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BOOK LINKS: The Web has many resources for the book enthusiast. If you're new to the Internet, or unfamiliar with buying books On-Line, you might like to check out these sites, described below. Just click on the appropriate button to the left. Enjoy!

••• The premier search engine for finding out-of-print books on the Internet. If you don't find the book you're looking for with us, then check this out!
••• is not a bookstore. It is, rather, a special search engine to help you learn the availability and pricing of books at different bookstores.
••• works by taking information you give it on the book you're looking for, and then using that data to search the stocks (over 30,000,000 titles!) of almost 10,000 different on-line (and brick and morter) bookstores. It returns a list of titles that match your criteria, and also offers you the ability to order them directly from the bookseller.
••• is useful when you know what book you're looking for. It's not as useful for browsing. You should probably use other sources to find what book you're looking for, then use this search engine to compare copies, and find out where you can buy it.

••• This site looks at the same data as Bookfinder, and we prefer Addall's "feel" over that of Bookfinder. (Addall often seems to work faster, and is "one-step" as opposed to drilling down).
••• AddALL has a different "presentation," allows sorts by price, title, author and site, and permits you to select / deselect the sites to be searched.

••• This site has it ALL, and one can spend hours (perhaps weeks) exploring all the links and services it provides!
••• It is "dedicated to providing a convenient interface to the many resources available on the Internet focusing on books for collectors".
••• Here you'll find tools, info & access to info -- tools, such as search forms to locate books, a service for linking sets with missing volumes, or a cm to inch converter -- information, such as a pseudonym database, explanations of book size nomenclature, or a mini-history of the Britannica -- and access to information, in the form of links to newgroups, mail-lists, out-of-print magazine dealers, guide to book collector's references, etc. This site is intended to serve as a kind of home-base for the bibliophile.

The International Book Collector's Association website is, once again, yet another nexus for locating and jumping off to other Internet resources. We can't even begin to start describing the varied links available here. Visit it, and be prepared to spend many, many enjoyable and profitable hours lost in it!

Found a book you want to buy, but you don't know how much it is because it's priced in Dutch Guilders or British Pounds? No problem! This site will instantly convert any of dozens of currencies into any other currency!

••• The Etherington and Roberts Dictionary website features a "Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology".
••• If your interest in books extends from the merely fanatical into the positively arcane, then this is the site for you!
•••Here you will find literally hundreds of book industry terms and definitions for everything from "aa pattern" (The code designation for a book cloth embossed with a watered silk pattern over the T PATTERN, producing a MOIR EFFECT. See also: MOIR BOOK CLOTH) to zirconium tetrachloride (A white, crystalline solid (ZrC14), that reacts vigorously with water, and is prepared by the action of chlorine on a mixture of zircon or zirconium oxide and charcoal, or by the action of chlorine and carbon tetrachloride on the oxide at 800 deg. C. The basic salt has tanning properties and is used in producing white leathers). [See what I mean?]

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