Math Puzzle of the Week
March 18, 2013

Geometry: In April 2012 I put up a puzzle asking to dissect a regular hexagon into 8 congruent quadralaterals. I showed a solution but now I found another solution. What is it?


Answer available March 25, next puzzle

Answer to math puzzle of March 11

Algebra: The harmonic mean of two integers a and b is defined as 2ab/(a+b). If the larger integer is twice the smaller and the harmonic mean is 1 less than the arithmetic mean ((a+b)/2) what are the numbers?


Solution: If b is twice a then the harmonic mean is 4a2/ 3a or 4a/3. The arithmetic mean is 3a/2 so 3a/2 = 4a/3 + 1. So, a = 6 and b = 12.

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