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April 1998

by Louis Bookbinder



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SMUG April '98 Disk of the Month

Assembled by Rich Kubota

CD-KEY 1.1
cd-key is a little control panel that lets you do something truly useful with those ugly, damnable function keys sitting at the top of most Mac keyboards nowadays. If you have Mac OS 7.0 or later, a CD-ROM drive and the aforementioned function keys, cd-key lets you control the basic playback of audio CDs right from your keyboard, all without having to launch Apple's well-designed but intrusive AppleCD Audio Player. Free.

CopyPaste 4.1
One of the early wonders of the Mac was its revolutionary ability to do copy and paste across various applications. Unlike other areas in the Mac's system software that have changed and progressed over the years, copying and pasting has not evolved. How many times have you found yourself going back and forth copying in one application and pasting in a different application, wishing to yourself that you could copy 5-10 items at a time, then go to another application and paste each of these items? Now you can, with a vengeance! $20

FinderView ContextMenu 1.0.3
The «FinderViewContextMenu» is a contextual menu plug-in for Mac OS 8 that stores your favorite combinations of Finder view settings, and lets you apply them to the current window with a simple click. $9

FreeRamPlus 1.1.1
Ever wonder how much free ram you have available for opening up another application? Ever wish your inserted floppy disks would open automatically? Ever wish your trash would empty itself? FreeRamPlus does this and more! $15

GoMac 1.4.4
GoMac duplicates many of the features of Windoz' Start Menu. In fact, it adds a Start menu at the bottom left. And you get a program bar at the bottom (and you can minimize program windows into it). Additionally you get a program switcher to Alt-Tab between programs, and many other features! Micro$oft doesn't do EVERYTHING wrong!. $19.95

HandyMan 2.01
HandyMan is a Control/Desktop/Extensions Strip Launching Module. It is designed to allow quick and easy access to applications, Control Panels, Desk Accessories, Folders and other documents stored on your Macintosh, without having to navigate through several "Finder Windows" or through a multi-layered, hierarchical Apple menu. It works by clicking on icons installed in a floating window, or dropping documents onto them. This approach is much handier than aliases that are on the desktop because the floating windows that contain the icons can never be covered by windows. $15

Kineticon 1.0.2
Kineticon is a system extension that replaces selected icons on your Macintosh desktop with icon animations. Included with Kineticon is "Kineticon Editor". Kineticon Editor allows you to create your own icon animations (or kines - pronounced as "kinnys" like in "skinnys") for use with Kineticon. Kineticon Editor is also used to choose which kines you want to have active (or enabled) and to enter your registration code for Kineticon. $10

Meridew's Alert Sounds
This is just a set of about 30 sounds suitable for system alerts. Instructions included. Free.

More File Info CMM Plug-in 1.4
More File Info CMM Plug-in is the MacOS 8 Contextual Menu Plug-in to:


NudgeMouser 1.1
NudgeMouser is a small Extension that lets you move the mouse very precisely, using either the cursor keys or the numeric keypad. $8

OSL Handler
OSL Handler is an AppleScript applet which, after determining that you're running System 8.0 or later, searches your Extensions folder for a copy of ObjectSupportLib and, if found, offers you&emdash;the user&emdash;the options of deleting it (recommended), moving it to the Trash, or leaving it alone. ObjectSupportLib is a shared library used by many applications. Prior to the introduction of System 8, it was a separate file which was installed in the Extensions folder. Installers for applications that required ObjectSupportLib often installed a copy, just to make sure it was there. Beginning with System 8, however, the functionality of ObjectSupportLib was included in the System file. Most installers, though, don't know this and still install a copy of ObjectSupportLib. Unfortunately, its presence is almost certainly bound to cause problems with your Mac. $1.

PhotoXpress 2.2
PhotoXpress AppleScript catalogs images from a folder of your choice, builds pages in Quark and imports your pictures into picture boxes. Recognizes only EPSF, TIFF, JPEG, or PICT files types when scanning a folder. Requires: Quark 3.32 or 4.0, AppleScript, MacOS. Free.

Web Devil 3.1.1
Web Devil is a tool for downloading web pages and their associated images, textures, and links quickly and easily. Give it a URL and it will download all the items on that web page. It has an easy to use interface, is scriptable and recordable, and is fully multi-threaded so it won't hog the CPU. $10.

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Ric Ford (Macintouch) says: "A message posted on the comp.sys.mac.system newsgroup warns of a Trojan Horse called "Iomega HFS+ Calculator", which supposedly deletes all your files. Several other readers say the program is a joke or hoax that doesn't really delete the files." If you see such a file, drop me a note.

