April 1999

by Louis Bookbinder




Uncle SMUG needs you, too:

To continue the diatribe (or maybe discussion) from last month, lets look at this another way.

You come to the meetings for answers, entertainment, and the raffle. Greedy little unprintables! Well, I am sorry, but I cannot guarrantee you will win anything in a raffle, and I have only limited ability to entertain you, and I certainly cannot answer ALL your questions (and neither can anyone else!) But most of the questions asked at meetings get answered because SOMEONE can answer some question, and someone else can answer another.

YOU can. You know the answers - you have solved the puzzle. Instead of just being greedy, share a little bit of that genius with the rest of us. Help me set up a demo of the solution. Just saying the answer at the meeting is not the best way to do it.

And, on the other end for you greedy bastards (you know who you are), send me your problems and perhaps I can find a more generous soul who can help me demo the answer. And those of you who do know the answers, drop me a line, huh? I cannot do it all. I can only connect.

Louis Bookbinder , <>



This month's Free Sample Shareware has not been selected.-------------------------------------------------

SMUG April '99 Disk of the Month

Assembled by Thomas Carlson  

You will notice that since this is Easter, soon, we went for an easter egg theme. Have fun!

Aladdin StuffIt Expander™ 5.1
NEW in this version of StuffIt Expander:

Apple Easter Eggs 1.5
This is a compilation of secrets stuffed inside of your Macintosh or Newton by Apple programmers and engineers.. Free  

CNET download.src
A sherlock plug in for searching CNet's FREE

A sherlock plug in for searching CNet's Web site. FREE

Default Folder 3.0 Default Folder is a Mac OS 8.5.1 savvy control panel that enhances Open and Save dialog boxes to make it easier for you to manage files on your Macintosh. Fee: $15.00

DiskDup+ Folder
The complete disk duplication program for your Macintosh. Fee: $39.00

A contextual popup menu enhancer. $8.00

MacTicker is a simple Internet application that lets you view the free stock market information provided online by financial websites around the world. You can watch any number of your stocks roll by on the ticker, or call up a detailed report for each of your favorites. Fee $25.00  

This patch will help bring the AppleCD Audio Player into the OS 8.5 Platinum look. FREE  

MacKiDo/Myths/,The Easter Egg Archive - The Mo,The Easter Egg Page
Three Netscape bookmarks for information about Easter Eggs. FREE

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Tip O' the Month

From Your Shareware Team

It is not too hard to use Eudora with 2 different mail accounts. You just set the POP server information in your Eudora settings, then set the phone number (and other dial-up info) in your PPP control panel. When you are done with one account, change the settings and go to another. But if you don't want to keep setting those things each time, here is what you can do:

1. Open Eudora
2. Modify the settings from the Special menu to use the POP3 address of an account, and be sure to use the settings to Save password (unless you want to enter the password each time!).
3. Check mail
4. Quit from Eudora
5. Go to the Eudora Folder in your System Folder.
6. Copy the Eudora Settings File, and rename it to indicate the account with these settings.
7. Make an alias of the renamed Eudora Settings file and put the alias on your desktop, or in your Apple menu.

Now, do it again for the second mail account. After that, if you want to check mail account 1, you double-click the account 1 icon or menu item. If you want to check mail account 2, you do that one.

If the accounts have different phone numbers, things are not so simple, however. Still, you can avoid re-entering phone numbers if you remember that PPP allows multiple configurations.

1. After you log off of the first account, open the PPP control panel.
2. Go to the FILE menu and click on Configurations. Or type command-K.
3. Use RENAME to name the current configuration anything you want.
4. Duplicate it.
5. RENAME the duplicate to indicate the second account.
6. Make it active.
7. Change the settings to the second mail account.
8. Close PPP.
9. Test it with the icon or Apple menu item for the second account.

Now changing from one account to another is a 2 step process: after you log off, open PPP and change the active configuration. Close, then click the second mail account icon or Apple menu item. A lot easier! You might also check out numerous shareware items to help quickly change configurations, like OT/PPP Strip for your Control Strip. It lets you change configurations without opening PPP.

If any tip in these columns leaves you puzzled, drop me a note, and I will attempt to demo at the General Meeting. Louis Bookbinder



Mac basics we sometimes forget

Generally, when installing new software, you boot with extensions off (hold down the shift key just after the chime) and this also disables virus checking software (but be sure to run the virus checker BEFORE you install to be sure you don't install a virus; or, if this is not possible, run the virus checker before you RUN the software). However, some software wants you to do something else. Whatever, READ ANY INSTRUCTIONS THAT COME WITH THE SOFTWARE, FIRST! There is a special name techies use for people who install software without reading the instructions: "Sorry"!

Can't read that floppy? If you insert a floppy and the finder says the disk is unreadible, DON'T PANIC! Just pop the floppy back out, say "NICE, floppy" 3 times, then put it back in. Most of the time this works. If you just cannot get it to read, start up Disk First Aid, then insert the floppy. DFA should be able to get it going again.

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My choices, only, out of hundreds of items every month. Drop me a note for YOUR favorite. Links below are either info about or actual downloads, and include commercial products, as well as shareware. These do NOT include demos or beta releases. You might check out Version Tracker for more.
® means update to recently released DOM item. Wish we could catch them all....

APPLEapple icon

AppleShare IP Web & File Update 6.1.1 - fixes for AppleShare IP 6 server software

ColorSync 2.6 - color management system only for OS 8.x

Displays Software 1.7.1 - for any Apple monitor & OS 8.x

Mac OS 8.5.x Memory Bug Patch 1.0 - (unofficial) memory leak fix

and an alternate to the same

MRJ 2.1 - Mac OS Runtime for Java, Apple Java Virtual Machine, JDK 1.1.6 support

A Better Finder Rename 1.6.1 - cmm to quickly batch rename multiple files

Netscape Communicator 4.5.1 - 128 & 40bit PPC versions for OS 7.6 or better

CorelDRAW 8.0.2 - adds new features to the illustration, page layout, photo-editing app

Default Folder 3.0.1 - enhances Open/Save dialog boxes for more efficiency & ease of use ®

Aladdin DropStuff 5.1 - compress & archive files and expands most archive formats

Extensions Strip 1.9.2 - enhanced replacement for Apple's Control Strip to run CSMs (update)

File Buddy 5.0.2 - excellent utility to find info or edit attributes on files, folders or desktop

GraphicConverter 3.6 - view, edit, convert every graphic format

Kaleidoscope 2.1.2 - user interface enhancement utility, more fixes & improvements

Navi iRae 1.5.5 - provides a window title menu to navigate through file paths, 8.5 only ®

Symantec NAV (Norton AntiVirus) virus definitions Mar - virus definition update files

Symantec SAM virus definitions Mar - virus definition update files

SCSIProbe 5.1.1 - lists and mounts volumes on SCSI chains, updated by Adaptec

Snitch 2.6.2 - edit file attributes like file type & creator codes from the Get Info window

Insignia SoftWindows 95 & 98 5.0.5 - fixes & improvements for the Windows emulator

Aladdin Spring Cleaning 3.0 - application uninstaller & desktop cleaning tool

Tex-Edit Plus 2.5.4 - excellent text editor with all the features for most text file needs

YA-NewsWatcher 4.1.1 - excellent usenet newsreader for OS 8.5, use v3.1.8 for others

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