August 2002

by Louis Bookbinder





This month's Free Sample Shareware is undetermined. See below for details. -------------------------------------------------

SMUG CD-ROM of the Quarter - Summer 2002

The List:

Audio & Music
Audio Toolbox 1.1
Audio Toolbox X 1.1
Audiocorder 3.3.1
Audiocorder X 3.3.1
Cacophony 1.1 (OSX)
Music Tutor 1.0 (Cls)

Chimera 0.3 (OSX)
Netscape 7.0pr1
Netscape X 7.0pr1
Quickie Web Albums 2.2.2
Quickie Web Albums X 2.2.2
Surfer 2.0 (Cls)
Vince 1.0 (OSX)
WebFree 1.1 (Cls)

Design & Graphics
Icon Machine 3.0b18 (Cbn)
JewelCaseIllustrator 1.2.7 (Cls)
PixelScope 1.0.1 (Cbn)

Akua Sweets 1.4.3 (Cls)
Dialog Director v0.7 (Cls)

Fun and Games
Avalanche 1.0.0
Avalanche X 1.0.0
Boat Wars 1.0 (Cls)
eFreeCell 1.0.1 (Cls)
GridX 1.2 (Cls)
Gridx 1.2 (OSX)
Red & Green 1.0 (Cbn)

DockFun! 3.0b1 (OSX)
EarthDesk 1.0.4 (Cbn)Fluid 1.1 (OSX)
OroborOSX 0.8b (OSX)
OroborOSX 0.75a4r2 (OSX)
piPop 2.0b8 (Cbn)
Silk 1.1 (OSX)
Xfree86 4.2.0 (OSX)

Kitchen Sink
AceReader Pro 1.0g (Cls)
aClock 3.0b6 (OSX)
Alchemist's Challenge 1.0.1
Alchemist's Challenge X 1.0.1
Celestia 1.2.2 (OSX)
Edible Landscaping 4.6.4 (Cls)
MoonDock 1.2.2 (OSX)
US Const & Gov Quizzer 4.0.1US Const & Gov Quizzer X 4.0.1
Using NIST Time Servers
WeatherPop 1.1 (OSX)
Word List Maker 2.2.2 (Cls)
World Clock Deluxe 3.1.2 (Cls)
World Clock Deluxe 3.2 (OSX)

iPhoto Librarian 1.0 (OSX)
iPhoto Library Manager 1.0 (OSX)
Tattoo 1.2b1 (OSX)

AntiWord Service 1.0.1 (OSX)
CalcService 2.7 (OSX)
MultideX 1.4 (OSX)
OmniOutliner 2.0.2 (OSX)
Quickset Alarm 1.0 (Cls)
Sambucus 2.0.3
Sambucus X 2.0.3
WordService 2.3.1 (OSX)

AquaGrep 1.0 (OSX)
Bad Cookie! 1.1 (Cls)
Bad Cookie! 1.1 (Cbn)
BatChmod 1.31 (OSX)
Chaos Antidote 1.1.2 (Cls)
Clean-Install Assistant 1.5.3 (Cls)
clipEdit 2.1.5
clipEdit X 2.6
DMG Fixer 1.0.1 (Cbn)
Doublet Scan 4.0.1 (Cbn)
DropPrint 1.2 (OSX)
FileXaminer 1.1 (OSX)
Fink 0.4.0 (OSX)
FinkCommander 0.3.1 (OSX)
Folder Icon X 1.1.8
LCD Screen Tester 1.0.1 (OSX)
Macintosh Explorer 3.1.1
Macintosh Explorer X 3.1.1
MemoryPro 1.0 (Cls)
MemoryStick 1.1 (OSX)
Net Monitor 2.5b1 (OSX)
Process Wizard 1.04 (OSX)
Resploder 1.6.1 (Cbn)
SharePoints 2.0.5 (OSX)
SNAX 1.2.8 (OSX)
Speed Download 1.8.2b (Cbn)
SpeedMeUp Pro 2.01 (OSX)Super Get Info Demo 1.0.8 (OSX)
vMac 0.1.9c (Cbn)

Stock Contents

GifBuilder 1.0 (Cls)
Goldberg 2.2 (Cbn) *
Goldberg 2.2.1 Updater (Cbn) *
Goldberg X 2.2.1 (OSX) *
GraphicConverter 4.1 (68K)
GraphicConverter 4.4 (Cls) *
GraphicConverter 4.4 (Cbn) *
Jade 1.2 (Cls)