If you use Word 6 or Excel 5, or later versions of these (they have macro capability), please be aware that you are susceptible to Word and Excel macro viruses. Symantec and McAffee both have macro virus cleaners and post monthly updates. Disinfectant does NOT handle them. Virtually ALL new Macintosh viruses in the last 5 years are this variety.


Tip O' the Month

From Your Shareware Team

At the March meeting I explained about putting an alias to the apple menu folder IN the apple menu folder. It is a very simple example of BOOTSTRAPPING which can save all kinds of trouble. If you have to change the apple menu - it is trivial to open it.

Here is another: make the location of your bookmarks file the startup location for your Web browser. You will find your bookmarks file in your browser's preferences folder. Once you have found it, go into your browser and open this file. Click on the address window to select it, copy to the clipboard. Now go to your options/settings and find where the home page is set. Paste the bookmarks folder address there. The advantage of this is that you can start with a set of bookmarks you know, you can use the browser itself to edit this page, and you get an updated page whenever you want it.



Mac basics we sometimes forget

Some of you may not know how to customize file or folder icons. If you have an icon you want to use for another file or folder, here is how to copy it:

  1. Select the icon you want to copy.
  2. Get info on this file/folder
  3. Click on the icon in the Get Info window.
  4. Copy (command C)
  5. Close this Get Info window.
  6. Select the icon you want to change.
  7. Get Info
  8. Click on the icon in the Get Info window.
  9. Paste (command V)
  10. Close this Get Info window.

If you need to tinker with an existing icon, get ResEdit from Apple and you can change it pixel by pixel, if necessary. But you will need to learn how to use ResEdit.

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My choices, only, out of hundreds of items every month. Includes commercial products, not just shareware. These do NOT include beta releases. You might check out Version Tracker for more.
® means update to recently released DOM item

APPLEapple icon

AppleShare IP 5.0.3 - update provides support for G3 systems and Mac OS 8.1

At Ease 5.0.1 - for At Ease for Workgroups 5.0 - Web Extras support AppleShare IP & WebSTAR

ColorSync 2.5 - color management software -info

Data Detectors 1.0.2 - recognize & act on certain types of info or data in files

Disk Copy 6.2 - mount disk images & exact copies of floppies - HFS+ compatible

Open Transport 1.3.1 - fixes files that are getting reported as damaged when in fact they are not

Bare Bones BBEdit Lite 4.1 - advanced text editor offering a subset of BBEdit's technology and feature set

Bare Bones BBEdit 4.5.2 - premier HTML and text editing tool

CDFinder 2.1 - fast and powerful tool to catalog hard disks, floppies, CDROM's, ZIP's...

CopyPaste 4.1.1 - replaces the clipboard with a significantly enhanced version with many features - 100 clipboards!

GoLive CyberStudio 2.0.3 - HTML layout, source code editing, and Web site management tools

Disk Charmer 3.1.1 - background format floppies & other media to a higher capacity

DiskTracker 1.1.3 - disk cataloging system with Finder like interface & many features

Drag'nBack 2.6.1 - full featured backup and archive software ®

File Buddy 4.3.3 - find info or edit attributes on files, folders or the Desktop -info

FinderPop 1.5.9 - improves and extends the Mac OS 8 Contextual Menus ®

FreePPP 2.6.2 - popular Internet dialup tool for for establishing PPP connections

Frontier 5.0.1 - automated content management system for building and managing websites

Macromedia Freehand 8.0 - now shipping the illustration & layout software

Gramotki 1.5.6 - sticky notes app that's a daily planner, calendar, notebook & app launcher

Greg's Shareware Kaleidoscope 1.8.2 - the ultimate in interface customization for System 7 and Mac OS 8

Mariner Write 1.6.2 - lowcost ($40) word processor that really has most of the features you'll ever need

Terry Morse Myrmidon 2.1 - turns any Mac file into a Web page with just one click -info

Net-Print 8.0.8 - lets you print or save selected text from web pages ®

NewsWatcher 2.2.2 - Usenet newsreader

Nisus Writer 5.1.2 - word processor that's full featured but low cost - updates 5.1.x to 5.1.2

MacroMedia Shockwave r6 - client to view shockwave animations & interactions

Smart Scroll 3.2 - allows live scrolling & makes scrollbar tabs proportional to the contents of a window

Connectix Speed Doubler 8.1 - updates Speed Doubler 8 & 8.0.1 to work with Mac OS 8.1

Casady & Greene Spell Catcher 1.5.9 - spell checker for almost any application

Connectix Virtual PC 2.0 - Windows emulation software

Iomega Zip & Jaz driver 5.5.1 - drivers for the popular removables

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