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December 1997

by Louis Bookbinder


save the mac



This month's Free Sample Shareware is no longer available.


SMUG December '97 Disk of the Month

Assembled by Louis Bookbinder

Disk 1:

Agent Audio PPC from ClixSounds
The Mac was made to be customized especially when it comes to audio, as all Macs come with the native ability to play sounds. Some software companies halfheartedly acknowledge this by adding a few sounds to their products but hiding them deep within the program, thus leaving you with little ability to use the sounds YOU want to hear. Now you can do something about it. $12

Better Edit Keys 1.1
Better Edit Keys is a cool system enhancement that allows you to use the shift, option and control keys with the arrows, delete, forward delete and clear keys in any standard text editing field, including basic text editors such as SimpleText. This makes it much easier to work with text without reaching the mouse. You can: extend the current selection,.move to the previous or next word, move to the beginning or end of the current line, forward delete, delete up to the beginning of the current word, delete up to the end of the current word, delete the current word (or clear selection). $10

BetterTelnet 1.2.1 Fat
BetterTelnet is based on NCSA Telnet, but better. No Readme comes with this, but it runs itself. Free

Compression Plug-in 1.0.3
Drop this in your closed System Folder (which will put it in the Contextual menus folder) and a STUFF item will be added to your contextual menu - which you can use to either stuff or unstuff archives. $5

CryptKeeper 1.0.7
Just drag and drop any text file you want to encrypt on the cryptkeeper, or it's alias. You'll be asked for a key, which you'll need to remember if you intend to decode the file. Pretty simple, eh? Free

Gramotki 1.5.5 Fat
Gramotki as an easy mode of making notes appeared first thousand years ago: In XIIth century it was the name for pieces of birch bark russian people used to save notes and write letters. Now you can use "electronic" Gramotki as a notebook, sticky notes, calendar, daily planner and applications launcher. You never need to press Command-S or select Save from File menu in Gramotki! All your work is automatically saved every two seconds! $20

Disk 2:

ExaChess_Lite 1.0
ExaChess is a powerful new chess-database program for the Macintosh with many features. Use it to manage a database of hundreds of thousands of master games, as a chessboard to play through games, as a tool to record and annotate your own games, to play games against the computer, or to play perfect endgames. Free

MacChess 3.0.e PPC
MacChess is a very capable computer chess player. It can be linked to play against other games via ExaChess, or against ExaChess itself. Free

Program Switcher 4.4.2
Program Switcher is a convenient timesaving control panel that allows you to switch between the applications running on your System 7 or greater Macintosh via a simple two-key keystroke. It was inspired by the same function found in "Windows," but has been improved and transformed into a unique and fully configurable control panel that makes switching applications on the Macintosh as simple as pressing a couple of keys. $10

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The Very First SMUG CD-ROM!

600 Megabytes of Fantastic Shareware

Contents too huge to list here, but it includes:

Apple Stuff - Cyberdoc, MoviePlayer, Open Transport, Quickdraw 3D, MRJ

Applications - Acrobat Reader, Insult Generator, Guru

Audio - Arnold's MIDI Player, MusicTime, PlayerPRO, Virtual Drummer

Games - Barrack, Escape Velocity, ClueDeluxe, FRACAS, Koji The Frog, Marathon EVIL, Duke Nukem 3D Demo, Maelstrom.

Graphics - JPEGView, Morpher2.0, GraphicConverter3.0.1

Html - Mapper, PageSpinner, SimpleText2Html

Internet - Anarchie, CU-SeeMe, Eudora Light, MT-NewsWatcher, NetPresenz, Netscape Communicator (3 versions), Fetch

Kaleidoscope - dozens of colorful schemes

Movies - Wild Africa, 1984, Gates

QuickTime VR Stuff - Nature, Space, Oddities,...