AOL Instant Messenger 4.3.1232 (Cls)
AOL Instant Messenger 4.5.651 (OSX) *
Better Telnet 2.0b4 (Cls)
Eudora 5.1.1 (Cls) *
Eudora 5.1.1 (OSX) *
Eudora Light 3.1.3 (Cls)
Fetch 4.0.2 *
iCab 2.8 (Cls) *
iCab X 2.8 (OSX) *
Interarchy 5.0.1 (Cbn)
Internet Config 2.5d2 (Cls)
Internet Explorer 5.1.4 (Cls) *
Internet Explorer 5.2 (OSX) *
MACAST Lite 2.1
MacSSH 2.1fc3 (68K) *
MacSSH 2.1fc3 (Cls) *
Mozilla 1.1a (Cls) *
Mozilla X 1.1a (OSX) *
MT-NewsWatcher 3.1 (Cls)
MT-NewsWatcher 3.2 (OSX)
Napster 1.0b1.1 (Cls)
Netscape Communicator? 4.79 (Cls)
Netscape Communicator? 6.2.3 (Cls) *
Netscape Communicator? 6.2.3 (OSX) *
Netscape MRJ Plugin 1.0b5 (Cls) *
Netscape MRJ Plugin 1.0 (OSX) *
Niftytelnet SSH 1.1r3 (Cls)
NiftyTelnet 1.1 FAT (Cls)
OmniWeb 4.1 (OSX) *
Opera 5.0 (Cls) *
Opera X 5.0b4 (OSX) *
Outlook Express 5.0.3 (Cls)
RealPlayer 8 6.0 (Cls)
Windows Media Player 7.1.2 (Cls)
Windows Media Player X 7.1.3 (OSX)

BBEdit Lite 6.1.2
BBTidy 1.0b9
DarkSide of the Mac 5.0.6 (Cls)
Disinfectant 3.7.1 (Cls)
Extension Overload 5.9.7 (Cls) *
GURU 2.9 (Cls)
Kaleidoscope 2.3.1 (Cls)
MacTracker 1.7.1 (Cls) *
MacTracker X 1.7.1 (OSX) *
MacUser's Kaleidoscope Winners
Mariner LE 3.1.4 (Cls)
MP3 Rage 5.1 (Cbn) *
SoundApp 2.7.3 (68K)
SoundApp 2.7.3 (Cls)
SoundJam MP Free 2.5.3 (Cls)
Tex-Edit Plus 4.1.2 (Cls)
Tex-Edit Plus X 4.2.5 (OSX) *
textSOAP 3.1.5 (Cbn)

Acrobat Reader 3.0 (68K)
Acrobat Reader 5.0.5 (Cbn)
ADBProbe 1.0.3 (Cls)
Aladdin DropStuff 6.0.1
Aladdin Expander? 6.0.1
Andrew's Disk Copy Scripts 2.1.1
Default Folder 3.1.4 (Cls) *
Default Folder X 1.5 (OSX) *
FinderPop 1.9.2 (Cls)
PopChar Lite 2.7.2 (Cls)
PrintToPDF 2.4.2 (Cls) *
SCSIProbe 5.2 (Cls)
ShrinkWrap? 2.1 (Cls)
Sleeper 3.5 (Cls)
Snitch 2.6.5 (Cls)
Snitch 2.6.6 Updater (Cls)
TechTool Lite 3.0.2 (Cls) *
TinkerTool 2.2 (OSX) *

Apple Contents
Carbonlib 1.0.4
Carbonlib 1.6 *
Disc Burner 1.0.1
Disk Copy 6.3.3
Disk Copy Scripts 6.3
HyperCard Player 2.4.1
iMovie Update 2.1.1
iMovie 2.1 OSX
MRJ 2.2.5
OpenGL 1.2.1
ResEdit 2.1.3

* New or updated since the previous CDOQ


August Demo by Owen Saxton

AntiWord Service 1.0.1 (OSX)
AntiWordService is a free filter service from DEVONtechnologies that enables any Cocoa application able to read plain text, for example TextEdit or DEVONthink Personal Edition, to open Microsoft Word documents. The actual conversion is done by the command line utility "antiword". So, up to now, only plain text is preserved, no images and no formatting. This may change in some future version of AntiWordService, though. Requires OS X 10.1+. Free.

CalcService 2.7 (OSX)
This service calculates the result of a selected formula within all Cocoa applications (e.g. Textedit, Mail, Stickies, Notes, ProjectBuilder, Fire, OmniWeb or TeXShop) and appends the result to the formula or replaces the formula with the result. In addition there's the possibility to display the result in a panel without modifying the text. So there's no more need to start Calculator or stuff like that if you only want to calculate some values immediately within text-windows or dialog-fields. It handles the standard arithmetic operators and basic math functions and has several named constants available. Requires OS X 10.1+. Free.

Celestia 1.2.2 (OSX)
Celestia is a real-time space simulation that lets you experience our universe in three dimensions. Unlike most planetarium software, Celestia doesn't confine you to the surface of the Earth. You can travel throughout the solar system, to any of over 100,000 stars, or even beyond the galaxy. All travel in Celestia is seamless; the exponential zoom feature lets you explore space across a huge range of scales, from galaxy clusters down to spacecraft only a few meters across. A 'point-and-goto' interface makes it simple to navigate through the universe to the object you want to visit. Requires OS X 10.1.2+. Free.

