The Bone Sharks

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"Pray For Surf"
The debut CD from The Bone Sharks containing over 50 minutes of some of the hottest surf music ever recorded!

This debut CD by the surf group, The Bone Sharks, is hot! I loved it the moment I heard the first tune. Great trad surf for those looking for it. Love the reverb drenched "Captain Wave," mellow sounds of "El Nino" and the excellent cover of Paul Johnson's, "Tally Ho." The Bone Sharks are relatively new, but have been making a name for themselves over the recent months. If you are looking for a new trad surf CD to pick up for your next surf party, this is the one to sure to crank it up! I did and got ten foot waves in my den. Had a hard time explaining the wet carpet to my wife.

This mix on this CD gives equal weight to chords and leads, assigning the rhythm guitar much of the duty as the vehicle for delivery the melody. This gives their material a rhythmic and progression oriented sound, sometimes bording on backtrack. Other times the effect is excellent and infectious. There's a consistency about the writing which is indentifiably unique and not redundant. GOOD CD! Picks: "The Dummy," "Captain Wave," "Baja," "Etiwanda," "The Net," "Shark Byte," "El Nino," "Side Slippin'," "Tally Ho," "Hammerhead," "Russian Gypsy," "Flying Tuna," and "Mr. Moto."

"The Dummy" (3:11) (D. Walsh)
"Captain Wave" (2:33) (S. Cordeiro, C. McCormick, M. Spier, D. Walsh)
"Baja" (3:06) (L. Hazelwood)
"Etiwanda" (3:02) (D. Walsh)
"The Net" (3:10) (D. Walsh)
"Shark Byte" (2:04) (D. Walsh)
"Pray For Surf" (4:16) (C. McCormick, D. Walsh)
"El Nino" (3:03) (D. Walsh)
"Diamond Head" (2:36) (D. Hamilton)
"Side Slippin'" (2:22) (C. McCormick, D. Walsh)
"Tally Ho" (2:32) (P. Johnson)
"Bone Shark Stomp" (2:42) (D. Walsh)
"Hammerhead" (3:22) (D. Walsh)
"Russian Gypsy" (2:27) (L. Paul)
"Flying Tuna" (2:25) (S. Cordeiro, C. McCormick, M. Spier, D. Walsh)
"Mr. Moto" (3:07) (R. Delvy, P. Johnson)
"" (2:48) (D. Walsh)

Bone Shark Mark - Drums & Percussion
California Chip - Guitars & Ebow
Dale Ventura - Guitars
Sleepin' Scotty C - Bass

Produced by Scott Cordeiro, Chip McCormick,
Mark Spier, Danny Walsh & Justin Walsh

Bonefied Records BR 1001-2 (c) 1997


Refining their unique and powerful sound even further, The Bone Sharks' second CD, "Sonic Tsunami," contains 12 instrumental treasures

"Bumblebee Twist" (N. Rimskij Korsakovich)
"Over Under Sideways Down" (J. Beck, K. Relf, C. Dreja, J. McCarty, P. Smith)
"Goldfinger" (J. Barry, L. Bricusse, A. Newley)
"Walk - Don't Run" (J. Smith)
"Caravan" (E. Ellington, J. Tizol)
"Penetration" (S. Leonard)
"Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White" (M. Ageron, M. David, L. Guglielmi)
"Suspician" (D. Pomus, M. Shuman)
"The Good, The Bad & The Ugly" (E. Morricone)
"Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)" (J. Lennon, P. McCartney)
"Romeo & Juliet" (F. Gorman, B. Hamilton)
"Sukiyaki" (R. El, H. Nakamura)
Bone Shark Mark - Drums & Percussion
Rick "Squid" Guidotti - Guitars
Steve Bottom Note - Bass
Produced by Rick Guidotti, Steve LaCorte & Mark Spier
Bonefied Records  BR 1002-2 (c) 2004

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