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This page was last updated on 07/26/01

Hi!  Bet you wonder why this site is so named. I'm Bonnie, a 38 years old Festive Amazon, A. festiva festiva, My race of Festive is not only very rare in captivity but, sadly, also endangered in the wild. This is the web site of my mother, Lyn. She and my father, Brooks, adopted me when I was seven years old. I have seen many species of birds rare in FL because I've been going on birding trips with my parents for most my life.

On this site, a work in progress, you will eventually find many photos Lyn has taken of birds--some rare, some aberrant, some of undetermined identity, and others just neat--that have appeared in FL over the years. She is especially fond of GULLS, so you should get your fill of those here. Also, in the future, you will see some images taken by Brooks who is really into videography.

You will also find photos of other creatures including butterflies, dragonflies, and damselflies. Lyn really developed a facination for insects when taking courses in Entomology taught by Dr. Charles Covell at the University of Louisville, her alma mater. However, I guarantee there will be no photos of roaches on this site as my mother is deathly afraid of them--just ask her friends or my father! Having being born and reared in Ft. Myers, FL, you'd think she'd be used to the lowly roach, but she'll take a rattlesnake any day over those sneaky, nasty vermin.