SMUG - DOMs from Jan 96 through Nov 97, Member disks, and Best of 95

System Additions - BeHeirarchic, FinderPop, SmartScroll

User Interface - Aaron Light, CMTools, more CMM tools and plug-ins

utilities - GIFBuilder, ZipIt, DiskTracker, DropStuff, ShrinkWrap, Yank

virus - Disinfectant 3.7.1

Voice Recognition - English Speech Recognition, HEK3000, voice_control_finder16

All this and more for only $10. LIMITED QUANTITIES!



Have a problem printing under PageMaker? It appears to be a conflict with Apple's Laserwriter 8.4.x extension. Bill Murray writes: "The best thing for PageMaker users to do is to use version 8.3.4 of the Apple LaserWriter driver. This driver is 100% compatible with PageMaker's printing engine. There's no problem using the 8.3.4 driver with Mac OS 8 either - it works just fine. Adobe recommends either doing this or using version 8.3.1 of Adobe's PSPrinter driver."(MacFixit)

If you run MacsBug, you need version 6.5.4a3 if you want to run it under MacOS 8, earlier versions will cause a crash on startup.


Tip O' the Month

From Your Shareware Team

This tip from Shareware's Thomas Carlson: In MacOS 8, take any picture you want, name it "secret about box" (omit the quotes) and make it your desktop picture. Instead you get a big blue bird telling you who made the Desktop Picture control panel. Just change the name if you want to actually see the picture you used. (Free mug, Thomas.)

To see what Find File is actually searching, while it searches, hold down the Command (Apple) key when you click Find. (The Macintosh Guy of Portland, Oregon)

For a good article on Magic Cookies (discussed at General Meeting a while back) see a NetBITs article, Toss Your Cookies. You should subscribe to NetBITs - you can really get up to speed on Internet technologies.



Mac basics we sometimes forget

Poor-man's folder tabs (folder tabs are a MacOS 8 way to hide open folders as tabs at the bottom of the screen): create aliases to the folders you want, on the desktop. Remove "alias" from the name. Click on the name and slide up under the menu bar, leaving just the name available. Any time you need that folder, double-click on the name. Doesn't take up much room, anyhow.

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My choices, only, out of hundreds of items every month. Includes commercial products, not just shareware. These do NOT include beta releases. You might check out Version Tracker for more.
® means update to recently released DOM item

APPLEapple icon

AppleShare Client 3.7.2 - for System Software 7.5.3 or later, and Open Transport 1.1.2 or later

AppleShare IP 5.0.2 - supports OS 8 & WebSTAR API, client & mail tools also finished

Displays Software 1.5.5 - for use with all Apple monitors & System 7.5 or greater

MRJ 1.5.1 - Mac OS Runtime for Java

System Profiler 1.3.1 - gather information about the configuration of your Mac

1.2GB Firmware Utility 1.1 - upgrades firmaware for some 1.2GB ATA Apple drives

Bare Bones BBEdit 4.5.1a - premier HTML and text editing tool

BeHierarchic 3.1 - displays submenus for items located in the Apple Menu Items

Netscape Communicator 4.04

GoLive CyberStudio 2.0.1 - web page design & site management software

DOCMaker 4.8.2 - creates stand-alone documents so no application is needed to read them

Eudora Light 3.1.3 - email client

FinderPop 1.5 - improves and extends the Mac OS 8 Contextual Menus ®

GraphicConverter 3.0.2 - for picture image editing and format conversion

Look Mom, No Hands 1.5.1 - open Contextual Menus by holding down the mouse button®

Myrmidon 2.0.1 - turns any Mac file into a Web page with just one click

Navigator Button Editor 1.3.3 - customizes Navigator buttons or Communicator Guide menu®

Nisus Writer 5.1.1 - excellent commercial word processor

QuarkXPress 4.0 - now shipping their popular layout and design software

Intuit Quicken 98

ALM SimpleText Color Menu 3.2 - installs a menu of useful add-on features into Simple Text

St. Clair Sleeper 3.0.1 - spins down hard drives, dims screen & powers off monitors after periods of inactivity

Connectix Speed Doubler 8 8.0.1A updater - also available is the Speed Copy Server

Aladdin StuffIt Deluxe 4.5 - complete file compression solution

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