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Fictoids and facts--deception & discernment 

The perilous times spoken of by Paul have been around for many years, but they certainly seem to have become more dangerous lately. Truthfully, in my lifetime (65 years to date), I have seen this Land of God, the USA, go from the most respected and praised nation on earth at the end of WW2 to one of the most hated.

One of the major reasons for this turnaround is hidden in the title of this post. The media has been but one, albeit a major psychological player, in this disaster, which will result in a tyranny for sure, whether or not it will be the final one remains to be seen.

Major media exists for profit. We have been conditioned to believe the advertisment provides this profit, and it does for current expenses. But, the fact exists that, for example, Pravda in the old Soviet Union was for psycholgical purposes, and was used to condition the masses to the latest program of that realm.

Thus the main 'profit' did not consist of solely advertising revenue. The long term 'profit' was in furthering the aims of the priests of world dominion, as it is in the World's media today.

The average sheep makes daily decisions on their current knowlege as presented by controlled media outlets, TV, Newspapers and films.

The more astute, which become fewer each graduating class, tend to judge with the history of failed quests for world dominion, and the caveat of the truth of God's Word, which clearly predict the present state of ignorance among the people of the USA as well as the world.

The destruction of education, (remember that individual knowlege is individual freedom) since the late 1950's has been steadily expanded. I do remember that in the 50's, when one graduated from high school, they could not only read and write but they had a great knowlege of the constitution and the workings of republic based government. They were, in fact literate and thinking individuals, as opposed to todays graduates, who are blind to the methods of learning.

Literate, thinking people are anathema to dictators. No dictator can tolerate an informed populace, for they would instantly remove him, sending him back to his father, Satan.
So in addition to the dumbing down, the ignorance and superstition of uneducated people is exloited daily as is evident in the daily 'noose'.

The latest tactic of the past few years has been fear. Uneducated people react and cower, looking to the dictator to save them. Toward this end, we submit placidly to idiotic challenges to our individual freedoms, body searches, monitoring, and the like. Many look to the apocalypse of world destruction by nuclear war, and fear the event.

Opposing this, thinking individuals will realize the obvious. If the world were made void of people, who would serve the dictator? Without slaves, he would have to fix his own breakfast.

As Ben Franklin said "people who would relinquish liberty for security deserve neither, and will ultimately lose both".

Then, there is the third dynasty, the apostate whore, religion. The ultimate dictator who will come is Satan. All is being prepared for him in these days, through society, religion and education.

The final dynasty is economic. The world's economy will in fact be the 'nuclear destruction' so feared, and is the final mechanism to enslave the people. According to the latest economic data, the average American owes more debt, (mortgage, credit card, auto, etc) than he can repay in his lifetime. Thus when the World's bankers decide that the pieces of paper will no longer be valid currency, how will one repay?
Yet be assured, God's Word proves that the debt will not be forgiven under conditions which will be pleasing to the debtors.  This is why He has warned us, 'COME OUT' of Babylon. 

We are fortunate, as Christians, that Father has said it would be like this. We are not to be fearful of the things coming on this world, for we have the peace of knowing that even though we can not see, we can discern with proper knowlege. We know that even these things work together for good to those that love the Lord.

So as Job lost all flesh blessings, we should be prepared to withstand the same. Storms and thieves took his houses and possessions, and the houses of his children, much as the thieves of the NWO may take ours for debt. Murderers took his children, much as hollywood, rock music, education and video games have taken ours. Satan reasoned with him, much as he will reason with us.
So now, let me ask you a question.  What is the world's last bastion of free thought and information exchange?  Is it not the WWW?  What then will be the next to get hit by 'terrorism'?  
The coming demise of the WWW will certainly bankrupt the worlds economy as well as destroying the only true source of information exchange between peoples.  To this regard, the news that the US Fed and Worldbank have established a separate DOS based net for worldwide currency transactions. 

Stand stong in the Lord, brothers and sisters. The storm is brewing.  You must learn to think for yourselves.

It's Your Choice:  You can Watch now or See later