EarthDesk 1.0.4 (Cbn)
The first product of its kind to support both Classic MacOS and OS X, EarthDesk replaces your static desktop picture with ever-changing, beautiful maps of the world with correct sun and moon illumination. Requires OS 8.6+ with CarbonLib. or OS X. $20.

eFreeCell 1.0.1 (Cls)
eFreeCell is a Macintosh version of the solitaire card games Freecell and Baker's Game. It features unlimited undos, auto-saving, extensive statistics, and more. Best of all, it's free! Requires OS 7.1+. Free.

FileXaminer 1.1 (OSX)
FileXaminer enables a file's attributes to be examined and changed. Its feature list includes :

FileXaminer eliminates the need to use Terminal, and makes changing attributes on files(s) and folder(s) a breeze. Requires OS X 10.1+. $10.

GridX 1.2 (Cls)
Gridx 1.2 (OSX)

GridX is a small, simple mental math game. The object is to fill in numbered squares on the grid, before the time limit runs out. The time limit can be adjusted, and can be set for either a single round (count down the time for one square on the grid), or for the entire game (where you must fill in all the squares before the set time runs out). This can be difficult, but there is a high scores list, so you'll still get your glory. :) Go ahead and try out this little bit of freeware! Requires OS 7.1+ or OS X. Free.

MemoryStick 1.1 (OSX)
MemoryStick does one thing and does it well: it provides a graphical display of your physical RAM usage under Mac OS X. This tells you whether you have enough RAM to avoid virtual memory swapouts during normal activity; virtual memory swapouts make Mac OS X much slower. Requires OS X. Free.

MoonDock 1.2.2 (OSX)
MoonDock is a lightweight application designed for displaying up-to-date images of the Moon phase in your system MacOS X Dock or as a floating Moon image on your desktop. MoonDock also enables you to examine phase information for specific dates and times between 2001 and 2015. If you are an amateur astronomer, learning about the night sky or would just like to have the Moon on your desktop this is for you.

Requires OS X 10.1+. Free.

PixelScope 1.0.1 (Cbn)
If you've ever needed to see what's going on with individual pixels, then this is for you! PixelScope puts up a single window which shows an area around the cursor position. This can be magnified up to 17 times or shrunk to a "magnification" of 0.25 (one quarter). Copy the contents of said window to the clipboard and paste into your favorite graphics handler. Requires OS 9 or OS X. $7.

Super Get Info Demo 1.0.8 (OSX)
Super Get Info 1.0 is a utility designed to serve as a replacement for the Mac OS X Finder's Show Info command. Super Get Info allows you to do the following:

Requires OS X. $20.

WeatherPop 1.1 (OSX)
WeatherPop displays, in the menu bar, the current weather conditions for virtually any city or town in the world. Just enter the zip code or name of the city and WeatherPop will go out on the Web and retrieve new information every 15 minutes. Requires OS X. Free.

WordService 2.3.1 (OSX)
This service provides 30 functions to convert, format or speak the currently selected text, to insert data or to show statistics of the selection within all Cocoa applications (e.g. Textedit, Mail, Stickies, Notes, Fire, OmniWeb, ProjectBuilder or TeXShop) and Carbon applications supporting services. Functions include:

Requires OS X 10.1+. Free.


Security Alert!

From Your Shareware Team

Beware geeks bearing grifts.-------------------------------------------------

Tip O' the Month

Show Off Your Pictures.
from O'Reilly

Mac OS X has one of the best slide show applications ever created, and it's built right into the OS. Apple has cleverly disguised this gem as a screen saver. But don't let that fool you. You can use this application to show off your best images anytime you want.

Create a folder within the "Pictures" directory in your User account. The path is: Users --> Your Name --> Pictures. Give your slide show folder a descriptive name such as "Yosemite Vacation," and add a dozen or so images to the folder. The best size for these pictures is 1024 pixels wide.

Now open the Screen Saver Preference panel and choose "Slide Show" from the list of available options. Select the "Configure" button and you'll be greeted with a dialog box that allows you to choose your folder of pictures that will be the source for your slide show. If you want to preview your presentation, hit the "Test" button.

Finally, click the "Hot Corners" tab and indicate which corner of your display activates the slide show. When you want to show off your pictures to your friends, simply move the mouse pointer to your hot corner, and the slide show begins. Try it; it looks great! -------------------------------------------------


Mac basics we sometimes forget

Classic OS doesn't have a built-in screen saver, but you can collect your favorite pictures and use them for desktop pictures. The location is System folder:Appearance:desktop pictures, but you can set up folders inside desktop pictures. Then go to the Appearance control panel and desktop tab and select the picture you want and set desktop. Use the Appearance cp to change the picture.


NEW PRODUCT RELEASES 08/04 thru 08/04

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