MacTicker 1.6.2 - desktop stock ticker to view dynamic stock market info

CE QuickMail Pro 2.0.4 - client & server updates for the email system - 4.9M

Rainbow Painter 1.7 - image/photo editing app with layer, alpha channels, mask support

Connectix RAM Doubler 9.0 - enhanced virtual memory tool (update for v8 users coming Jan 17)

Tex-Edit Plus 2.8 - excellent text editor with all the features for most text file needs

Now Up-to-Date & Contact 3.8.2 - update for the scheduler/contact manager tool

FWB SoftWindows 95 5.0.9 - popular Windows emulator (formerly by Insignia), OS 9 fix

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